HeadsUp: Duj Dao Din

Drama. Drama. Drama. 3 Ds to match the 3 in Duj Dao Din (Same Earthly Star) [Airdate 01/11/12]. DDD stars Stephan Santi and Jakajun Akumsiri and it will take you on a heart-breaking journey of Boonting (Baiple Phupar) who is an orphan kid in the streets living a harsh life when he is a billionaire grandson. Ironically, the character Boonting is incomparable to the real life story of Non Baiple who was scouted by Kantana when he became a Thailand sensation by singing leekay [Thai traditional theater songs] on the street to earn money to treat his mom with cancer and provide milk for his little brother. Many say they are watching for Non Baiple, and they should because he only have to think of his mother to produce his tears.


A rich family has three daughters: Dao (Poo Mantana), Durn (Som Tusninee) , and Fah (Jakajun Akumsiri). Dao is the oldest one who is jealous of her middle sister Durn for she had the first grandchild Tinrapap (Baiple Phupar) in the family even when Dao married first. On the night the family celebrates little Tinrapap’s first birthday and Fah’s departure to study aboard,  Dao and her husband Poo kidnaps the baby. Poo’s sister Pin sells Tinrapap and when Poo finds out that his sister is pregnant, he convinces Dao that they should take her child as theirs so they can have the inheritance. Pin comes to live in the residence as the baby’s nanny. Durn is depressed and the Grandpa has a heart condition ever since Tinrapap was stolen.

Fah returns to Thailand, and she is ready to fix her family by searching for her missing nephew. Tinrapap grows up in the name of Boonting. He begs in the street and returns to give his earnings to the child seller. He meets Pakin (Stephan Santi) and Pakin can relate to Boonting because he was abandoned by his mother too. Because Pakin is the bastard older step-brother of Pope who is courting Fah, he keeps his feelings hidden from her. Together on this journey to find Tinrapap, they will fall in love and many tearjerker stories will be break. Durn will become a psycho in the wait for her son as her husband Rut (Peter Tuinstra) so-call cheats on her. Boonting will come to the do leekay, leading Pakin to meet his mother who is now a leekay artist. Boonting will be bullied by Dao’s child Wit. And finally, everyone will find out that Boonting who was there all along is in fact Tinrapap.

Other interesting bits: I’m not sure of this is supposed to be a pun, but “boon” means ‘blessing’ and “ting” means ‘threw’, so Boonting is like ‘a blessing thrown away’. Good pun. Porshe will be singing a soundtrack. Som and Stephan are dating in real life. Boonting’s father is Peter. You know, Charles’ buffy dad in Game Rai Game Rak. The opening music is totally from National Treasure.

More pics!


Please holler if you still want teasers eng subbed!

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7 Responses to HeadsUp: Duj Dao Din

  1. Cecepoe says:

    Where can I watch this online ? Pls

  2. jjinxx says:

    Please do eng teasers. Much appreciated!

  3. noodles637 says:

    I WANT ENG SUB TEASERS! I’ve been waiting for a new stefan lakorn and it’s finally here!!

  4. :) says:

    Some how I find the girl looks similar to Noon. Am I correct ?????

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