HeadsUp: Mae Yai Tee Rak

Big OMG! Mae Yai Tee Rak (Mother-in-law My Beloved) [Airdate:03/13/2012] episode 1 was quite impressive. As it turned out, the storyline has some kicks to it. Thus far, the comedy is simply hilarious and not too much over the top. Wanlop/Lop (Chakrit Yamnam) and Maksee/Mak (Pream Ranida) has been dating for many years, but Lop has never been able to receive her mother Katae’s (Mew Lalita) approval. Because he has previously been a bit of player, Katae nitpicks at his past when in truth, Lop has really changed for Mak. Finally, Lop can’t stand it and wants to marry Mak so he desperately tries to find a way to win over his mother-in-law.

I think after watching so many the-more-you-hate-the-more-you-love, ridiculous-revenge, finding-the-missing-will, mysterious birth, and you-know those serious and over dramatic lakorn storylines, I’m ready for something lighthearted that still have some coherency. I couldn’t stand Beam Kawee and Namfon Patcharin’s evening lakorn Mae Taeng Rom Bai because of the non-sensical comedy, but I’m definitely digging MTYR. First, let me report some general facts. MYTR is indeed a remake. You might recognize Pream as the nang’ek in Gun The Star’s Wian Gor Rak MV. I’m not sure if she’s 15 or 17 years old [update: she’s 15], but Chakrit is 33. I don’t know what’s up with netizens saying her nose is big or something, that she too young but looks old, and all that. I happen to like her lots, and I bet that if she debuted with Nadech in a super hot lakorn, netizens wouldn’t be dissing her so much. It’s all about opportunity, so let the girl have her space to grow.

Katae is overprotective of her daughter, so secretly behind her mother’s back, Mak lives with Lop. To disguise that they live together, Lop’s room is decorated in a Hello Kitty theme so that the family believe that her “room-mate” is a girl. Even though they live together, they practice strict abstinence. Lop wants to mary Mak so he brainstorms with his two [either adopted or from different parents] older brothers. The older one suggests that their middle playboy brother Rachanon/Non (Kong Saharat) should hit on the mother-in-law. Since Non is such a lady-killer, then he can sooth her get her to understand love a bit. Non, of course denies it, because he not interested in an old and cold woman, but he is drugged and kidnapped to meet Mak’s family.

At Mak’s house, Non escapes to find himself meeting with his first love Katae who turns out to be the evil lioness mother-in-law. Upon setting her eyes on him, Katae runs for a gun and shoot him and Lop out. She has turned into a mother lion because she didn’t want her daughter to suffer her faith. She believes that Non left her when she was pregnant with his child. Therefore, Mak is Non’s daughter. She eventually married a doctor. As for Non, he believes that she had another boyfriend, and therefore, he turned into a playboy. Katae now knowing that Lop is related to the exact one person who caused her heartbreak outright defies Lop and Mak’s love even further. But for Non, his helping Lop with turn into winning back his long-lost love.

Stuff that attracted me. (1) The granny is da bomb! She sings random epic songs to suit the mood and she watches Korean dramas! That’s how Mak got the idea to drug Lop to set it up that they did ‘it’ so her mother will accept their marriage. Ahh! Refreshing! (2) Non and Mak, the father and daughter couple, are both allergic to milk. That’s cute! (3) A real sort of love. Mak gets mad at Lop asking if he’s tired of fighting for their love when he was only supporting her to return home to work it out with her family first. Finally  reasonable pra’ek, Lop tells her that between them, they can always work things out. Now, it makes me wonder what will come in to complicate their relationship.


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10 Responses to HeadsUp: Mae Yai Tee Rak

  1. crazyjnx says:

    cute and funny moments. Granny needs to sing something from Wanida bc wasnt Mew in an older version of wanida?

  2. -A says:

    i haven’t got the chance to start this lakorn yet so i think i’ll watch this after i’m done with om/cherry’s lakorn and i get catch up on Por N/Aff’s lakorn. I want to see this though. I want to see if she can act and of course b/c GG is also in here.ha. I love her!!

  3. Ruk1 says:

    Hmmmmm……. I heard she was 14 yrs….. Somebody needs to get the facts rite…. Cuz krit is looking lik a molester :/?!

  4. sarin sem says:

    Can you tell me,where can i watch the drama?.Does someone English subtitle?.Thanks

  5. UrWorstNightMare says:

    Ew…so the lead actresss is in love with her uncle? *pukes*

    • godninja says:

      this is where fans have been apt to say it’s like daoprasook. i’m positive that chakrit is their adopted or half brother. at first a thought Kong was his father because he kept calling Kong is “paa”. pream did define chakrit and kong’s relationsip as “pee chai kong la luen” something like that…so no blood relationship.

  6. R. Tan says:

    Now I want to watch it… it has such a modern tone to it, which is kind of cool – different from the normal revenge, slap/kiss lakorns like you said. I guess I’ll watch this after Rak Ark Okard.

    Thanks for the head up!

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