Ranting: 3 Reasons Why I Might Just Watch Buang

Sorry, the title is misleading. There’s only ONE reason why I would watch Buang—for Rome Patchata. Hey, I happen to fancy Rome and his square jaw okay.  

1.) I get to see Rome in an Anothai-like outfit!!! YEAAAAAHHHHH!


2.) I get to see Rome naked! In bed! With not one BUT TWO ladies!!! Unfortunately half-naked only.


3.) I get to see Rome BALD…as a hot monk. I don’t think they were shooting for hot…but Rome is Rome.


If this isn’t making any sense to you, read the HeadsUp!

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I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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11 Responses to Ranting: 3 Reasons Why I Might Just Watch Buang

  1. Chan Chu says:

    WISHBONIKA is subbing this! =) it’s WISHBONIKA not WISHBONIKO. =)

  2. Chan Chu says:

    ok WISHBONIKA is subbing this. =)

  3. yeezong says:

    wow … so monk, huh? Doesn’t this show that he’s going to become one in the end or something?

    • godninja says:

      yes yes yes. that’s how it goes for the old version. plus, there’s foootage too if you would like to see it. very heart breaking. not sure where whcih part the monk parts shows up though.

  4. pajai xiong says:

    wow it means me of sarp poo sah XD more scaryy!

  5. -A says:

    oh,so at the end he becomes a monk,for sure then?
    My reason for reading this lakorn is Pope! And RTEAM!

  6. Sky^ says:

    is this on your subbing list? Love Rome too.

    • godninja says:

      Buang is a definite no! #1 reason: i can’t do the language!!! do tell me if you come across anyone subbing this. im uberly surprised that no one is taking on this or Khun Suk. i myself would need subs for watching Buang. i remember watching Tawee Pope and I was lost 10% of the time.

      • skyla says:

        someone is subbing this into english. i watched some of ep 1. dont know the actual link cause the person didnt share. i watched from a chinese website. i am sure you can youtube search it.

  7. Lala says:

    Um…will Noon be the lead??? PLEASE LET HER BE!

  8. monisouphank104 says:

    LOL! My mom was complaining that he got a little chubbier around the face in the last time he was on a talk show. But I still think he’s cute 🙂
    I can’t wait for this RTeam pairing!!!

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