News: Siamdara’s Top 10 Most Talked ET News 2011

So, we made our list; it’s time for the real deals to have their say. Hey, looks like Siamdara agreed pretty well with me…or I suppose it’s the other way around.

10. 69 years-old Khun Dang will no longer be the big boss determinator of Ch7. I wonder what’s the real story. Did she really resigned after 30 years or not; or maybe Ch7 is really looking for changes ‘cuz I’m ready for changes.

This photo posted to Facebook of Sek Loso’s alleged drug-taking activities scandal.

9. Singer Sek Loso sniffing it out and getting caught. He’s in deep shit right now with Grammy already terminated his contract but there is still the public and the law. Lawyers are being hired and the worst is still to come.

8. Nathan Oman, who I don’t know, is released from prison and he coming back onscreen. I don’t care.

7. Tai Saitan, who I also don’t know, posts the viral photo of her beat up look. If you got beat up, call the police. Doing this is an undeniable move for publicity.

6. Young nang’ek Mai Davika‘s photo scandal of get touchy touchy kissy with ex-boyfriend at age 15 that had netizens questioning her innocence.

5. Singer Ben Chalatit publicly stepped out of his closet in August to waved cheerfully on Nine Entertainment. Ben said, “I’ve been living with my boyfriend for eight years and I’ve never hidden the fact. It’s just that nobody asked me!”

4. Sexy Singer Ja Kunhoo‘s hoot hoot on stage that has been said to attract even Barry Nadech. Since the 3-minute video Ja posted in YouTube has reached  more than 10 million views [now at 16 M], Woody Born To Talk invited Ja in September to talk about the content of the quite ‘explicit sex’ video with the improper choreography and outfits. There was a cyber attack on Woody with his direct question that included, “Are you a prostitute?”, “Have you ever taken drug?”, and “Do you think you are like a low art?”. Holy maccaroni and cheese. To get that earlier 16 M views, I had to get into the video, which have been flagged by the YouTube community to be restricted to 18+. I couldn’t last pass the 3 sec when she was…ahhhh my eyes! See here for yourself.

3. Singer-actress Marsha Wanttanapanich‘s adult/smoking/drinking clip and pics with music producer boyfriend.

2. Boy duo Golf Pichaya‘s quarrel with Mom over (ex now? yes no?) girlfriend Dew that lead him to secretly move out to a condo near his school. Mom was devastated to the point of holding a press conference to inform the public about their family issues and its progress. Oh geesh, where do we draw the line on public and private matters?

1. Pinky-Peck-Tanya triangle of mass public shame. A million baht law-suit that drove Pinky Savika to her downfall with the additional preganacy accusation. Peck and Tanya are trying the second chance with Pinky permanently damaged.

Photo’s as tagged and list credit to Manager.

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13 Responses to News: Siamdara’s Top 10 Most Talked ET News 2011

  1. บ๊อบ บุญ says:

    Kudos to Nong Ja for providing excellent entertainment and performances. Best wishes to her in the future.

  2. Virginia says:

    This is the first time I watched this clip of Ja Kunhoo, she should be ashamed of herself >…< But why is Barry Nadech included in the news??? Does he have anything to be concerned??? (Plz dont say yes)

  3. julia says:

    i think pinky is coming back now she has about 3 larkons with exact,im actually happy for her,she is still my fav thai actress dont care about the tanya issue.About the mai davika one wow its nothing really, every ne’k got skeletons in the closet it depends which one is unlucky to get caught.

  4. Lala says:

    What the heck….Ja Kunhoo kept on scratching it, was it itchy? Gross.

  5. Angela says:

    Juicy juicy!!! I’m glad none of my favorites stars are on there!

  6. Kiki says:

    Wow this list kinda had my mouth hanging open! Your comments about Nathan and Tai had me laughing, Sek’s pic was just sad if its true, Omg Marsha, and last but not at all least; with the craziest mess I’ve seen from a Thai star would be from miss Ja. I watched that video and then washed my eyes out! I couldn’t believe what I was watching! She had to be on drugs or something. And I’m sorry to ask but was her shorts wet?!!!!! Ewwwwww! Ugh!

  7. :) says:

    I have always wonder what have happen to Pinky b/c the last lakorn that I have seen of her was with Weir.

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