HeadsUp: Nang Fah Gub Mafia

Nangfah Gub Mafia (airdate:12/02/11). The Angel and the Mafia. Interesting title. And moreover, it has everything slapped into it. Romance. Comedy. Drama. Action. The whole package. I haven’t watched a Channel 7 lakorn since Kha Khong Khun…just maybe I’ll watch this one. But even more interesting than the title, the storyline, and the high ratings speculation is [drum roll please]…that Nangfah Gub Mafia stars Pancake and Weir. Ah, now I’m not sure whether which is more attractive, the actual lakorn or the Weir-Pan drama.

Nang Fah Gub Mafia stars “Weir’ Sukollawat Kanarot as Ram and “Pancake” Khemanit Jamikorn as Maekala with second couple “Nam” Rapeepat Eakpankul & “Jieb” Chompoonuch Piyatumchai and “Tle” Tawan Jarujinda, “Kie” Rattakorn Satirboot (MTT 2009), and Ying Ploypapas Thananchaiyakarn (MTT 2007). This is what Lyn got for us:

This lakorn is an action comedy about an undercover cop in the mob and a meddling air-hostess. Weir about his character: “The praek is from a rich family, but he has complex. He doesn’t like his stepmother, he thinks she killed his younger twin brother. In the story, I have a twin brother. He moves out, but luckily there is a guy looking out for him and he becomes a cop. He is assigned an undercover job in a mafia gang. Then he meets the nang’ek who is an air hostess. She’s has a g0-go personality, she causes havoc with all his assignments.”

Pancake described her character as reckless and always causing problems for her pra’ek, Weir’s character will find her annoying, but apparently they are forced into marriage by his stepmother. “We do have to marry,” said Pancake. “We have to get marry because of a promise. The person who raised me was his stepmother, it’s like I have to repay her kindness.” Oh. To see Lyn’s Post: Seeing Pancake and Weir together is so ODD

This is what I’ve got to add. First an overview: Weir is rich but he runs away from home because he doesn’t like this step-mom who he believes killed his twin brother. He enters the police academy and comes out top to be assigned as an undercover cop to spy on the mafia. Okay…typical. So why is Pancake an air-hostess? Because Weir is going to rob the airplane where she’s the air hostess. That looks like a good first meeting or the action-pack opening to the lakorn. Pra’ek hijacks the plane that nang’ek air host. They get started on the wrong foot, and then flash, we get the past run through of how pra’ek went undercover…then that brings us to the present. Just saying; that would hook me.

Other interesting bits. Weir and Pancake will be singing the OST. Her song is titled “Rai Mah…Ruk Pbai” which I translate to the feel of “You Come Bad…But I Love On”. Sorry, no duet though. I’m most anticipating their July trip to film in Korea. So excited to see how that unravels. A visit the one tower place where you lock locks. A kiss among the rows of trees. Dressing up in hanboks. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! But again the drama; I can’t forget to add the drama. South Korea was one of the places Weir-Pan traveled to while were ‘not really dating but dating’ each other. Oh, the sweet sweet memories. Pics on the film trip at DL with Pancake and Weir Reveals They Can Still Work Together…Even in Korea!.

To make this post longer and more juicy, and since I did such a kick-ass job with the blast from the past post on Kade-Noon, let’s move to the highlight of the post with the real drama behind the scene with our just as famous or perhaps even more so koo kwan Weir-Pan. Big Boss Khun Dang has always been the savvy [cruel and a bias player on favoritism too in my book] business woman known to feed on fame contagion. Weir-Pan was drew into NFGM two months after their high-profile breakup. Not only will people tune in to see if the exs can really ‘get along’, but the media will be hungry to know how all this will affect Pae-Pan. Very clever. High ratings or not, the media will be buzzing.

I am a Weir-sympathizer. Early on even before Pancake was rumored to be nang’ek, my Weir left a board message asking his fans to stop attacking Pancake. Even if it is Pancake, it’s about being professional and separating work from personal matter. Weir added that likewise, Pancake’s fans might feel the same of not wanting her to pair up with him. He tells his fans to please stop and try to have an open mind and that fans from both parties are prohibited on set. Then our worst fear came true. And for whatever twisted reason, NFGM, as their 5th lakorn together, involves a marriage. Talk about human cruelty. Weir fans, Pan fans, Weir-Pan fans, and Pae-Pan fans are raging war. Sorry, Weir…I’m not that open-minded. Imagine the awkwardness and scandal with:

Pae on set to see Pan doing this…


Pae getting jealous of their onscreen display of affection…


The close proximity of Weir-Pan rekindling their fresh wound…



Weir trying to get Pan back or something ridiculous…


This, this, this, that, and all these juiciness around and on the bed… o.O



Godninja: I guess the Weir-Pan-Pae drama is like this but with one chick.

As compiled from reading threads at AF and Spicy

UPDATE 12/08/11: Epi 1-3 summary by godninja:

Ram (Weir) is an American Interpol? CIA? agent. He refuses to return to Thailand because he doesn’t want to confront his past. Ram believes that his step mother drove his twin brother to suicide. The truth is that after his father’s death and under the suggestion of Ram’s uncle, the step mother ordered Ram and his twin to stop their career of interest to study business to take over his father. Ram only sees her cold control which drove Ram’s twin to commit suicide. But as the only Thai agent, he is forced to take on the mission to infiltrate the Thai Mafia organization. Ram’s follow the Mafia underlings to Korean on Maekala’s (Pancake) first air hostess flight. Mae is a hindrance to Ram’s attempt to sneak in a pen listening device on the Mafias and she mistakes him as a pervert and ends up picking up the pen. Ram stalks her all over Korean until he finally steals it back. He also saves one of the Mafia underlings and strikes up a friendship to pave his way into the organization. Caught up with Mae again, Ram lies to her of having multiple serious illnesses to escape to warn the Mafias of the Korean Interpol listening in and ready to raid. He succeeds and the Mafias were able to escape. Mae is left in the dust and taken in as a suspect of drug trafficking which caused the airline to laid her off.

