News: Daras And Their Famous Families

I, as a still learning spectator of Thai ET industry, get shocked many times when I learn that this certain dara (meaning star and used to refer to thai celebrities) is related to this other actor/actress. Then when I compare photos, and I get those OHHHH they do look alike moments. So I was free, and I thought that this would work out well as the launcher post for LakornGods‘s new FYIs [ForYourInformationSection). Prepare to be petrified!

“Aom” Phiyada is the daughter of the back-in-the-old-days pra’ek Pisarn Akarasenee. Aom is holding hands with her hubby “Art” Sara Jutharattanakul. Imagine if Aom is as tan as her dad. Hilarious!

A famous mother-daughter pair is “Mew” Lalita and Jaruwan Panyopas.

You can’t mention Mew without her counterpart in lakorns “Willy” Ruengrit (in black) who is the brother of equal-fame “Mam” Kathaleeya McIntosh (in white). Both are married and have (a) child(ren).

More bro-and-sis. “Vicky” Sunisa and “Ryan” Jett are another pair.

We can’t forget famous siblings “Beam” Kawee of the best ever boy band D2B and “Bua” Sarocha Tanjararak. Sorry, I couldn’t find a pix of Bua where she can be recognized easier because she did starred in a number of MVs and lakorns. This girl has got it right to have her wedding on 11-11-11 [to a rich man too!].

Now to some little bromance to the obvious “Golf” Pichaya and “Mike” Pirath Nitipaisalkul of Golf&Mike who are sisters brothers. LOL! Took me awhile to find a manly pix of these two. I can’t differentiate which is which, sorry. If you are old school enough, you will recognize that they have just as famous retired singers older brothers Sand-Bank of RS. Couldn’t find any pix of Sand-Bank or the quartets together.

Girl power is on! “Ploy” Chermarn (left) and “Noon” Sinitha Boonyasak (right) are sisters. These two really look alike-the face, the voice, the actingness, and the body.

Sibling pairs who have more coming from their family. “Grace” Karnklao Miss Teen Thailand 2004 (left) and “Grand” Punwarot Duasienklao (right) the fifth runner of The Star 5 are sisters. They also have a sister named “Grant” who I can’t find a pix of. Grace, Grand, and Grant. Now, I wonder of Grant. Will she make her way into the industry to carry titles like her sisters?

Of course, on the male spectrum, there are brothers “Tik” Jessadaporn (left) and “Thun” Pichetchai Pholdee (left one in middle pix). Sorry again, I couldn’t find a good pix of Thun; he has acted in many lakorns. They have an all-grown-up younger brother “Tong” who’s looking mighty handsome in the righest pix. Maybe he’ll become the next hot newbie. Tik, Thun, and Tong vs. Grace, Grand, and Grant. Oh, Thailand and their nicknames.

Family wise, we got brothers “Tle” Tawan (right) and “Ton” Wichaya Jarujinda (left) and big mama “Dao” Duangdao Jarunjinda. I was blown away when Godfairy told me this. The mother and sons do quite indeed resemble each other. Ch7 should pack them into a lakorn already.

Now to family smashed with cousinhood. “Nott” Vorarit and “Nan” Chalita Fuengarom are siblings plus their dad is veteran actor Toom-Chalit Fuengarom. Nott here is being ordained in 2009. Also, my beau villain May” Sikarn Fuengarom is their cousin.

Godninja: This is not a comprehensive compilation. We are Gods…but we don’t know everything. Did I miss something? Comment!


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8 Responses to News: Daras And Their Famous Families

  1. Anonymous says:

    i already know that golf&mike are brother and i know they have 4 more brother and one more younger sister

  2. -a says:

    Oh wow, May is Nott’s cousin never knew that.And that’s his dad too.Say what.And Oh my gosh, tik’s younger bro is cute.haha 🙂 Didn’t know Grace & Grand are sister, Tle’s mom is her too.I don’t think i seen the bro before though,I don’t know Vicky’s bro too.ahha

  3. fremmede says:

    Fang – Faye (FFK)
    Chai Chartayodom – Micky Baromvudh
    Chris – Ploy Horwang
    Malinee – Noot Coates (nodels)
    Pear – Peach Chirathivat
    Sonya – Patina Singha (Kat – Pat)
    Neko Jump

  4. Lala says:

    Oh my, didn’t even that know that May was Nott cousin. Small world there! Thanks ladies 🙂

  5. Yaya says:

    Chai and Mick. Haha.

  6. Kiki says:

    Ploy and Noon have always looked alike to me!!!!

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