Recap: Kularb Satan Finale

Kularb Satan (Devil’s Rose) revolves around Rose who seeks revenge on Choke who killed her family when she was a child. Unknown to him, she survives and now as a woman with a new identity, she has visions of the future and uses that as a key to get close to Choke’s brother Chat. Between all that and after that, Kularb Satan is insane, bloody hell, and full of emoness.

Choke (James Ruangsak) runs over save his son Ceerapat (New Chaiyapol) and pulls out a gun. But Rose (Bee Namthip) orders him to drop it or she’ll light the pile of woods under Ceerapat. Rose wants Choke to confess his sins. She recounts his crimes of killing her parents and being a merciless thief and murderer, killing woman and helpless kids, including his wife.

Ceerapat is shocked as Rose reveals that Choke used his wife as a shield. The son asks if it’s true. Choke replies in a soft voice that he is bad and has killed many innocent lives but with his mother, it was a series of unfortunate events and he didn’t mean it. Rose shoots him more and laughs more, as Choke continues to ask Ceerapat for forgiveness. Choke negotiates with Rose that it’s between them and for her to release Ceerapat. Rose lets him go save him son, but for every step he takes, she’ll shot him. Ceerapat begs Rose to let her father go because he has already confessed.

Then Chat (Captain Phutanate) runs in and begs Rose to stop. Choke urges Chat to shot Rose. Chat begs her more and that he doesn’t want to kill her. Rose tells Choke that he knows how horrible his brother is, he can’t kill Choke. Rose adds that Chat can’t kill his brother, but he can kill her. Rose shoots Choke crawling on the sand more. She turns to Chat and threatens that if he kills her, she’ll kill him first. They stand, gun facing gun. He tells her that even if she shoots him, she can’t be free. She challenges that who will be more evil.

Rose starts counting and before 3, Pat (Bank Preeti) and Reena (Pang Ornjira) walk in. They beg her to stop for she will be a murderer like Choke too. Pat adds that the bad past is only memories and he begs his sister to drop the gun. Rose starts weeping and gets altogether crazy and shoots Choke again. By now, I’m just amazed Choke hasn’t died yet. She lights up a circle around Ceerapat to bar them out, but ninja Pat tackles Rose. Chat saves Ceerapat, and Ceerapat runs over to his father.

Chat urges his son to run and forget about him. But Ceerapat says they are going go together and to the hospital. Choke insists that they run because he won’t make it. Ceerapat tells his father that he loves him, and as Choke looks at his son’s eyes, he say that he’ll die in peace and asks if he as a good father. Ceerapat replies yes. By now, Rose wiggles out of Pat’s grip and give a shot to send the burning pole tumbling onto them. Choke covers his son and orders Chat to pull Ceerapat out. And in slow motion, Choke stills in the fire and burns. Rose is laughing and screaming in craziness. She celebrated that in the end, he finally dies and that she was the one to killed him. Then out of the blue, Rose faints in Pat’s arms.

Next morning, we see a psychotic ward next to the sea. Pat walks Rose into a big white room and tells her to stay here. Rose gets sad and asks if he is running away from her again and why she is always left alone. Pat tells Rose that she is unwell, and he promises to visit her frequently, making Rose happy. The brother and sister hugs. Chat, Reen, and Roongna are watching from afar and Reena reveals that Pat had told her that since the incident 15 years ago, Rose had an abnormal condition, dreaming about blood, fire, and death, and was treated as a child. Pat gets up to leave, and Rose grabs him and wanting to play. Roongna adds that Rose starting healing via writing and they thought she recovered, but in truth, she was pretending. Chat asks if she is very psychic. Roongna answered that it is a normal behavior of delusional people traumatized by childhood events. They think that they are immortal or able to contact the spiritual world. They can’t differentiate reality or fiction and Rose believed that she can see the future and that Pat was the one the gods sent to kill Choke. Everything was fabricated by Rose.


