HeadsUp: Sen Tai Salai Sode

Sen Tai Salai Sode will be our first heads up lakorn post. Taking place of Tawee Pope, rom-com Sen Tai Salai Sode (The Deadine) stars beautiful “Noon” Woranuch Wongsawan and casanova “Vee” Veeraparb Suparbpaiboon and premiered on Tuesday the 27th. Currently at episode one, it will continue to run on the Monday-Tuesday slot. I am blown away at Noon’s new haircut. Damn, she just gets prettier. Come check out her pixs at the least. I have compiled everything I know about Sen Tai Salai Sode in this post.

First, title often hints at the storyline, so what does the Sen Tai Salai Sode means? In chunk, sentai means “deadline” and salaisode means “taken”. What is it about? It’s about Namfah (name translates to goddess) who has 60 days to find a husband on the request of her dying of cancer mother. Want more? On one of Lyn’s early post when The Deadline started to film in May, Lyn posted:

“It sounds like the rehash version of William Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Schrew” where the main girl must marry first before her younger sister can. It’s a [romantic] comedy. The same concept goes for Noon Woranuch and Vee Veeraphap’s upcoming lakorn “Sentai…Salai Soht (A deadline….to end being single)” for Ch7. Noon is playing a woman by the name of “Fah”, she has a younger sister who wants to get marry, but the main rule in their family is that Fah (being the eldest sister) must marry first before her younger sister can. Fah also has a pest[er]ing mother who badly wants her to get marry. Her mother even resorts to [trickery] in order to do so, she lies to Fah that she dying and begged Fah to find a husband within 2 months. For the sake of her ‘ailing’ mother, Fah uses her talent as the head of the creative department in her company to find a husband. You can guess that Vee is playing the guy that Noon must snatch up to marry.

It’s a cute, fun concept.  I have to wonder if Noon can do it, I’m sure she can, but mostly she does drama with a lot crying. It’s a rarity to see her doing comedies, will she be funny enough? Vee, we don’t have to worry about him, he is a jokester in real life.

It is produced and will be directed by Thongchai Prasongsanti, the man who gave us “Silamanee” with Kob and Paul and the currently airing lakorn “Mon Ruk Mae Nam Moon” with “Weir” Sukollawat Kanaros and Jui Warattaya.”

-original post with cast intro here Lyn’s Lakorn Blog

Overall reactions to The Deadline are summed up as hilarious with sexy and beautiful Noon being so full of herself in a refreshing arrogant role. The first epi got a whomping 13% on ratings.

There’s the longest teaser: Thanks to thecitygangchannel

Opening Ceremony (credit to pantip)

Noon in her stellar new do.

Lakorn Cover Shoot and Dressing:


Vee&Noon                              Tle&Amy                         Kelly&Gunjaesal

Official Lakorn Covers. I love them! Asianfusers have called them Korean-ly.

Magazine Covers:

Wedding Pictures:


I saved the best news for last. KudaLakorn is subbing this! She has the complete first episode all subbed.

-compiled from AF Sen Tai Salai Sode Thread check it out for more pixs


LakornGods HeadsUp Series

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10 Responses to HeadsUp: Sen Tai Salai Sode

  1. xox says:

    Noon is so gorgeous! Of all the covers, I like the red one the most. The yellow and blue is just too much. Lol. I’m not a Vee fan but they don’t look too bad. I’m glad Noon’s doing something different. I’m actually tired of her crying after I got done watching her and Pong’s drama together (great drama, btw.)

  2. Malia says:

    Noon is so damn gorgeous!!!!
    Amy & Tle are so cute together, but Cee is better.

  3. jackdiggly says:

    I didn’t think Noon can do comedy but it’s actually pretty cute soooooo far. I can’t help but keep wishing that MAYBE Anne could have done the role because of Sood Sanae Ha. She would have been PERFECT for it. Noon doesn’t really have much of comical expressions. Vee completely fills in the area she lacks. They balance each other out. This is the most chemistry I’ve seen Noon have with her leading man. Storyline is decent. LOVE AMY!!! She saves this lakorn for me.

    • godninja says:

      i love sood sanaeha! oh the good memories! maybe i should watch this weeks’ epis of stss. new reader or old reader, thanks jackdiggly for “coming out”.

  4. Semi says:

    I seen soem of ep1 one gonna fin it later on but I find it weird that Vee goes to work at her just to follow her or something & who does he run into none other then the gold digger that broke his heart.
    so far the best thing about this show is the best friends quarreling

  5. -a says:

    Agree, those official cover does look Korean-ly. I Love Noon’s hair. Not a fan of her but I just love her hair in here. 🙂

  6. J says:

    Appreciate the summary and especially the link to the subs. I didn’t like the last ch7 lakorn I watched (Kah Khong Khon which incidently also starred Noon) but I think Noon’s gorgeous and the trailer for The Deadline looks interesting so I might check it out. 🙂

    • godninja says:

      what? you didn’t like kha khong khun? many, including me, enjoyed it. perhaps uou have different taste. i love rom-com to heck, but not rom-com lakorns at all. :[

      • J says:

        I liked kha khong khon up to ep10 but after that I felt like the story was moving in circles so I just ff my way through the remaining parts.
        But different strokes for different folks, that’s the fun in sharing thoughts on lakorns. 😉

  7. godninja says:

    oh, just to keep the record straight, i’ve not watched this nor do i plan to. i don’t think i’ll watch any lakorn until game rai game rak. i couldn’t get past epi1 of roy marn. plus school is imposible right now.

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