News: Saichon forehead promises with Nong Mooman

I said 100 out of 10 that Barry Nadech will visit and yes! Nadech does not disappoint!  The Woody team brought the footage for Nadech to watch, and he was touched and teared up. Immediately afterward, he asked his manager when he was free. At the appointment, the team came first with a video message where Nadech addressed Nong Mooman. She was smiling and happy, saying that she is waiting for Pee Saichon to come and is much better and if he comes to see her, she wants Saichon to kiss her…then…a Saichon looking Nadech walked in.

First, Nadech’s mom happened to be watching the Woody Born to Talk episode of Nong Mooman miraculous story of how Game Rai Game Rak healed her. After watching the footage, he asked for a copy to show his mom only to be told my his mom who had already seen it that they must make time to visit. The appointment was a total surprised to Nong Mooman. The team originally told Nong Mooman that Nadech was busy and couldn’t come. Then they showed his message where he tells her to get stronger and he’ll visit.

Nadech walked in with his mom and manager. Nong Moooman was sitting on the bed and her eyes widened in shock that Pee Saichon is really here. She couldn’t react, was shy too, and confused if it was real. Nadech first gave her a stuffed Micky mouse and told her to fight fight.  Then he kissed her three times. And also gave her a Barbie and a big pink teddy bear that was a favorite of Nadechs. He brought along his ukulele and played and sang  “Talay See Dum” the OST of GRGR and inserted Nong Mooman name into the song. Nong Mooman laughed along with the team.

During the whole visit, Nong Mooman stared down Nadech making him embarrassed. He was shy, but they talked for roughly one hour. Nong Mooman asks when will he come to see her again. Then Nadech forehead promised with Nong Mooman that he will visit her again soon. Ahhh, her dream came true of wanting to be Nangfah.

Nadech gave a 50, 000 baht check to the father. Nadech had fun, and he hopes that Nong Mooman had more happiness. The doctor said that this time, Nong Mooman smiled wider than ever before. Nadech promised too that when Nong Mooman gets stronger, he will take her to the beach. As he was leaving, he came back again to give her two kisses on her head. Afterward, Nong Mooman who has been bed ridden walked up to thank the team. And she finally will be able to return home tomorrow. Really, this whole story is just beautiful.

This article has been updated.

credit: info translated from Show Clip, Woody Morning 1 & 2, and pix from Postjung and thanks lyla for the tip

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8 Responses to News: Saichon forehead promises with Nong Mooman

  1. Kiki says:

    Oh my gee! I can’t believe I’ve missed so much of this site! I had to shut down my original email because of stupid random hacks and people, so I was getting no updates and because of school being so busy my usual LG stalking tendencies have died a bit! but I’m back! Lol this story is just beautiful! Very teary eyed.

  2. -A says:

    That’s so nice and sweet of him. 🙂
    I hope the little girl get better and well soon. 🙂
    What a touching story.

  3. Awe, this makes my day! Bless the warm hearts of Nadech and Nong Mooman.

  4. Angela says:

    This just makes me love Nadech more!!! He is super awesome!!! I hope she recover fast!!!

  5. lyla says:

    Khob khun mak ka godninja! My eyes kinda brimmed with tears as I read this, this story is seriously touching so many hearts. I hope Nong Mooman can be as healthy as children her age normally. I’m speechless right now. Once again thank you so much for the article. And here wishing you to have a speedy recovery 😀

    • godninja says:

      i have so many errands to do for school. and waiting for buses in the snow is no fun, but it has got to be done. today i had to go to the bank, pick up the new bus pass, and a friend was over to borrow my physics book. if i was rich, i wouldn’t bother with college. just looking my textbooks prices yesterday got me sicker. i’m out of kleenex too. poor me.

  6. SarahAdlina says:


  7. xox says:

    Now that’s a celebrity worth being a fan of! I love how casual he looks. Lol.

    She deserves every bit of attention from Nadech.

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