News: GRGR Voted Hottest Lakorn + SPOILERS

  1. Game Rai Game Rak
  2. Sao 5 Tubtim Siam
  3. Rak Pathiharn
  4. Likit Sanaeha
  5. Kularb Satan

The hottest lakorn is GRGR by votes via Siamdara. It’s raking in votes [and ratings too I think] with die-hard fans voting in masses under the spell of the bickering Yadech. Video here: last 2 minutes of clip. Why is Charles tying Fah with his belt? Why is he cuddling her on the bed? What’s with the Fah’s bondage, again, on the boat? Why is Charles’ hand wrapped up? Ending…? For unedited spoiler’s 

I must must must must must credit the detailed spoilers below to SweetCherimoya who just registered at AF. Let’s thank her. She wrote these and made us Charles Angels  more crazy.

1. Scene with belt. Charles is using his belt to hold Fahlada down so she would not do anything to him if he comes close to her. He was trying to mend her bandage on her foot, which she got cut after Charles left her barefooted on the sidewalk. After he dragged her for a makeover, he had her old clothes & shoes tossed in the garbage and she had difficulties walking in high heels.

there’s a video bts on this scene, it’s a must see!

Story Behind The Belt Scene: He drag her to a restaurant where he get kicked by her under the table. They get a surprise visit by Ta, her mother and Sahat. Fahlada makes a distraction to escape from Charles by spilling food on Ta and causing a scene. Charles knows what’s up and chase after Fahlada. They argues and she toss the painful high heels into his car with one almost hitting his face. He eventually tells her to get in the car or he’ll grope/R her right then and there. He gets more mad at her and drives off until he realize he just left his Nangfah on the streets bare-feet and all. He comes back for her, but she’s no longer there. She walks some more until she get badly cut. She get help from a stranger and ask to use their cellphone, which she call P’Mor, who then bandage her.

Actual Belt Scene: Once she gets back home, she take a shower and clean her bandage. She gets another visit from Charles, but this time he see she’s bleeding from her bandage. He then ties her down with his belt so he can wrap her bandage over without her trying to hit him. The tenderness and care Charles shows when he is bandaging her soften Fahlada’s heart a little bit. He eventually carries her to her bed, where he tries to grope/R her again, but this time they get interrupted by two phone calls, all from other guys, which put Charles in another one of his mood, which ends in him getting hit by the lamp by Fahlada.

2. Scene of Fahlada Tied-Up With Charles On The Boat: This is after Fahlada has been told by P’Mor about Koh Min, Charles as SaiChon, etc. Fahlada, P’Mor, James and Mami goes to confront her sister, just before Prae is about to marry Charles, about everything and her sister plays the victim and admit the truth, but begs Fahlada for Charles because she’ll die if she doesn’t marry him. Fahlada complies to her sister begging plea because she love her sister very much. Charles confront Fahlada. She tells him she doesn’t care if he’s SaiChon or not. She leaves with James and James recognize that Fahlada trully loves Charles/SaiChon but doesn’t admit it. They get it the car but James give the key to Charles and tell him to make Fahlada remember everything. Charles take Fahlada back to Koh Min and tries to re-live their memories again. They have nice and sweet moments here and there. Fahlada gain some memories, but there not complete. Prae finds out where they are and have Yasa kidnaps Fahlada from Charles all over again.

Story Behind Scene of Charles Grabbing Fahlada On Bed: Fahlada tells Charles she’ll do anything he wants as long as he leave her sister and her alone. He drags her to the Floating Market (Amphawa) and they spent a whole day there with him dragging her by the hand, like a couple, from one shop to the next. There’s a scene where he orders something for them to eat, but she unwilling to eat it. Then her stomach starts growling and he tell her she eat can here and he’ll go eat over there. They walk by a shop and he sees a necklace similar to one he gave Nangfah. He tells her to wear this and never take it off. He then takes her to a boat/canoe ride where he’s doing the paddling. They get to see fireflies and he’s able to catch one and bring it close to her face for her to see it. At the moment, Fahlada see the gentler side of Charles.

