News: Film-Annie Saga “Secret” Finale

On February 7, 2012, the three-ish-year-long-talk-of-the-town Annie Brooks and Film Rattapoom saga came to a semi-closure. It’s one of those ending that leaves you hanging on the edge of the cliff…but you won’t fall. The court ruling outcomes and such details are undisclosed to the public, but reading between the line, you can figure it out.

Before I dive in, I must establish some ground rules for I’ve read way too much fan fights on this real-life-lakorn. Here, swearing and dirty talk and bullshiting are permitted. You see a lot of those coming from me, so I won’t let it be a one-sided abuse system. You can bash all you can vent to the daras and the name of justice but no direct bad-mouthing to fellow LG family. Sorry to sound authoritative. This is the longest clip I can find of Film’s interview on February 9. Translated with 98% accuracy.

Yesterday, the lawsuit ended. How are you?

Happy. Happy because my family and I have waited for this day for a long time. And for everything, we have always asked for justice. It took a long time until yesterday when we got to heart the court’s ruling, making me happy. My mom is happy. I am happy. The outcome was very good and very justified, making me not fall into being the prisoner of society again. And…why don’t you ask of my mom’s feeling.

Mom: I feel happy because there’s fairness. And we’ve waited for this for a long time. I saw my son depressed and right now, my son has happiness. I am happy. For I believe that the truth is the truth. Though we waited for a bit, it’s our family’s happiness today.

For the last two-three years, there were three lawsuits. Why did they all resolved beautifully and get cleared up altogether at once to just end?

I think that it’s been prolonged enough and I’ve attempted to do everything according to justice and to least offend the other. I believe that it coming in this picture is worth it for our wait. And it ended all loose ends.

Does the majority want it to end?

Yes. Everyone wants it–want it to come out most justified and evident and to end as quickly as possible. And everything right out is very clear and it has ended. There is nothing to be involved again.

Are you scared that it will return in the future?

Me personally, no. Because personally, it’s clear and it all ended. And there are no involvements anymore because for everything, I tried to adhere to rules. My family endures long to wait for the ruling. Even if I cannot speak it out, I think that of what I heard–of what my family heard–it was the best ruling.

They say that the rulings have money involved?

None. None. None. None.

What is the negotiation? What is it in general?

I think that everything that we did, we attempted to assert the truth all along. I think that the court saw it to make a ruling. I think that for some matter, it really cannot be spoken of because there is a plea from the woman’s side and the child pleaded that it shouldn’t be spoken of. But I say that I am okay. Because in truth, right now, I should be rather happy that the child is able walk on with his life. So he will finally know who his real father is.

Is there information on who is his real father?

I plead to not answer this.

Will there be any further investigations?

I don’t know.

Why is the ruling not publicized?

I say that here, I don’t think it is necessary  at all to speak it out for I believe that everything that the Court ruled is self-evident no matter if it is of what he [the judge] spoke of. Thank you very much for giving us clarity. It was an answer that we are much satisfied with that we have waited for all this time. I can’t speak much. Ask my mom, you’ll probably get more.

And mom?

[Mom] These days, it’s the best already because we must respect the Court’s ruling. It’s most righteous and justified. As for my family, we are most happy. It will give my son motivation to work because he have to provide for the family. He had the responsibility to continue to work. From now on, he will have a better conscience for he is an adult more days and days on. I am satisfied with this much. I’m happy with this much. I’m satisfied.

Some Controversy

The rest of Thailand is still hounding on who is the real father. The sudden closure to all three lawsuits makes the public curious if there was some bribing or if the negotiation included monetary settlement. In addition, as I have mentioned before, rumors has it that Film knew of the DNA results beforehand. Film’s crew rushed in on him to end the interview to prevent any more spill.

Film’s Good News is Annie’s Bad News

Before this Film interview, after the ruling, Annie gave a mini interview to which she seems okay with the ruling. Even as the one that evidently lost, she was all cool, saying she got some work contracted but can’t do much for Nong Teekayu is still little. My favorite part in the interview:

Reporter: Are you going to continue on to look for Nong’s father?

Annie: [looking all dignified] Why do you ask like this? This is not a good question at all? This, I won’t answer for it’s such a horrible question.

Godninja: That is exactly the perfect question!

 Pics and Interview Clip Credit to Rakdara

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13 Responses to News: Film-Annie Saga “Secret” Finale

  1. ลูกน้อย says:


  2. laDumDiiDum says:

    Can you read between the lines for me? Cuz I am rather lost? Did it come out Film is not the daddy? Or is he and Annie is being forced to drop it?

  3. seeya says:

    Never really was into Film. Hence, I don’ t really like him. Reading from the context, seems like Annie lost. Wished the baby the best. Yes, the reporter sure stop Annie dead in her tracks.

  4. :) says:

    Film doing the lakorn with
    Faye Pompawee Neerasingh who was or still in the girl band call “FFK”. The other 2 member are
    Fang Dhanantorn Neerasingh and
    Kaew Jarinya Sirimongkolsakul. Faye and Fang are sister but Fang is the oldest.

  5. :) says:

    I never find Film to be cute but he does here. Can’t wait for “Ka Neung Ha” !!!!! 🙂

    • xox says:

      He’s doing a remake to that??!!!! Noooooo! I loved “ka neung ha”! Why film?!!!??! Why not someone else?!

      • :) says:

        yeah, it’s true. There is a re-make of the lakorn. I’m very dissapointed
        about the cast. I really wish it was someone else, but it’s him and some other chick. I think maybe she is a newbe comming into the indursty. I need to check that out again. But I’m sure about it.

      • godninja says:

        ok, i’ve seen ya debating this out for awhile and i don’t know what lakorn ka neung ha is off hand so i couldn’t join. weirdly i just ran across is as a patson and ning lakorn. yea, they made good ones, so i finally google it and i went OH…i remember enjoying this lakorn. i like film…as a singer and actor. i like korean-trendy singers and i don’t criticize much on acting in thai showbiz. i’ll be keeping an avid ear on this one.

      • Angskeet says:

        yes, i love ka neung ha as well and especially w/ Patson and Ning. They did a great job and i’m kind of scare of seeing the remake because i don’t really like the leads that are going to play the roles…I just can’t see no one else playing those role besides Patson and Ning because i’m in denial of a remake but we’ll see how it turns out….i shouldn’t predict too soon that the remake might not be as good…let’s see how it will turn out 🙂

    • UrWorstNightMare says:

      What the fudge?! Film? MY Ka Neung Ha?? Oh no, they better not do that. That is embarassing, not only is Film not so cute looking, his acting sucks. How can he match the likes of Patson?! O-M-G.

    • xox says:

      I’m seriously disappointed! Of all people. All these years of waiting for nothing! I rather wait another decade for the remake-remake.

      • :) says:

        Trust me, I’m even more disapointed b/c rumers have it that they might change the story a bit. That even SUCKs more. 😦

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