Miniproject: Uthaitaewee Fanmovie

I’ve been busy. Busy making a movie from a freaking boran lakorn. Yes, it’s possible. Boran lakorns were that love of my life back in the days. They were the pioneer lakorns that got me hooked on learning Thai, but 7 years later or so, I don’t give a hoot about it now. You know, I miss them. The core is still traditonal, it’s just all the unnecessary accessories that kill it. So, here is my rebellious mark on boran lakorn. To make a perfect, fast-moving, and juicy movie from a mass of un-boran lakorn.

Uthaitaetawee (2002) starring Aont Rathipong and Bee Matika isn’t that bad at all really. The forbidden love between a Forest Guardian God and a Water Dragon created Uthaitaewee and she is destined for a sad and full of obstacles life. As an egg, Uthaitaewee was eaten by a toad and she lives within the toad skin for protection. A childess Grandma and Grandpa couple comes upon Uthaitawee and rises her as their grandchild toad. Uthaitaewee works magic to give a better life to the couple as they suspect of her of not being a talking toad but a goddess girl. When they find out, Uthaitawee begins to live her life with her grandma and grandpa as a human. All grown up, a Prince-in-disguise-Sutakuman saves her from the bad guys and that sparks the beginning of their love. Uthaitaewee’s grandpa is overprotective and Sutakuman’s parents are against the common girl for he already has a Princess fiance and the rumors that Uthaitaewee is a toad demon. Grandpa challenges that if a golden bridge can be built to his front door, he’ll make a golden house to await it and will give away Uthaitaewee’s hand in marriage. Sutakuman reveals that he is a prince and sets on to build the bridge. Uthaitaewee calls for her father in heaven to build her a golden house. The fiance’s has a witch that again and again destroys the bridge construction to the point that Sutakuman’s hope start to dwindles. However, Gods comes to give Sutakuman a challenge. If he makes it up a treacherous mountain, he wiill get what he prays for. Sutakuman succeeds and a golden bridge is built. He has proved that his love is more important than his life. Uthaitaewee and Sutakuman lives happily ever later…NOT quite if watch the original, but then this is MY fanmovie.

Watch at LG’s YT or Uthaitaewee FanMovie Playlist.

Summary at Uthai Tawee Wikipedia:

Uttai Tawee was born from an egg because her mother was the king dragon’s daughter. Before Uttai Tawee hatched, her mother was banished underwater, but gave her egg to the father to hatch and raise, and also gave a magic ring to her daughter for protection. Uttai Tawee lived happily with her father, but always followed her mother’s advice. Her father sent her to the human world where she was raised by a parrot, a snake and a tortoise who could become human. Uttai Tawee hid herself in a frog skin to escape danger.

One day, Uttai Tawee was captured by an old kind couple for their dinner, but out of kindness, they kept her as a pet. To repay their kindness, Uttai Tawee got out of the frog skin and cooked for them. One day, they found her in human form and they looked after her as their granddaughter. Living in the human world caused Uttai Tawee to appear human rather than dragon. She made her life very happy with her kindness and bravery.

Uttai Tawee grew up to be the most beautiful girl in the kingdom, and a young prince wanted to marry her. They were not allowed to marry because Uttai Tawee was only a poor commoner, while the prince was a wealthy nobleman. The queen set Uttai Tawee the task of building a house of gold, and the prince was tasked with building a bridge of gold, before they might marry. Uttai Tawee used her magic to make the golden house in seconds, but a jealous princess destroyed every bridge the prince built. Finally Uttai Tawee and the prince married and lived very happily. The jealous princess created many horrible events to separate Uttai and her prince, but Uttai Tawee fought back with her magic ring.

One day, the jealous princess ensorcelled the prince so that he would fall in love with her. Uttai Tawee was sad when she saw her husband with another woman. When she discovered the evil princess’ plans, Uttai made a statue of herself and placed it in the Prince’s room. When the jealous princess saw it, she tried to melt it, but the statue came to life and fought her off. The jealous princess tried to drown it in the river but good overcame evil and the prince was freed of his spell. He returned to Uttai Tawee but the jealous princess sent Krok, the powerful enemy of Uttai’s parents. With the help of her grandfather the king dragon, her animal friends, and her father the tree god, Uttai vanquished Krok along with the jealous princess and her brother. The jealous princess’s parents were sorry for their daughter’s misdeeds and returned to their kingdom. The lakorn ends with Uttai Tawee and her prince living happily together.

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2 Responses to Miniproject: Uthaitaewee Fanmovie

  1. Pissh says:

    Oh my god I remember this boran. One of my favorites. I started watching Thai boran before lakorns too. I agree with you about the accessories thing. It also takes attention away the outfit. Do you remember this one boran where there were like 2 main n’ek one was a dragon princess and the other was a monkey princess but the monkey princess died because she tried save p’ek? I forgot the title and would love to watch it again. Thanks for sharing ur movie I love it:).

  2. vangsta_1989 says:

    thanks… for subbing this… like your short version more… can’t wait for more…

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