News: Pooklook and Tangmo’s Backlashing

It is not a secret that there was some friction between Pooklook Fonthip and Tangmo Pataratida onset Pleng Rak Ban Na (Countryside Love Song). What started as a grudge over Tangmo so-called causing Pooklook and Casanova boyfriend Vee Veeraparb to break up is brewing to be even more personal.

I will quick brief ya on this tug-o-war just in case you’re unaware. First in an interview, Tangmo first criticized Pooklook that she doesn’t having courtesy, not waiing her [Tangmo is Pooklook’s senior] and that is not a behavior fit for Pooklook’s title. Then Pooklook lashed back that she is most upset as Tangmo involving her Miss Thailand Universe title for the pageant have taught her all the eloquency of respect. And she has cut Tangmo out of her life already.

Now, Tangmo is back and she rants on and on, dragging the Elders and lakorn crew members in the equation and being all wise about this situation.

With Nong [Pooklook], I’ve said so much that I don’t want to say anymore. I’m considerate of the Elders too. Because at the least, we are from the same channel. I’ve said it multiple times already. I don’t want to add more fuel. I’m old now. I understand Nong. And want her to think of work. However many times I mention it, I want her to think of work, think of the Elders that love and trust us, want to see us love each other. I want her to stop here. Don’t go thinking about other things that will make you think lower of the other. We live in this world; I want her to be happy.

Tangmo then adds how Elders have warned her if she got used by Pooklook and that she doesn’t think so. Tangmo doesn’t think Pooklook have those thoughts and want it to end. Tangmo doesn’t then to have bad blood over a guy [Vee]. She has previously tried to fix the friction onset and this is nothing to her compare to all the thousands of things she’ve went through in showbiz. Tangmo is opened to issue an apology first publicly before reporters as witnesses if it is something Pooklook affirms too.

What have netizens been saying? They both are bullshit. Fallen-nang’ek Tangmo is setting this to pave her way back into the news, and Pooklook wants publicity too with adding more fuel to this senseless matter. I would not be surprise if they had a press conference apologizing to each other with them smiling and being friendly and posing for the cameras when we all know that it’s all an act. Eck.

Source: Tangmo’s interview Rakdara

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3 Responses to News: Pooklook and Tangmo’s Backlashing

  1. UrWorstNightMare says:

    Say what?

  2. naree says:

    Both of them sounds like they are fighting for nothing..
    They wasted each other’s time.

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