HeadsUp: Mook Liam Petch

Mook Liam Petch (Pearl-Sided Diamond) is a romantic action and like many recent lakorns is based on a novel and its title is quite the pun being that the pra-nangs are named Petch (Diamond) and Mook (Pearl). The promos, especially the magazine covers and promos shoots and cast interviews, are making this out to be hardcore action lakorn, but I’m a bit weary because it seemed a bit too much. But perhaps I am wrong.

Many netizens drew parallels to  Bee and Namfon lakorn’s Ploy Lom Petch. I have to say I remember enjoying PLP very much and it is actually quite a favorite, so I weary again to compare this to PLP. Nothing beat the old days. What I’m most concerned about is Susie. I’ve never watched her and apparently many netizens are dissing her acting. Along with Mue Prab Por Look Om  with Num Sornram which will air this January, these will most likey be Vickys’ lasts single lakorns before her marriage to fiancé Chai Chatayodom in May.

Petch (Rome Patchata) is a perfect, confident, and flirtatious rising businessman owner of Star Diamond the largest diamond Company. Mookda (Susie Susira) is an international police woman with special training in Aikido who disguises herself as a nonsensical, troublemaker secretary to investigate the stolen diamond Adorella. As crazy as Mook is, Petch cannot help falling on love with her.


Kompit (Tah Warit) is a partner at Star Diamond and once Adorella is missing, he goes out to find it too. Nookja (Vicky Sunisa) is a rising and diligent just-graduated news reporter and the daughter of big newswire who is eager to break her big story to prove that her work is independent of her status. With Nookja hounding Kompit, they are thrown together. Kompit likes to pick fights with Nookja and she does like to lose either, so they have a bickering relationship. Kompit is stubborn-mouthed when it comes to love, so he hides his feeling from Nookja.


Janejot (Jason Young) is the rai close friend of Petch. On the outside, he is innocent and nice, but as the shadow of Petch, he has his dark side. He will be the character of interest with his outward displayed actions and his inner intentions being opposite. He likes Mookda too, so the conflict rises here.

We get to see Rome with a gun for the first time, and even Rome agrees that it is fun on this first action role with escaping bombs and fight and gun training. The fight scenes were very involved and special effects will be plenty. There’ll be a variation of scenes with action, comedy, and romance that will keep out our interest with quite an investment with a helicopter and race track.

Susie expresses that she also had physical training plus the mental preparation for her role because her different characters, the proper Mook and the crazy Mook, are very different. She had to separate the character while being able to swap between them. For Mookda, Susie had to learn Aikido, gun aiming, and the tango. In August, Susie sprained her neck and legs on set doing an action scene and needed a cast for her neck and had to take a one week leave. Talk about intense! Susie was ecstatic to learn the tango because she is a dancer. Susie also compliments that Rome has a good humor and is a good dancer. Rome on the other had says it is tough with the quick footwork.

Tah has his own share of action with Aikido and tango and physical training. He is excited to work with Vicky for the first time. He admits that he is a meanie to Vicky, picking fights.

I’m definitely intrigued by these action-packed photos and clips, but the romane is definitely more juicier!


Hottest and Funnnneeee!!!

Not surprising, I’m doing a whole segment on bromance. 

Pool party, Speedos, and F4!!!:

 Peeing together, Hanging in the Tuxs and Thumps up!


Watch ja!

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13 Responses to HeadsUp: Mook Liam Petch

  1. lily says:

    Where can i watch this with english sub? I tried Viki and it doesn’t even have any. I want all the parts to have sub, and if not, please give me a site where I can go and order the drama with good english subs

  2. R. Tan says:

    Loving MLP so far. It’s just too cute!!

  3. austenitey19 says:

    this looks good. so many dramas and so little time. why can’t the day be longer. lol

  4. Kiki says:

    I think I’m gonna watch this I was kinda thinking I won’t cause im not really a fan if Tah but atleast ill give it a try.

  5. :) says:

    Godninja, ThanX soooooo much 4 all the info. Love the photo of Susie and Rome. Can’t wait.

  6. DaraRai says:

    Susie’s acting really isn’t all that bad. She isn’t the worst actress out there — her acting is beyond decent. I say give this lakorn a try. Even though I usually avoid Thai action lakorns, I’ll be tuning into this one for Rome and Susie!

    • :) says:

      True…true about what u say, I agree with u. I find Susie acting to be good when she did that one lakorn with Mark. Um… I can’t wait to see all that cute/juicy scene with Rome!!!! Soooooo Super Excited. Still… Not a fan of action lakorn.

  7. xox says:

    I’ve been waiting for this too! Although I hate Thai action dramas, I won’t miss this. I really hope someone subs it.

    • godninja says:

      really, no one is. this one looks good enough to sub. i’m reading up to wrtie HeadsUp right now!
      side note: the pink diamond necklace is called “Adorella”.

      • xox says:

        Well, in that case…would you care to do caps for this drama? With a cherry on top? (;

      • godninja says:

        i can’t really say no to that ‘cherry on top’. i want to contribute to this one, but i can’t make miracles happen with recaps. i can only promise one thing: if there is a viki channel, i will make it my prime subbing project.

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