News: Nam Rapeepat’s Shotgun Wedding

Nam Rapeepat and GF Mintra Chaneesa are making headlines because of their wedding announcement. Before, I only glanced at the headline not thinking anything of it, but now out of class, I’m checking around and this is all over the place. After a few news clips, oh…I see…this is a shotgun wedding. That’s why it’s so sensational. That is only, of course, totally my always negative conclusion.


First of all, the wedding is March 10, yeah next month, like less than 20 days from mow. Fishy. I know that Nam is not a hot-shot actor, but yes, second-rated pra’eks make the news with their wedding…but they announce it in a timely fashion. In addition, Mintra is only 23 years old to Nam’s 27. That is young. And that brings up the validity in netizens’ speculation that the bride is pregnant. Even more so, Nam is overtly saying that they are definitely in on making babies. Hmm? Is this a cover-up for the already pregnant status? Does that reek shotgun wedding or what? Nam has offered his reasons for the rushed hushed wedding, but I don’t think it will change my opinion of it being a shotgun wedding. Pregnant or not, something happened. But then, I haven’t believed in love much. This is what Nam has got to say. Honesty, his explanations makes total sense; I’m just a bad person.

The March 10th wedding date is a private family affair. With Mintra being Chinese, it will be a Chinese-Thai wedding at the bride’s home in Chang Mai. Nam wants the Bangkok reception on March 24 to be simple and comfortable and he has chosen Weir’s restaurant. He didn’t want to call everyone up so he announced it in the papers to have them call him instead. The bride’s family didn’t request a bride’s price and said for Nam to present it instead. There’s a modest bride price consisting of gold and money; as for the ring, Mintra was the one to choose. He wants the ring to be something simple in order for Mintra to be able to wear it every day.

Why so it is so fast? Many say it’s too quick?

Nam: For me…Have her say.

Mintra: Many may see it as fast, but as for me, I think that it’s something we both discussed rather more.

It’s like you have not dated for long, and there’s a wedding announcement. It’s very fast. Since when have you been thinking?

Nam: Almost a year. Since my birthday last year. But once…I think that in truth, time is not important if we have “click” already. For me, I think that since the day we knew each other, every day that we have worked together or learn about each other, I think that she is the right one every day. And I think that once it is already like that, there’s no need to wait anymore. For in truth, for me, it’s my goal to have a family already. I’m waiting for someone who can be with me and make me be in peace.

What do you think [of Nam, their relationship]?

Mintra: I feel that when we are together, we don’t have to be so pretentious. We are ourselves. And Pee Nam is fun and accommodating. When we are together, we get along.

[Couldn’t decipher the reporters’ questions.]

Nam: If you ask if it’s too fast, it may be. It may be a shock, but for us both, we have thought about this matter for enough, but we have not had the opportunity to tell. Not having a opportunity to announce, so telling it plop and having the ceremony soon may be too fast. Others may be unprepared, but for us, we have planned for awhile.

Others feel there are other reasons to the marriage? Like you [Mintra] are pregnant first?

Nam: For me, the reason that I marry is we want to be together. I want to…in the matter that we dated, during that time, I wanted to bring her places, right? But sometimes, other people’s stares…There are some who think well and some who think wrong [Oh smack, is that a direct slap at me?]. They exist. To that at times, I don’t want other to view my girlfriend bad. I want to take my girlfriend along. When I film lakorns, I’m in Bangkok minimally. And sometimes, I want her to go along. But at times, in other people’s eyes, they don’t view it good. So I say that I am going to do right. And for this one, I want to be with her forever already. I am going to do it right according to tradition. And after that, wherever we go, there’ll be on one that can say anything.

Do you what a child in time for the Dragon year, Nam?

Nam: For me, I think that…I’ll think about it. If possible then good for her mother is born on the year of the Dragon…and we get married in the Dragon year, I think it auspicious. We’ll see. If yes, if no, then it’s alright.

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3 Responses to News: Nam Rapeepat’s Shotgun Wedding

  1. J says:

    Based on the way he totally dodged that question..I say she’s definitely preggers

  2. fun says:

    It’s a shotgun wedding lol My aunt is getting married too and she has told the world why she is but because she’s not a celeb she didn’t make it to the headlines lol My older aunt disliked it when people lie about these kind of things. I think it makes it better if they just come out with the truth lol I was disappointed in my paternal aunt because she denied her pregnancy until her last trimester.

  3. xox says:

    This is pretty crazy because scenarios like this only happens in lakorns! Lol! If shot gun weddings/marriages last in lakorns, why not theirs?

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