HeadsUp: Pang Sanaeha

Pang Sanaeha [Airdate 01/23/12] marks the secound reunion of Tle Thanapon and  Min Peechaya, but I don’t really care for them. I’m semi-watching for Cheer Thikumporn. I admire this girl a lot. She is very down to earth, a kpop lover, and is DA MAN! At first, I thought Gun Kantathaworn was ugly, but no, he’s quite the looker. Whether or not I will continue to follow depends on how the storyline twists. An off duty cop meets an amnesic ghost that needs him to solve her mystery. An ex-lover couple meets again only for the man to have a new identity? Yeah, sounds not too shady.


Taechyd (Tle Thanapon ) is a young risk-taking police captian a whose heart is piratically made of stone. He is ordered to go into hiding by his superior after his case with a drug dealer fell apart when the evidence against the criminal disappeared and the criminal had to be released. Taechyd goes to live at a his childhood freind Sritrang’s (Cheer Thikumporn) resort. The two friends trained to become cops, but Sritrang had to quit after both her parents died in an accident. She ends up having to take care of the corn farm and resort.

In a excluded resort cabin, Taechyd meets Siengwan (Min Peechaya), a ghost who doesn’t remember anything and knows nothing of herself. She’s beautiful, stubborn, and his personal stalker and Taechyd is her last resort for help. Is it possible for Taechyd to fall for this amnesic ghost? Petch (Gun Kantathaworn) is an international cop, and due to his undercover work, he has took the identy of Paul. Petch and Sritrang were lovers during their collage years, but Pecth left Sritrang to go study oversea.


Gun has comment on how Cheer is more manly than he is but the peck they shared on their second day of filming, he totally got her tongue-tied. The scene had to be taken a few times. I’m definitely hooked by this couple, but don’t get me wrong. I so love Min and I like Tle way back when he was Rachit in Dung Duang Haruthai. So all in all, I’m super satisfied with the cast. Extended cast includes: Wut Asadawut (villain and Benz husband), Benz Punyaporn (Min’s sister), Mai Nontapan (killer), Cartoon Inthira, Tae Nuntasai, Som Tunsinee, Yok Thanyakan (plays Paul’s nagging girlfriend Sandy), Fai Nichanun, Wave Sarin, and Lydia Sarunrat (guest appearance).

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9 Responses to HeadsUp: Pang Sanaeha

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  2. cool says:

    I am liking the cast :)gona watch it for min,cheer,tle, and gunl:)all look amazing :)ive watched two epiodes alredy n i like it.its scary but interesting 🙂

  3. I actually subscribed to ImCity33 for parts of Pang Sanaeha. The person uploads parts of the couples whichever ones and I’m LOVING Cheer-Gun too! 🙂

  4. :) says:

    So there a reunion for Tle and Min … NOW when will there be one for Om and Min !!!!!!

    BTW….. The photo where Min is in the arms of Tle and he’s pointing the gun is NOT a good photo of Min there.

  5. fun says:

    Forget Min and Tle. I am in for Gun and Cheer!!!

  6. julia says:

    i hope someone will sub this

  7. inwlakorns says:

    I might watch because Benz, Min, and Cheer are in the lakorn 🙂

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