Headsup: Krabeu Ban

The first episode of countryside comedy Kranbeu Baan (Water Buffalo Governance) is not too shady. Sorry, I’ve been saying that a lot. These channels should pay me for advertising. New Wongsakorn and Yui Chiranan are both looking youthful and at least the comedy have some significance. Jaidet is countryside passionate who goes through all causes to protect the overthrow of buffalos for tractors and what happens when he meets Soranut who is a tractor engineer in disguised to try to convert the village into buying tractors? Countryside chaos, baby! That’s the answer!

Even though Jaidet/Det (New Wongsakorn) is the son of a rich, high status politician, his passion for traditional farming has made his father reject him. He loves his buffalos like his friends and uses every means to protect them. Det makes people apologizes to his buffalos and when he is low on money, he returns to Bangkok to sneak into his house to steal his land title to get money. Det is an extreme buffalo lover.

Soranut/Nut (Yui Chiranan) is an engineer for the tractor company Cabaty. Her boyfriend Wat (Job Niti) is the son of the owner. He is a playboy but outwardly displays faithfulness for Nut because he wants her benefit if her father rises up in the marketing department. She thinks the use of buffalos is impractical. Nut is the modern-educated city girl.

Extreme buffalo lover meets modern-educated city girl when the Cabaty company is going bankrupt and Nut is sent to solve the problem by selling the tractors to the village. Nut along with her friend and co-worker Aranoon/Noon (Aimee Morakot) recruits their lakorn director friend Sabin (Tum Wichaya) to go to the villages disguises as a show. Det is then glad that people are starting to pay attention to his protective work. He asked for the villagers to participate and shows them everywhere. But everything backfires when Det finds out about Nut’s real intentions.

Extended cast list: New Wongsakorn (Jaidet), Yui Chiranan (Soranut), Khun Kanin (Paul) & Aimee Morakot (Aranoon), Tarn Kanya (Jane), Tum Wichaya (Sabin), Arisa Will, and Job Niti (Wat). Khun Kanin and Aimee are the second couple. He is a vet at the farm. I agree with netizens that she looks way older than him because of his boyish face. Not sure if Tum and Tarn is also a couple, but she is works at the farm too (maybe even the sister of Paul?).

The following is my revision of what kcherry shared at AF:

One day, Soranut saw her friend Noon getting close to Jaidet, and she thought Noon had betrayed her. She was so angry that she wanted to quite the work. She didn’t listen to Jaidet’s explanation and knocked him over with her car [tractor maybe?] in spite of what Jaidet was trying to say. Soranut drove away and the car was ruined by lightning. At that moment, she saw that Jaidet was worried about her and that he wanted to save her. She realized that Jaidet wanted to help her from the beginning. And people realized that plow trucks could be ruined by lightning but buffalos couldn’t. So maybe plow trucks weren’t all that.

Because of this matter, villagers said that it was Soranut’s karma retribution. She was angry that she used all means to expel Jaidet and the villagers from the village. But the villagers reverend Jaidet, and they brought action to the government. Thus, the media got a wind of their protective work and the public was moved and gave them a lot of money with a TV station wanting to shoot a TV series about protecting buffalos.

Soranut returned to the company and learned that the one who betrayed her wasn’t Noon but it was the manager of the company because he wanted his nephew to be the engineer. Soranut’s colleagues treated her badly to the points of her getting upset and drinking a lot to get into a car accident. When she woke up, her family was around her, but Jaidet always came into her dream and never went away.

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5 Responses to Headsup: Krabeu Ban

  1. elve123 says:

    I really hope someone manages to sub this lakorn.

  2. Thong says:

    do you know where i might be able to watch this lakorn Krabeu Ban …

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