News: Pan-Pae “Everything is Better When We Are Together”

You’ve heard about Pan-Pae’s breakup, but you haven’t heard it from me. Everything is more juicy here at LG. Hottest in Thailand right now is Pancake Khemanit and Pae Arak‘s breakup after one short year. Strangely the famous celebrity fortune-teller made a prediction just in September that they are not soul mates so they will not last two years. Even more stranger, fans were weary that Pancake and Weir Sukollawat’s numerous love scenes in Nang Fah Gub Mafia will cause some friction. This breakup is being stamped with so much speculation and they aren’t nice.

Pan at a follow-up interview

First, let’s dissect the official reason given by both party. Pancake was the one first to announce the break-up, and she listed that they are busy and they didn’t end up clicking and they ended in good terms. Pae gave a follow-up interview that’s pretty much is a reminisce of what Pancake said.  I, like other netizens and reporters, are curious at the super identical speeches given. I see it that this was a well thought out and practiced break-up. You know what I got me. Pancake wass right up front with the straight face taking about the breakup, while in Pae’s interview was jittery, searching for words. Pancake answered the reporter’s question and shot them down, but Pae beated around the bush and got hammered by the reporters. Most distinctively, Pae showed some emotions.

Pae's follow-up interview

 My favorite part in Pae’s follow-up interview:

Reporters: How are you doing? What are your feelings?

Pae: I prepared some [answers], but in actuality now, I’m getting cold hands.

Reporters: What’s the reason?

Pae: It’s like what Nong [Pancake] says.

Godninja: Really, Pae? You see? He’s nervous and he just goes along with Pancake.

Weir and Pancake in Nang Fah Gub Mafia

There are three predominate other reason gossiped around their break up:

1. Mom Noi ordered the breakup. Pae was asked in both his interviews if Mom Noi is involved and he says no. And he says that Pan’s Mom is not controlling and it’s all Pancake’s decision-making. In the Pan with Mom second interview, Mom Noi said that Pae is “a very good kid and very adorable”.

2. Nang Fah Gub Mafia ticked off Pae. Pae says that he does not watch NFGM but he is aware of the news that there is a lot of love scenes. Most importantly, he’s not jealous and he’ll never be because he trusts Pancake.

3. Pae got a new chick. Pancake and Pae grew distant and spent their New Year separately. Pae and his family went mountain climbing in Chang Mai and there was a mysterious woman who went along. Pae so-called invited her. Pae counters this by saying that there is no mysterious woman. This New Year party included both males and females and at times, he went out to meet friends and photos were taken.

Pancake and Pae in Tur Gub Kao Lae Rak Kong Rao that started their relationship.

 Two other interesting specualtions:

4. Pae learned that Pan and Mom Noi are leeches. In Pan-Weir’s ‘breakup’, Netizens bash that Pancake and her mom was gold diggers and they dug Weir dry. That went well too because afterwards, there was news of Weir being in debt. Therefore, Pae learns that the mom and daughter are gold-diggers, so he hijacked out.

5. Publicity stunt. All in the name of money, ratings, and the limelight. I think it’s mainly this one smack with all the other four. It’s like they timed this break-up on their one year and one day anniversary and dude, they took multiple front page headlines.

Pan-Pae Won Couple of the Year at the Daradaily Great Award 2011. They also won a Couple for Oops! Magazine in 2011.

Pan-Pan broke up because their timing is not in sync. Pancake posted on her Intsagram: “everything is better when we are together” in English. Pae says, “We are nothing now, just brother and sister. We still talk. We probably won’t get back together because like this is probably the best.”

credit: [rakdara] Pan’s first interview ; [rakdara] Pae’s follow-up interview ; [Kan Pak] Scoop on Pan-Pae breakup ;  feature pic credit to Bangkok Post and other pics as tagged

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22 Responses to News: Pan-Pae “Everything is Better When We Are Together”

  1. rosaypaw says:

    Good luck got new boyfriend

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good luck got new boyfriend

  3. Maria says:

    They r look good. Why pan break up with him? Does she only wish to have money? That is crazy.. Don’t both with weir again caz he is my favorite actor n he life same like me…. It make me bat….

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I love Pancake, she’s my favorite, I don’t care who she’s with as long as she’s happy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I hate pancake I don’t want to see her movie even her picture.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I want to tell Pae and Pan or Bad man and Bad girl the sentence that Pancake siad I don’t agree but Everything is better when Bad man and Bed gierl are together.:) I agree with my sentence 100%.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I want to tell Pancake if one day you see my comment. I’m not your nationality but I hate what you did that make me feel very sad. I just know your new and now I feel hate you and Pae so much it diffcult to tell you how i hate you.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I want to tell Weir that don’t care a bout Pancake she isn’t good enough for you. You know you are Lucky because you know on time that she isn’t good enought for you. You are perfect man she is blind that didn’t chose you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Pan think that pae better than Weir but I want to tell you all that I hate Pancake and Pae so much.

  11. Noondao says:

    Pancake is not the only golddigger. Wat actress is not. If ppl haven’t notice money has lot 2 do w/ luv. Noon, kob, aff, n more married. Ugly ass guys that had money enough $$$$ to sleep in. N aum dates only ugly guys that r rich. Aleast pancake is not marry to a rich ugly guy yet. So stop hating.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kob can be left out of this. She met Brook when they were young on the set & have been dating for years. Brook is not ugly. They’re actually the ideal nang aek Pra aek couple that ended up in happily ever after. Noon & Aum are the gold diggers you’ve mentioned.

  12. yoyo says:

    whose fault??1 and 2 and might be 3.m the fan of pancake but why doesn’t she care about her love?i think those things happen because of her and her mom.

  13. xox says:

    I don’t want to sound rude, but it’s was obvious Pan and Pae weren’t gonna last. I still can’t believe they won “couple of the year”—of all the couples. However; all the speculations do seem crazy and harsh. I just hope Weir doesn’t hook back up with Pan. I think all parties should move on.

  14. Kiki says:

    I think it was just a publicity stunt as well. Like I honestly think when this lakorn is over or during it rumors will fly high!

  15. :) says:

    Paw looks cute when he’s not smiling or laughing. I’m sorry, but sometime… Thai people need to stop going to the Fortune teller to know where their love life is going. It just makes everthing worse. My sister call up the psychic when her jewlery are gone missing and needs to know if someone in her family or close friend have taken it.

    • godninja says:

      that’s what my mom does too when she loses something. weirdly, most of them turned out relatively true. therefore, that’s why she turns to it each time something in the house goes missing.

  16. ChowSingChi says:

    I hate when ‘ex-lovers’ use: “We are now like brothers and sisters”….. WTF?Please excuse me for the foul language, but ok, you used to suck each others lips, maybe even banged eachother when you felt like it, and when everything is “over” you become siblings…..that is just some gross sh*t.

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