Chat remarks that it is unbelievable that something his brother did can devastate someone this bad. Pat starts singing in his awesome voice and Rose joins along. Then melo music plays and Chat looks at Rose stuck in her state. The four leaves and Chat apologizes for everything his bother did. Pat replies that whether matter good or bad, in the end, it transforms to a memory and if we can forget it, then we should better forget it altogether. Chat insists that he is still weary if he doesn’t do anything to repay. He gives a briefcase with the land title and a fraction of his shares to Pat and wants him to take it.

Chat is alone sitting on a bench opening a letter and he read a letter with Reena saying that they decided to go back to Switzerland. We see that the briefcase was given back also. It’ll make them happier and the only thing that Pat wanted was for his love one to be happy and Rose is happy. Reena adds that she knows he still loves Rose and right now only love can heal her. Chat takes off his shades in determination. He comes visit Rose with a glass vase of white roses. The nurse shares that Rose is a silent person and is not rowdy. Chat asks if he can talk to her normally and the nurse says yes but they have to be good things without provoking blood, fire, or murder thoughts. Chat promises and goes to see Rose sitting on the bed side.

Chat: “Are you well, Rose.”

Rose: “I’m well. Are you here to see me?”

Chat: “I’m here to visit you, Rose. I brought…” Chat hands to her the white roses. “For you.”

Rose smiles and says that she likes roses, and in the excitement to grab the bouquet, she hits it down. The glass vase shatters on the floor. Chat tells her to stay still or the shards will cut her. He walks her to sit on the bed and Chat tells her to sit and he’ll be back. Rose looks at the flowers in a trance. Chat runs off and epic music plays. Rose, in her trance, stands up with her vision on the roses and walks to it.

Kneeling on the ground, she reaches for one and admires it in awe. She slowly picks up another one and on the third one, Rose is pricked by a thorn. The drop of blood on Rose’s finger bewilders her and it bleeds down. Rose starts seeing red and starts to laugh in a high.

Then Rose reaches for the bigger shard and slits her wrist and definitely gets high. She laughs and smears her blood on the white roses trying to dye them red. More insane laughing with the spooky cameraship, and then Rose stills and her head rests in the bed side. Chat finally finds a nurse. When they get back in the room, Rose is sitting on the floor blocked by the bed.

Chat tells her to stand up and then he walks over to see the blood puddle. He yells at the nurse to get the doctor and cuddles Rose in this protective arms her.  He calls for her

Chat: “Rose, why did you do this? Rose? Rose? Why did you do this?”

Rose: “Hold my hands.” Her blood drenched hand lifts up searching for his and Chat grabs it. “I…I…saw you and I…I saw…you and I…” Then Rose shutters and stills to unconsciousness. Chat calls after her and cries.

On a tombstone engraved with Rose Haller, Pat is first to places a red rose before her and blessed the gods to protect her. Reena tells Rose to go in peace for Rose to forgive her. Ceerapat bids Rose farewell. Chat is left and he walks up with a full bouquet and he sets it before the tombstone wishing that her spirit go in normality. Chat stands up and takes off his shades, and then he strokes her picture on the tombstone. Epic love song plays.Chat: “I love you, Rose, and I will love you forever.” He lifts his hand and brings it to his lips. Then Chat strokes Rose’s face in the picture again. Tears start to form on his eyes and Chat puts on his shades back on and the group walks away.  Red rose petals flutter in the wind blowing toward Rose’s gave next to the sea.

One year later, Ceeratpat and Chin (Note Panayanggool) walks hand in hand into the Swiss college and the other two buddies (Ploy Tanida and Junior Kornrawich) welcome them back. Ceerapet notices their matching rings. They reply that their hearts are in synch and do some love couple moves. Chin asks if they are dating, and they both denies. Then the love birds go running out chasing each other. The End.


As requested by lyla.

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4 Responses to Recap: Kularb Satan Finale

  1. fun says:

    It was too predictable lol again the intensity was good but I think overall the lakorn is shitty haha.

  2. -A says:

    oh my gosh, bee die at the end. I don’t like it when one of the pra’nang pass away.

  3. godninja says:

    *receiving your virtual hugs* no waste of time ja. i like that ch5 epi length is short, this one has got to be the quickiest recap ever.

  4. lyla says:

    thank you so much for the recap, hard work, and for “wasting” a bit of your time and energy working on this one. *virtual hugs ^^

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