News: Natalie Davis is NOT Washing Cars

This isn’t the first time photos like these came out of the Bangkok Motor Bike Festival. This event at the Central World is the biggest motorbike show or whatever you want to call it around the region. I don’t think it’s quite the motorbike that are attracting the comers.

I’m so used to daras, whether A-list or B-List, just flaunting it that I’m not shocked. Plus, I’ve seen Natalie Davis going sexy before multiple times. But by now, I’m just puzzled. I’m a girl, and I just shake my head. Thank God the clothing is descent enough. Looks like they made the shorts longer to avoid last year’s scandal. LOL! So again, you know my MO is posting up sexy pics anyway. Enjoy.

credit: pics to Rakdara

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8 Responses to News: Natalie Davis is NOT Washing Cars

  1. ihearthim says:

    *gasp* i think her heels just dented and scratched the bars! lol…the thought of having a provocative woman sensually dance around cars or motorcycles to attract more customers really disgust me…these companies should be ashame of themselves for using such tactics…i will buy a bike that has all the features and motor i want, not bcuz Natalie Davis looked sexy on it…thank God I am a woman who knows better! lol..

  2. belle says:


  3. xox says:

    I’m not even surprise. Natalie Davis is always doing something like this for attention. She looks like she’s about to explode in that corset.

  4. Kiki says:

    Something tells me the motorcycles were the 2nd attraction at the festival0_o

  5. simplysweet says:

    eww, that corset looks horrible on her. i understand corsets are suppose to be tight like that but it does not look nice on her at all from the front to the side and im sure from the back as well..

  6. SarahAdlina says:

    Uhh.. Her top looks too tight for her!!

  7. :) says:

    Ummmmmmmmm……………I don’t know what 2 say. Very speechLess right now.

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