prime-time lakorns weekly schedule


          • Monday&Tuesday    
          • Mae Yai Tee Rak 12-13 ending at 14
          • Krabeu Barn 9-10
          • Dok Soke 9-10
          • Wednesday&Thursday    
          • Buang 5-6
          • Khun Dech 5-6 
          • Dok Soke 11-12
          • Friday-Sunday
          • Waew Mayura 2-4
          • Look Poo Chai Mai Tapode 22 Finale!
          • Maya Rasamee 1-2 Premieres!

notes: While I’m away, OnAir will not be updated. Thus, I leave you with a list of lakorns on queue to air next:

    • Channel 3:
      • Khun Suk (Aum&Ploy) Confirmed May 1st airdate.
      • Torrnanee Nee Ni Krai Krong Who Does This Earth Belong To (Nadech&Yaya) Have been said for forever to air in May.
    • Channel 7:
      • Kerd Pen Hong Born To Be A Swan (Tle&Kwan) Confirmed to replace Krabeu Barn.
      • Fah Jarod Sai Where the Sky Meets The Sand (Tui&Kwan) Netizens speculated to be next after Khun Dech.
    • Channel 5:
      • Marnya Rissaya (Navin&Bee) Confirmed to replace Dok Soke.


Channel 3:

Mae Yai Tee Rak (Mother-in-Law My Beloved) Chakrit Yanman & Pream Ranida

Lop tries to win over his future mother-in-law and it doesn’t help that his adopted brother was the one who broke her heart.


Buang (Loop) Rome Patchata, Rita Sirita, & Noon Sirapan

Samon and Rampa has a happy family, but when Ramon releases his revengeful past-life lover ghost E’Pang, she is able to finally serve her revenge.


Waew Mayura (Nang’ek name “Torenia”) Boy Pakorn & Marie Broenner


Channel 7:

Krabeu Barn (Water Buffalo Governance) New Wongsakorn & Yui Chiranan

Det is a traditional farming buffalo passionate and conflict ensues when Nut disguises into the village in attempt to convert them to use tractors.


Khun Dech Vee Veerapab, Weir Sukollawat, Green Adsadaporn, & Jakjaan Akhunsiri

Khun Dech vows to be a warrior of the Buddhist artifacts and with his traitional sword, he will fight for the country.


Look Poochai Mai Tapode (Man With Canes) Kelly Rattapong, Porshe Saran, & Chat Pariyachat

Maya Rasamee New Wongsakorn & Mai Davika


Channel 5:

 Dok Soke (Sad Flower) Pong Nawat, Cherbelle Lanlalin, & Jead Sopitnapa

Dok Soke is taken in by her rich grandfather, but everyone abuses her. There’s only Asanai to encourage her but to love him, she must surprass her mother and her cousin.

One Response to OnAir

  1. May says:

    Hello! I’am a big fanatic of Thai Lakorns.
    I want to send a request about the movie
    Call Kerd Pen Hong Born To Be A Swan (Tle&Kwan) Confirmed to replace Krabeu Barn. I would really appreciate if you can
    Put this into English Subtitle on YouTube
    Because I couldn’t find any YouTube channels that had this movie. Please! Please!
    Thank you so much!

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