HeadsUp: Mam Gam Dang

Yeah! I know that this one is long overdue! I’ve never had this much fun since…Mook Liam Petch. I’m sure you all forgive me for the delay because I was busy subbing Mam Gam Dang (Madam Red Cheeks). And if you’re not watching this, GET OUT OF MY BLOG!!! Really, I’m dead serious. Mam Gam Dang evolves beautifully around Ana who pretends to be her friend’s two month pregnant wife, and when she meets his big bad brother, “forbidden” love sparks between these two sister- and brother-in-law.

Where to start? Four best friends [I call them the quartet] study in London. Ana (Matt Peeranee) is the bold and in-your-face one. May (Woosen Virithipa) is the meek and push-over one. There’s Art who is the ultimate friend in Thai lakorns—the gay supportive and hilarious one. And there is Pat (Pae Twerit), the rich and unable-to-fed-for-himself one. As their graduation draws near, Pat learns that he is to get engage and marry when he returns to Thailand. Interesting things starts to unravel here. Pat is unhappy with the arrangement. May has had a crush on him for years and is heart-broken. Art thinks that May’s love is hopeless, but Ana, on the other hand, decides that the way to solve the problem is to: 1) find a way to break Pat’s engagement and 2) get Pat to love May back.

So when Pat is drunk with Art beckoning him to man up and Ana plastering him to make the excuse that he has a wife in London already, Pat calls up his family and he gets…his scary big bad brother Nadol (Chakrit Yamnam). Pat just blunders out that he has a wife and he can’t go through with the marriage. The quartet goes through a roller coaster of emotions. At first, Nadol was accepting, then he suspected that it was a lie and demanded Pat to break up with his wife. In the demand of the moment, Ana comes up with the bright idea that his wife was pregnant and thus separation was impossible. The quartet thought they had hammered it until Nadol asks to speak to the wife and after great debate, Ana is pushed into declaring herself as the wife. At the end of the call, big bad brother Nadol asserts the he is flying over to clear up the situation.

One thing lead to another and Pat now has a two-month pregnant wife. Anna, being recently fired, is attracted to his proposal of compensation wages and buying two airline tickets back to Thailand for her and Mae, thus she agrees. Now she can get Pat out of this engagement and can also play matchmaker. With this all in settle, the quartet have a crazy celebratory graduation party and the next morning, drunk Ana opens the door to a all-serious Nadol. End of episode one.

From here, Nadol yells and yells at Pat for making a mistake and Ana for being a bad woman. In addition, there is the classmate Neena (May Fuengarom) and Kate (Noey Chotika) who are the rich and uncondescending biatches. Neena is the older sister of Pat’s fiance [who also likes Nadol] and Kate likes Pat, so these two are out to execute scenarios to make Ana miscarry. Ana ends up being stuck with Nadol to give opportunities fo Pat and May to bond and through many spontaneous turn of events, a lingering love starts to sparks between the red-cheeked madam wife and the big bad brother.

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8 Responses to HeadsUp: Mam Gam Dang

  1. Ayame says:

    please, finish subbing this lakron and can’t you upload so i can watch it. please. i haven’t been watching lakron for the past year now because everything i came across is not exciting but this is. please, if you can’t upload it can you send it to me please.

  2. val says:

    Will u continue to sub the rest of matt lakron please sorry for what happened to ur channel Thanks for the great work hope u wont give up

  3. godninja says:

    i really love this one and i’m planning some MVs but i need to steal time to make them. ending of the semester is getting to be hell. exam tonight, big paper friday, another paper tuesday…subs is going to be real slow.

  4. Sky^ says:

    Thank you…thank you……. for subbing this lakron. how greatful for us non Thai speaker.

  5. R. Tan says:

    I just love how this lakorn is different from other lakorns that this time it isn’t the pra’ek hiring the nang’ek (or vice versa) to be his wife. As much as I love those storylines, they are sometimes too commonly used in lakorns. But MGD has a nice twist to it that makes it soo cute!

  6. khaing says:

    this lakorn is really funny. But i dont like pat and may character. so weak.

  7. Angela says:

    Is Charit now a part of channel 3? I thought he was a channel 7er.

    • godninja says:

      srry if i over-answer your question. i’m on spring break so i have too much time. in fact, charkrit started with ch5. i checked and he’s actually have ~ 11-ch5, 10-ch7, 19-ch3, and a few ch9 lakorns appearances. the man is free agent. more interestingly, after 2007, chakrit didn’t act in a ch7 lakorn until last year with Khu Khean San Rak with Aum. well, he getting marry too so we got to make the best out of him these days.

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