GRGR 2011 Fanlist

For name submission onboard the Game Rai Game Rak 2011: I’m a Charles’ Angel/Nangfah kon Saichon Fanlist, comment below with (1) your name as you desire and (2) which side you want to listed on Rai or Rak/Team Charles or Team Saichon.

 RAI: Team Charles Angel

 RAK: Team Nangfah kon Saichon

  1. d2balways
  2. awesomeMustaches
  3. Bakaninja
  4. Ceda_Lee
  5. Pajaixionglakornsrok
  6. Fia 
  7. blackkxstar
  8. lilypha
  9. RoseKwanjai
  10. Lola
  11. amee
  12. Azngurl1509
  13. RR
  14. Nad
  15. Roxi
  16. Murni 
  17. : )
  18. Katelyn
  19. urjustlovely
  20. nicole0521
  21. Lis
  22. Kiki
  23. Waverlei
  24. Maryasha
  25. tana
  26. fieryheart
  27. julia
  28. Lunadara
  29. mia
  30. jackdiggly
  31. xox
  1. godninja
  2. Ukepearl
  3. kenann fan
  4. lakornkiki
  5. Fun
  6. Kasumi
  7. Asy
  8. monisouphank104
  9. sparkle 
  10. Charmz
  11. misslakorn
  12. Sushi
  13. Kieuty
  14. mi’mi’
  15. Samantha
  16. imFanz
  17. NurHafizah Sahidan

About godninja

I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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61 Responses to GRGR 2011 Fanlist

  1. team RAK nangfah kon saichon pliz~ 😛

  2. imFanz says:

    This is hard but I’m picking
    RAK: Team Nangfah kon Saichon

    • godninja says:

      i’ll add you later tonight, will finalize this list finally this weekend. i’m catching up on lakorns and writing bits of my big reccomendations post.

  3. Samantha says:

    I voted for Nangfah khon Saichon anyday now!

  4. xox says:

    Saichon is a one in a million man. But put me down for Charles. Charles is like one in a billion.

  5. Maryasha says:

    Now that I’ve caught up to all the ep currently aired, i’m going to still stick with Charles. It’s because he’s like the evolved form of Saichon (for some reason this reminds me of Pokemon? LOL). He’s got everything Saichon was but also the street smarts of a modern man.

    One thing that always made me laugh, sometimes the servants and Mimi called Charles Chan, that made me crack up. It was really cute ^-^

  6. jackdiggly says:

    Saichon was the simple boy that never wanted to leave Min Island. All he wanted to do was fish, swim, and take care of his village. There was still an innocence about him. Charles is the mature man of the world, powerful, confident who never forget his roots and his undying love for Nang Fah. I LOVE Charles because he is the best of Saichon and who he is currently. Saichon’s character has to evolve in order to match Falada’s character. I don’t think they would write it for her to be content with a “simple” life again. I’m definitely TEAM RAK/Charles. Also, he walks with such SWAG in his suit!!!! lol….Please put me down for TEAM Charles all the way!!! Thank you!!!

  7. mi'mi' says:

    Team Charles’ Angels
    cause he hurts with Fah but he still loves her the most so he also hurt himself….there’s Saichon in him, everytime Charles stays alone with Fahlada, he says “Saichon is here, don’t be scared, Nangfah”

    Nangfah kong SaiCharles…LOL

    name : mi’mi’

  8. mia says:

    Oh and i just wanted to say that your background made me cry a bit. I miss Big ;'(
    i can still imagine his cute smile..

  9. mia says:

    Team Charles’ Angels pleaseeee .. Put my name as Qimia ❤

  10. Lunadara says:

    Can I get Team Charles w/Nangfah?
    I want the devil with the angel!:)

  11. julia says:

    team charles for me,i like bad boys,saichon was too nice for me

  12. fieryheart says:

    Hi ! Include me under Team Charles please !
    Bad boy needs some love ^^ Haha 😉

  13. tana says:

    There are so many greedy people out there who want both..haha. Team Charles, no contest.

  14. xox says:

    AAAHHH! This is too hard! I need more time to think! I’ll brb! LOL

  15. Waverlei says:

    Team Charles

  16. Kiki says:

    Team……. Charles!!!! All the way! He is saichon just with a little more umph! LOL

  17. Lis says:

    I chose Team Charles all the way! HOT HOT HOT!

  18. nicole0521 says:

    It’s difficult to choose.. you know? :)) but I’ll be on Team Charles. Although I feel sorry for Fah whenever Charles does something bad on her, I’m still seeing Saichon in him.

    I’m on Team Charles.. name: nicole0521

  19. urjustlovely says:

    team Charles because no offense but as Saichon he was to naive…
    i like Charles he’s smart and assertive!!!!

  20. Katelyn says:

    This is a so difficult to choose! Wish I could be on both side. Charles is so charming, sexy, confident, assertive and worldly but he can also be as sweet and loving as Saichon. Charles has the full package. My choice is Team Charles’ Angels. I want him to win his Nangfah back! Can’t wait to see Fahlada khong Charles!

