HeadsUp: Rak Prakasit

Prakasit (Love Decree) [airdate 02/22/2012], whether you like it or not, is popular with us long time lakorn watchers. I was not born yet in 1988 when its original came out, but I definitely saw the 2000 remake with Num Sornram and Ning Kullasatree. Rak Prakasit has more of a subtle, slow love story line. Some call it boring, others call it meaningful love. Regardless, I can tell that this 2012 remake is definitely vamping it up. Nid is more feisty and able to stand her ground. Pu being a meanie but gets bullied back too. Lots more romance with a pixie dust of comedy. Beautiful scenery with amazing cinematography on top of a great director and producer. But on the down side, I’m willing to bet: more screams from the psycho sister Lek and more misunderstandings from the ex-girlfriend Jao Noi. More complications have been the paradigm of recent remakes.


Narisara/Nid (Aff Taksaorn) leaves school from America to return to Thailand to bury her General father. With a generic will that gives the execution power to Nid’ brother, the inheritance couldn’t be spilt because the brother as a diplomat had to leave to Switzerland (need to double check this, my memories says Switzerland). The selfish sister-in-law, wanting the bulk of wealth, refuses to finance Nid’s school continuation and shoos her to find a job.

In the countryside, Puchit/Pu (Por Nattawut) learns that her ex-girlfriend Jao Noi (Jieb Pijitra) [note: Jao is a noble honorific] has returned. Years before, when Pu asked Jao Noi’s hand in marriage, Pu’s younger sister Supathana/Lek (Pat Napapa) barged in to announce that Jao Noi only want his money because her family is in debt at the moment. Lek’s outburst angered Jao Noi’s family who is noble and from that day on, the father resents Puchit and his farm. In the resolve to sooth Lek, Pu promises not to marry, and Jao Noi goes off to London to study. In in current time, Jao Noi is determinate to continue their relationship regardless of the Lek’s disproval. Lek faints in an anger attack in response to this. Pu convinces her siter to go to Bangkok to get treated and there, he runs into Nid and he gets the impression that she is money hungry and a lousy person. Without a degree, Nid is unable to find a job, but she left a strong impression with Wittawut/Wut (Lift Supol) who is Pu’s younger brother. Thus, with Lek gone, Wut hired Nid as the secretary to help at the farm. He is rebellious to Lek and knows the Nid stand as a challenge. He has sercretly gotten married to Neera and even have a daughter.

Nid is happy to leave the house and asks her sister-in-law for her borther’s number to inform him of her job. However, the sister-in-law makes excuses and says she will pass Nids’ words on. Nid tries to contact her brother via email, but under the manipulation of the sister-in-law, the emial account was close. Thus, Nid can’t get in contact with her brother, and the sister-in-law can fabricated a story that Nid ran away with her guyfriend. Niporn (Kong Sorawit) picks up Nid and he is shocked at her appearance because the farm has a rule  established by Lek where the female worker can’t be pretty. Pu turns out to be the owner of that farm, and to get her back, he makes her the supervisor. From here, a series of teasing and probelms aspire.

Gale Warunlak plays Wan who also like Puchit and is the sister of Nud’s sister-in-law. The sister-in-law wants her to catch Puchit because he is rich. Diew and Jack AF are also in here. One is Nid’s school friend Boat from America that follows her because he likes her. And the other is an aboard educated student James who learns work at the farm. Looks to me that there will be not be the epic Rak Prakasit Num and Korrapin version. That’s most unfortunate. However the song Rak Prakasit by Lula in this verson was the original 1988 OST.

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9 Responses to HeadsUp: Rak Prakasit

  1. godninja says:

    finally i finished updating this!

  2. simply yours gud girl says:

    is anyone subbing dis if yes pls give me the link

  3. seeya says:

    Saw the 2000 version and liked it. Hope this one is as good also.

  4. fun says:

    I loved RP minus the second half lol I am not digging Por but I do love Aff, so I’m giving it a shot.

  5. xox says:

    I loved Num and Ning’s version. It was a beautiful drama. Loved the ost that Num sung too. I have this thing where if I’ve seen the old version of a drama and loved it, it makes me not want to watch remakes because I still feel attach to the old pairing/couple. I’m a weirdo.

  6. R. Tan says:

    I can’t wait. I haven’t watched Por in a looong time. I think the last one I watched with him was the one with Kob when he was with Ch.7. I wasn’t fond of the two lakorns he had with ch.3, but this one looks promising. He’s one of my old-time favorites, so can’t wait for it to air!


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