Actual Scene of Charles and Fahlada On Bed: He then tells her that they are going to stay there for the night and she get frighten about what he may do to her again. She calls her sister and lied she’s staying over at a friend’s place for night, who came to visit her. They get to a home stay/hotel where Fahlada is thinking something bad is going to happen to her, but Charles tell her not to worry he’s TOO TIRED today. She tries to find things to hit him with — one is too small, another is too big might cause him too severe of an injury. He eventually convince her to lay in bed with her weapon while he hold her from behind. They spent the whole night together with him holding her tight.

the famous ending clip

Lakorn VS Novel & Insights Into The Ending: Game Rai Game Rak the Lakorn vs. Game Rai Pai Game Rak the Novel. I was on a Pantip post which discuss what happened to their son, Theeratape ธีรเทพ or affectionately called Taewada เทวดา, when Nangfah was taken back to the city. In the beginning Mami was looking after him until Prae sent more people to kill SaiChon and their son. When SaiChon decided to go to America, he also took their son with him. When he came back as Charles, their son was still in America until Charles brought him back to reunite their son with Nangfah except Fahlada didn’t recognize her own son, which drove SaiChon even madder with hate. Fahlada also have an adopted son named Nong Toon น้องตูน, who had a Sixth Sense and was able to help Charles rescue Fahlada from being sold into the human trade. In the novel Fahlada died, but Nong Toon used his Sixth Sense and pull her back to life. At the end of the novel, Fahlada gave birth to twin daughters for SaiChon. Unlike the lakorn, Prae wasn’t forgiven and she got back with P’Mor, but in the novel she lost her mind and got hit by a car and died instead. Also in the novel James was a white guy with blue eyes. One person mentioned on the post that the novel had lots of X-rated scenes between Charles and Fahlada, more than mentioned in the lakorn. <–my BEST part in this whole post.

i believe this is the sexy guilty bandaged hand

This spoiler is from Shampoo at YADECH | SPICY
Charles got cut cleaning up glass from punching a mirror. This happens after Fah told Charles she is going to marry Mor Watana. She tells him this after he kissed her in front of everyone at the Seven Seas Presenter event.

Pics of Interest:

thump kissing

meeting with the crew again

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15 Responses to News: GRGR Voted Hottest Lakorn + SPOILERS

  1. C says:

    I don’t get it….they have a son??? I didn’t see it in the lakorn? Or are you talking about the novel?

  2. val says:

    the thai dramas are getting better witht the kissing and bed scenes.i just wish they had put more xrated scenes to follow the nove and the sister needed to die.l.overall they did a good job because of the lead actors.they have so mush chemistry together.that s my second drama with them,they should date in real life.thank for the infos.

  3. Dal says:

    GN, I made mistake with the spoiler. Fah tells Charles she LOVES Mor, NOT that she is going to marry Mor. Sorry…(;

  4. OMG! I love the spoilers!! I haven’t started watching GRGR at all because I get frustrated just waiting for the next episode to come out so when this is all done I’m so going to be spending a whole day and a half (give or take) just to watch it all at once 🙂

  5. Kiki says:

    This helped a lot! I have missed so many episodes because of school. All I can say is my computer and I have will be having a lot of alone time starting tomorrow as soon as I get home from school!

    • godninja says:

      me too. this thanksgiving, im going to have me alone time with my laptop. ive been meaning to watch Flower Boy Ramyun Shop for forever. plus i must squeeze in some thai movies. the other day I just watched film and paula’s Rak Jung aka The Memory…and man! am i impressed!

      • Kiki says:

        Oh yea I really want to watch flower boy as wel. I was able to watch one episode and it looks pretty interesting.

  6. miki says:

    isnt there going to be a baby at the end???

    • godninja says:

      no concrete info on that. i mean, come on, they took taywada from us…and in the book, there was twins at the ending. SaiCharles (my new nick for him) is the MAN! i truly truly truly believe that there will be baby. charles need to do the dirty more with fah.

  7. fun says:

    I am glad they are not following the book. It seem as if the writer is an amateur writer lol I would rather read fanfiction. If it wasn’t for Yadech I would have long been gone from this lakorn.

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