[News] Aump in her bra, Annie-Film saga finale, Pae can’t forget Pan

A brief cut through of some news bits that I found interesting the within the last week. Can’t miss some of these juiciness. I stayed up writing this, so I might not sound most intelligent but definitely still more than some of these daras. I’ll start with keeping my clothes on.

Last week, Aump Patcharapa insisted that she is single, then a few days ago, we got pics of her looking scandalous. Picture of Aump in her bra looking drunk/high and getting touchy is on the leak. Is there possibly a guy? Is it a clip? Here we go again again…

Finally, some reasonable developement in the how-many-years-now-we-don’t-care Annie-Film saga. Film Rattapoom filed the lawsuit, Annie Brooks took a flee, but all is underway, as the DNAs of mother, accused-father, and baby are on for testing. On Woody, Film finally verbalized his want for justice. Won’t hammer you with the technicality of the slipped blood types, but it is supposedly in the favor of Film not being the daddy of Nong Teekayu.

With beckings from elders, before Aff and Songkran ties the knot, Aff Taksaorn is on the pedestal to get a check up for problems so if there is any, it can get it fix beforehand. I’m sure they’re not worried if Aff is fertile or other things; they’re talking measles and weasels. That’s common already and moreover, a biggy with daras too. Pics of Aff last August modeling for WED where she admitted to hearing wedding bells.

Pae Arak is at low point right now. Earlier, he had said he has forgotten Pancake Khemmanit, but now nope! Poor Pae cannot forget Pancake and had sent her text messages to only have her not replied to any. Why did I not see this coming again? The brave man admitted to lying that he’s fine. Their fan page was deleted because of raging fans urging them to get back together. Pan has responded that yes, they’ve talked but not met. Yes, the page being shut down was a consensual thing.  She’s “okay”. Got to say again, Pan cruised through the interview with no emotions but looking fabo in red. Well, keep up the smiles Pan.

Ending on some a good news that I’ve written about on the past is Kade Tarntup and Nat Premika‘s wedding. So their big day happened and like other netizens, I’m quick to compare it too Noon-Todd’s wedding. It was not the all-out extravagant reception like Noon’s and the daras that attended were not the usual big names but they are definitely my old days. Sometimes, actually a lot of the times, I get tired of big names like Aump Patcharapa, May Fuengarom, Chompoo Araya, Ploy Chermarn, and yada yada. Did you see the guest list at Paula Taylor’s wedding or more recently, that one boran gal I can’t name at the moment’s. Oh, Kade and Nat aren’t planning on making babies immediately.

Lift Supol and Wife – Nam and GF Mintra

 The Jarujinda Bros – Yui Chiranan

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7 Responses to [News] Aump in her bra, Annie-Film saga finale, Pae can’t forget Pan

  1. UrWorstNightMare says:

    Well, lets hope Kades marriage fare the best. No offense, but his lady looks somewhat like a…*ahem* man.
    Aum in her bra…hasn’t she alwasy been in a bra? Just think of it as a photoshoot, yeah a ‘trying-hard-to-be-sexy’ photoshoot taken with a crappy @ss camera.
    I thought the Annie-Film saga has already ended. The kid looks so old already and they haven’t gotten any DNA test? Can’t they be quick like how Maury does it?
    Checking if Aff is fertile? What the quad?!
    Don’t know, don’t care about Pan. Pae is f-ugly…I guess they match then…I mean used to match.

  2. xox says:

    No comment about Aump. Aff will make a beautiful bride. Pan’s dress is hideous. You can see her panties because of the material of the dress. I hope Kade and Noon gossips would stop since they’re both married now and carrying on with their lives. I’ve never cared nor commented on anything about Film and Annie but at the end of the day, I feel like no one’s better than the other.

  3. suzsuz says:

    Thanks for the updates!!
    Juicy indeed!

  4. fun says:

    Finally there will be closure for the Film-Annie saga. I have a feeling the father might not be him that is why Annie pulled out earlier. But that was quite f-ed up on his side, not saying Annie was not f-ed up because she too was. I just didn’t like the way he talked about her to the public like that.

  5. :) says:

    That cute little boy looks like Nadech. Lol…lol… Awwww so CUTE !!!!!

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