  21. Kieuty says:

    Although Charles is hot but I love sweet saichon, team nangfah kon saichon. Please and thank you!

  22. sushi8 says:

    (Sushi) 😀 Team Nangfah Kon Saichon, LOL, i like
    happy things and they were so cute 😀 Khun Charles
    is so handsome but, he’s meaner. lol 🙂 ❤

  23. Charmz says:

    Charmz for Nangfah Kon Saichon

  24. misslakorn says:

    Team Nangfah Kon Saichon!!! please ,..- misslakorn

  25. Murni says:

    Charles.Put my name under Charles.. hihi bad guy are hot!!

  26. Roxxi says:

    my name is Roxi..and i love team Charles.. i love how tough he is. saichon is really sweet but it breaks my heart to see him in tears..1. nang fah was taken away from him. 2. nang fah doesn’t remember who he is. As for Charles..he is so in control.. its his game..haha

  27. Nad says:

    The name is Nad and it goes to Team Charles 😉

  28. dolphinbaylover says:

    RR-Team Charles.

    I just love how confident and assertive he is. And he’s SUPER hot!

  29. Azngurl1509 says:

    Can I have both? Haha kidding. Gosh, such a tough decision. Saichon is sooo sweet and gentlemen like while Charles is just freaking hot! Well Charles was acting like Saichon until Prae and Yasa plotted their evil little plan. But what girl don’t like a little bit of bad boy in their lives? Well I certainly do! Besides, “nice guys finish last”, that’s not a good excuse, and it doesn’t make sense and I’m rambling. But truth is, I just freaking love Charles and his evil game in winning back his Angel! So I’mma go for Charles’ Angels

  30. amee says:

    man totally agree it’s so hard to decide which team i love them both, i guess i will go for Team Charles’ Angels..i can feel the pain that he have and like the others was saying at the end of the day he always turn to be our sweet saichon.

  31. sparkle says:

    Definitely Team Saichon! I love the sweet and innocent side of him. Whenever, I see of glimpse of Saichon in Charles, my heart skips a beat. So yes! Please put me in for Team Saichon! I am anxiously waiting for Fah to remember their past or should I say, I’m waiting for Nang Fah to return to Saichon’s side. Hehe…

  32. Kasumi says:

    I’m Team Nangfah Kon Saichon.

    I love the good boys, and, at the end of the day, Charles is Saichon 😀

  33. Lola says:

    Definitely Team Charles Angels! Saichon is sweet but Charles is dangerous and sexy 😉

  34. RoseKwanjai says:

    I can’t choooseee! I want to be in both. Darn. Why isn’t there a “both” section. lol
    But I’ll choose Team SAICHON because I love his gentleman way yet, Sadistic. It’s like choosing Kawee in Sawan Biang! 😀 ahahahha!

    So yes, TEAM SAICHON. 😀

    Btw, name RoseKwanjai

  35. lilypha says:

    please sign me up for Charles’s Angel cha…love how intense he is in getting back his nang fah.

  36. (I’ll use my youtube username)
    blackkxstar – Team Charles’ Angels ❤

  37. Asy says:

    I’m Saichon. Please put me on the 7th, can you?

  38. Fia says:

    Love it Godninja. Please put me under Charles Angels and here’s why:

  39. Pajai says:


    Team charles angels!! Urgh even though i love saochon’s sweetness!! Omg this is killing me!

  40. fun says:

    A little bit of Charles Angel in my life
    A little bit of Saichon by my side
    A little bit of Charles Angel all I need
    A little bit of Saichon what I see
    A little bit of Charles Angel in the sun
    A little bit of Saichon all night long
    A little bit of Charles Angel here I am
    A little bit of you makes me your lady

    I am torn in between. Can I have a little bit of both haha

    Okay… My pick would be Saichon because that is who he really is in the end of the day.

  41. Ceda_Lee says:

    1) Ceda_Lee

    2) Team Charles

  42. Bakaninja says:

    I vote team Charles’ Angel!!!!

  43. awesomeMustaches says:

    sign me up on Charles’ Angels na ja. =D

  44. kenann fan says:

    Oh gosh this is such a hard decision! Sniif sniff. I want to choose saichon but saichon’s nangfah got taken away and I can not bare to see that part again cause I’m gonna cry a bucket full of tears. And for Charles it so hard breaking to because fahlada don’t remember him, but in the end it gonna be saichon and fahlada since she wont remember everything about saichon and nangfah! But either way my Charles still has my sweet saichon in him and he is gonna get his nangfah back no matter what so I think I’m gonna go with RAK! eventhough my Charles is so hot and sexy.

    This was a really really hard decision lakorn God! I almost die just having to to choose side.

  45. Ukepearl says:

    wanna be bad… but rak over powers all 😉

    Ukepearl – Nangfah saichon ❤

  46. d2balways says:

    #teamCharles … let’s be bad! cause then i can actually kill Prae & Yasa without the island conscience of Saichon & Nangfah … hehehe ::evil nee:: please label me as 😀 thank you!


  47. Dal says:

    Girl, soooooo difficult to decide!!! Saichon is very sweet while Charles is freakin fine! I’ll be back with my decision…

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