HeadsUp: Meu Prap Por Look Orn

After 12 years, Num Sornram and Vicky Sunisa reunite in the new action comedy Meu Prap Por Look Orn (Daddy Detective) [Airdate 01/20/11]. Num plays a cop who doesn’t like children but has to go undercover as a nanny for three troublemaking kids in order to solve a drug-trafficking case and ends up falling for their mother. Yeah, kinda like The Spy Next Door, The Pacifier, and Kindergarten Cop.

In 2000, Vicky debuted with Yod Ya Yee and her first pra’ek was Num. In my observation and research, they did dated. There was a controversy on if they did or not. So these two have a soft spot. I think we can agree that 12 years later, they are looking even better.

In addition to investigating his case, as a nanny, Numkrit (Num Sornram) has to fix the many problems of the three kids (Nong Dada, Nong Sky, and Nong Charlette) for their mother Pimmada (Vicky Sunisa) wants them to be prefect: good-behaving, trouble-free at school, and excelling. Numkrit will have to tame and help them. Training the son to box. Dragging the little daughter in this expeditions. Disguising as the children’s grandfather. Fighting at Pimmada’s flower shop. Being mistaken as a bad guys by the cops. Moreover, Numkrit will be quarrelling a lot with Pimmada’s because she is bad-mouthed.

In a fight scene with a cop (Boy Sittichai) where Numkrit was mistaken as a drug dealer, Num’s neck and shoulder bones got misplaced and had to rest for 2 weeks. How cares? I do because the pic rock! As other netizens, I’m going: is that tattoo real? Extended cast also includes: Au Thanakorn, Pai Sitang, Noon Ramida. This is all I can gather without having to decipher Google translations on the long summaries I did come across. Don’t worry, I’m going to take Thai class next fall. 😀

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10 Responses to HeadsUp: Meu Prap Por Look Orn

  1. Xe says:

    Can you give me the whole entire cast and crews name please?

  2. nancy says:

    can’t wait to watch this lakorn?? anyways, num my #1 star welcome back.. love you!!

  3. Fun says:

    Vicky does not come close to being a mother of 3 and at that age too. The eldest look as if she was 13. Hm… I don’t know if I am able to watch this.

  4. -A says:

    I believe Vicky is their aunt. Their parents passed away so she promise her sister, their mother, that she’ll take care of them.

  5. ChowSingChi says:

    I think Vicky looked better in the past because of the little makeup applied. Now she’s like….ugh TOO much make up.

  6. R. Tan says:

    Aahaha… I do that too – try to google translate summaries from Thai to English. Satisfies my “impatient-ness” for a short moment, lol.

    Sounds interesting and cute.

  7. xox says:

    Hey! It’s that little girl!! I love her! She’s so funny! Wow, all 3 are Vickys kids? That wig looks so silly on Num.

  8. Angela says:

    Hi, do you know who will be subbing this? Looks very funny! thanks!

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