News: Watch out for Boy Prakon’s Bro Non

Three Boy Prakons? WOW, I’m in shock. Please rewind. “Boy” Pakorn Chatborirak introduces his two younger bros Non and Lek. Non is beefier but the mustache is LOL identical. It has got to be the new ‘Chatborirak trademark’. Lek is so cute; can’t wait until he grows the ‘Chatborirak trademark’. His glasses is so hot! Someone needs to tell me how old is he! Non has been in the MV and commercial industry and is taking up on lakorns. Who’s excited?

Boy jokes that people have said Non is better looking than him. Then a reporter asks if Non went into the industry to follow his bother’s footstep. Non is honest and replies that it is true. Lek on the other hand is still in school. Baby, I’m waiting for you! Boy says that he wants this brother Non to experience the success he did. He supports his brother. A reporter asks that there is a rumor of Boy having a new lakorn with “Margie” Rasri Balenciagais. Boy replies no and that he is currently filming Sarm Noom Nuer Tong and Waew Mayura.

The topic of Margie is brought up. Boy credits her for the success of Roy Marn. He thanks her for playing her role well. He and the team are impressed with the results of Roy Marn, saying at the beginning, fans were in for Margie, and at the end, they were still in for her. Boy reveals that he had talked to Margie before when her father was sick. When he learned that her father passed, he called her. Margie didn’t reply much aside from the simple ‘thank you’. He is worried about her. He explains further that he understands her because he had been through the same experience. Margie is starting to cope and getting more “okay”. Boy has talked to Pee Ton, and Pee Ton says that Margie is still crying all the time.

Credit: Daradaily

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2 Responses to News: Watch out for Boy Prakon’s Bro Non

  1. rosekwanjai says:

    Although Non and Boy do look like each other, I still LOVE BOY the most.
    Lek and Non is really adorable though. (:

    Gosh. I really miss Boy & Margie now. I wish they were having another lakorn together. I can’t get snuff of them. (; lol

  2. aikoden says:

    aigoo, thanks! i shall read for bargie 😀

    yup yup, boy and his bros 🙂

    and awwwe, i hope margie is doing well!! stay strong!! su su!! i love how boy is worried and supportive to her. makes my love for them even stronger ❤

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