Ranting: Ready for the 50 million baht lakorn?

Khun Seuk (Warlord) is the Channel 3’s big project of 2012 to celebrate their 42th anniversary and TV Scene’s 40th anniversary with their big boss coming out to say they went all out on this lakorn. The sets, costumes, and props had to be made from scraps for Khun Seuk. The final fight scene has over 100 extras, and in addition, they went to film at various locations. Add onto that the A-List cast list and we got ourself a 50 million baht lakorn.

Originally, I read that Khun Seuk is to air this February-March, then March, and then now April. So let me work this out for our sake. We know that Channel 3 primetime lakorns on queue to air next are: Buang (Rome Patchata and Rita Sririta), and Mam Gaem Daeng (Krit Chakrit and Matt Peeranee) of course, Khun Seuk.

  • Mon-Tues: Mae Yai Tee Rak will be replaced by Khun Suk on May 1st.
  • Wed-Thur: Rak Prakasit will be replaced by Buang on April 11th.
  • Fri-Sat-Sun: Rak Ork Akard was replaced by Mam Gaem Daeng on the 24th.

In case you are lost, this is why Khun Seuk is such a hype.

One thing that I am weary about Khun Seuk is that it might not live up to its hype. I know that that is said a lot, but Khun Seuk really really really have an EPIC aura to it. The teaser, pictures, and promotional clips totally got me sold. I don’t care that Sema (Aum Athichart) is going to have 4-3 wifes. I don’t care how much you piss me off, just piss me off good. Don’t disappoint me.

While you wait, enjoy some humor below straight from the Khun Seuk cast in what I borrow from the famous magazine scoops of “how celebrities are like us”.

LakornGods brings  you:

How Daras Are Like Us – Khun Seuk  Edition

Which one is your favorite?

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12 Responses to Ranting: Ready for the 50 million baht lakorn?

  1. Noondao says:

    Got to luv aum… He fools around too much then spends nite time craming! Lol so far luv this lakorn!

  2. chere says:

    LOL my fav is the sharing drinks and cell phone one, LOL!!!

  3. trulyalwaseyours says:

    LOL my favorite was the sharing drinks and peace out pictures..totally got me laughing

  4. cvang010 says:

    omg looks so good! i do really hope its good as its teaser! best actors and actresses!

  5. lyla says:

    Aum’s photos are way too hilarious!

  6. sarin sem says:

    I like the fourth and the last so funny haha. I’m sure i’ll love this drama.Ploy and AUM are my favorite stars beside Pong,Ken and Chakrit Yanamm.

  7. -A says:

    hahaha.. that’s all i got to say about the pictures at the bottom. I hope this lakorn
    will be a great one and not a disappointment. I am not a fan of war lakorn b/c i
    just don’t like it but i’m watching this for one reason Aum/Ploy! Ha.

  8. khaing says:

    i like picture 4 and 5.

  9. cyaj says:

    I would say the first and the last one.

  10. suzsuz says:

    love all the pics and the caption..so funny…dis looks like a real decent lakorn..am looking forward to it.. hopefully someone subs it….

  11. Angskeet says:

    i like the first and the last picture…”when they don’t have pockets …they tuck their phones in their pants/skirts” and “even in the most serious situations …like death, they still peace out” hahah

  12. :) says:

    My favorite photo would be “sharing the same drink”. I’m suprise that they do that b/c the only people I share the same drink with are my family. But with my cousin and friends, I don’t ( not from the same cup). For sure, white people wouldent even do that, I guess it’s just the Asian family that does that. That’s awSome for the guy.


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