Mae is a good deed doer angel (Nangfah) for she cannot deny other people’s requests for help or distress. She saves a woman to find out that she is the benefactor that had supported Mae through her education. Mae strikes up a mother-daughter relationship and the woman asks Mae to help her find her missing son—Ram. In Bangkok, via the Mafia underling friend he made, Ram makes his way into the organization. Mae and the step mother finds Ram, but he denies all and have them kick out. Mae is determined to drag Ram out and causes a commotion. She meets and lies to Taewada? Taewan? (Nam) who she didn’t know is actually the son of the Mafia Boss that she is Ram’s wife. Tae kicks Ram out and Ram is angry that Mae is complicating his mission and tries to ditch her but she always gets out. Via the Mafia’s daughter Teresa, Ram wins his way back in the organization. He realizes the blockage Mae poses on his mission and agrees to meet his step mother, but at the scene, he is knocked out with some chloroform spray by his Uncle and is unconsciously dragged back home to be tied to the bed post. We start to see the Uncle’s evil true colors are showing. Seems like he wants the company to himself and there’s more to Ram’s twin’s death. This brings us to date.

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28 Responses to HeadsUp: Nang Fah Gub Mafia

  1. loveoftvb says:

    What is the song that plays whenever Pancake or Weir sees the other with another person and they get kinda jealous? It’s a female singer.

  2. Tess says:

    May I know the name of the actor who acts in the drama as the police? And he later dates this actress Rattakorn Satiraboot in the drama?

  3. okiethewitch says:

    i really appreciate it if you can sub NFGM, because this is the weir second lakorn that i want to watch. please…sub it na??

  4. manisha singh says:

    is any one subbing this?????????????????

    • godninja says:

      no one is. i don’t care that people hate the comedey or the storyline, i happen to like mfgm very muuch. i am working on a video of my best scenes from epi 1-6. just waiting for 6 to air today, then wrap it up and upload it to YT! eng subbed of course!

  5. xox says:

    I thought Kha Khong Khun was a ch5 drama?? Hrm…

    I’ve never been a fan of Pan and Weir (together as a couple). So it doesn’t really bother me about what terms they’re on now. Honestly, kinda happy they’re not together. I’m just glad they are adults and handle things professionally. I do understand why people would bash/dislike Pan because she was the one who came out and denied everything. But then again…time to move on.

    Complaint: Once again…Pan plays another one of her repetitive roles.

    • anonymous says:

      lmao!!! dude that denial was hecka funny. u can tell that weir was the victim, why the heck is she even with pae after that one lakorn. so lammo.

  6. Fia says:

    Thanks for the headsup Godninja, I’m finally able to read this thoroughly. I also just saw the t-ser on YT- looks like an interesting rom-com/action drama, not to mention the drama of old flames hehe =)

  7. Pooimmett says:

    When is this lakorn releasing?? anybody??~~

    • godninja says:

      did you check my onair page? Pancake said that NFGM will air in early december, so i’m giving Sen Tai Salai Sode two episodes to air tomorrow and tuesday to wrap up. i’m inferring dec 5th.

  8. Ceda_Lee says:

    Wow…so much Touching & kissing.

  9. Lola says:

    I don’t like ch7 lakorns. It’s like the same lakorn everytime, only with different people..

    • godninja says:

      that describes all lakorns in general. i can’t bring myself to hate ch7 because i grew up loving it. they made the best lakorns in the old day. watching a ch3 lakorn was rare for me them. but the tide has turned. and i do agree that ch3 lakorns have outshined. i really really want a teenage lakorn, something fluffy and sweet, no need to be so serious. one day, just ya watch, im going to be a screen writer and pave way for variation in lakorns.

      • Lola says:

        I don’t hate ch7. I grew up with ch7, too.
        But since I live in here, I can decide what I want to watch. During the holidays I visited my grandma in Thailand. It was horrible for me. Nobody wanted to watch ch3. Every monday dok kaew in stead of mia teang. They said the lakorn isn’t good, but why they watch it anyway? I’m sorry for my bad English. I live in Germany and English isn’t my best subject 🙂

      • godninja says:

        your english is just fine. lol! dok kaew instead of mia taeng!

  10. R. Tan says:

    Now this actually sounds and looks good 🙂

  11. LTTT says:

    Thank you very much.I enjoyed your article. It’s nice, funny and very true. I also do not like Pancake with Weir film after they “not but broke up broke up”
    I do not believe Pae not jealous.Weir and Pancake are so many intimate scenes
    I hope Weir will not love Pancake once again .I’m kidding,he certainly won’t so
    I heard he was dating Mai, is it true? If so, I’m happy for him

    • godninja says:

      weir and mai havent come out to say they are, but their fans are cheering them. previously and in between, weir was rumored to be flirting/seen with baifern and rita. i think that the man is just being a single man. he needs to get someone quick to get at pan. yeah? your bf comes to see you on set and brings you only flowers, my gf came and she made my lunch. boowhooo. you can’t eat flowers huh? beat that pan, now shes going to feed me…55555 lol!

  12. godninja says:

    nfgm will air after stss which must end in one-two epis. for those watching stss, heas some pics i just found on rakdara. its the finale i suppose.

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