HeadsUp: Arsoon Noi Nai Takieng Kaew

Arsoon Noi Takieng Kaew (Little Demon in the Glass Lamp) [Airdate 01/20/12] is the part 3 of the DIDA genie fantasy series Sao Noi Nai Takieng Kaew 1 & 2. The original SNNTK (2002) starred Kat Katreeya and Poh Nattawut and the second generation sequel starred Poo Praiya and Tle Tawan. Although with a new name and different story, it’s by the same writer. It said that there will be a connection through the mother which can only be inferring that Nanny (Baifern Pimchanok) is the daughter of Honey (Poo Praiya) and granddaughter of Jenny (Kat Katreeya). Talk about family names rhyming: Jenny, Honey, then Nanny. Suave.

Nanny (Baiferm Pimchanok) was destined to be a “arsoon noi” or ‘little demon’ with the power to destroy the magical world. Nanny was to be killed as a baby, but Witch Hara pitied and fell in love with her. Hara raises Nanny up in a lamp. Nanny lives in the human world with her aunt and grows up with Daraka (Tuptim Unyarin). Daraka is the sweet, soft, and well-manner older mortal sister while Nanny who is spoiled, menace, and chaotic sister.


Nanny uses her magic to mischievous things like lie, bother, and blame others and do her school work and bully Daraka to always win. Both sisters grew up with their nice neighbor brother Pawat (Aof Chanapol). Nanny boldly expresses her love, invests to make it work, and claims him. Pawat likes Nanny too but waits for her to finish school before he tells her. In addition, Daraka secretly loves Pawat but hides her love, and eventually, Daraka refuses to lose. After years of hiding her feeling, being bullied, and with the distortion of the evil witch nang’rai Busaba (Fai Nichanun) and her brother (Thun Thunwa), Daraka gradually turns bad. Where does our couple Tengneung Kratnagan and Bebe Thanachanok fits into this? I don’t  know.

In a story like this, I will be bold to say the following: We known that Busaba and her brother are the villains that will be trying to destroy something or rule over something to be the most powerful. They are using Daraka to destroy Nanny because it is Nanny that stands in their way. I read that Nanny’s love for Pawat will make her gain the power of demon that is strong enough to destroy the witch world. But of course, we know where it will go instead. She’ll change her destiny by [this was hinted in what I read] combining the demon power and the power of love to kill the villains and save the magical world. Sounds good?

Will I be watching this? The answer is a flat out no. I believe I saw the first one. I recall nothing of it. I know of the second one, but I remember trying it and I hated it and don’t recall much of it. Since it’s the same writer as the second one, then I’m not even going to try. While many netizens enjoyed SNNTK, its sequel was much disliked. So this can go either way. Note: Some sources said that ANNTK is a totally completely separate lakorn from SNNTK 1 & 2.

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11 Responses to HeadsUp: Arsoon Noi Nai Takieng Kaew

  1. susu says:

    i want to see

  2. Anonymous says:

    How can I do to download this movie cover song…

  3. chaepenn says:

    i watch this coz i like baifern and aof. i hope someone can put english sub.

  4. miki says:

    do u know where to find the old movie of the witch like the one that air in 2002 some where around that time? or u can find a name for me

  5. Kiki says:

    Um sounds lame^~^

  6. Fun says:

    Same here but I actually finished the first one. Don’t ask me how I finished it.

  7. Chongpha says:

    Um sorry but can u tell me more about thee story…..I reallies wanna know…..pleaseeeeeeeeeee…..!!!!????

  8. inwlakorns says:

    Hi LG, just for some correction, since I’ve tried watching few episodes of Arsoon Noi..Thun Thunwa is not Busaba’s brother, he’s Nanny’s friend in the university. Busaba’s brother is played by Kob Songsit.
    Babe is Pawat’s little sister, and Tengneung is Nanny’s and Daraka’s older brother 🙂

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