News: Mai Davika wants to ‘move on’

Again, a kissing scandal…pretty insignificant compare to Marsha’s juicy scandal this year. I guess you can’t kiss if you’re a dara whether you’re 19 or 39. I thought that “Mai” Davika responded very well as she took responsiblity for her actions in the October leakage of a series of 3-years-old photos of Mai kissing a man (ex-boyfriend I suppose) before her acting days. I am kinda frowning on Mai ’cause she would’ve been 15. Yea, I’m conservative. Kudos for Mai in keeping a smile on throughout the interview. Mai opens with apologies to everyone, the Elders, and her fan clubs.

Sorry. Godninja was too free today, so I transcribed in English almost the whole interview. But it’s okay, you’ll be a pro on this scandal now.

Reporter: Did the elders called you to talk?

Mai: The Elders did not call to talk. I told the truth. Pee Ae called to ask the truth, what it is and how did it go. I answered with the truth. The Elders understand. There’s really nothing.

Reporter: Then, what would you call your relationship?

Mai: It’s a long time ago. I don’t want to talk about it. Right now, I stand by my same words that I am committed with working and schooling like before. If I did this within the last few months, it would be bad. But this matter occurred a long time ago. [Avoiding the question.]

Reporter: What did lessons did you learned?

Mai: I learned  a lot of lessons, but I picked to take the good lessons for example the one close to me are the ones that are most important like P’Kao, P’Ae, Supervisor, the Elders, Mom, Dad, friends and especially, the fans. They told me, fighting fighting. They gave me support and they understood.

Reporters: How and where did the photos get leaked?

Mai: I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t have these photos at all. I never kept them. It’s been a long time. And if today I didn’t see it clearly, I wouldn’t dare look at it. (laughs)

Reporters: Were you surprised?

Mai: I was surprised, but it’s the past. I don’t keep it to stress myself.

Some quick toss of questions which Mai all answered ‘no’ to, then now to some lakorns.

Reporter: Did these pictures decreased your lakorns and such work?

Mai: Pertaining to lakorns, it’s the same. This month, I’ll be filming the lakorn Maya Rasamee. As for the other one, it’ll be very soon.

Reporter: Which one are you filming soon?

Mai: Maya Rasamee ka.

Reporter: How about Tawan Tor Saeng? Is it still the same?

Mai: Yes, it is still the same.

Reporter: So you didn’t get cut off?

Mai: Yes ka. (laughs nervously)

Reporter: So you still have lakorns coming?

Mai: Yes. There’s two ka. There’s Maya Rasamee and Tawan Tor Saeng.

Reporter: How are their progress?

Mai: About to start. Please follow them.

Reporter: The script?

Mai: The script. It’s around getting bullied by the mean step-mother. It’s a lot of drama. (reporter comments, “again”) Yes. I get tied in my room. My father doesn’t love me. Around this. I’m bullied. (makes a sad frown) [More like frowning at her situation of being bullied right now by the reporters!]

A reporter asked Mai of what is her scandal’s scale in comparison to the flood crisis. Mai laughed then talk about how people are more concerned about the flood and her matter is only a small bit.

Reporter: What do you think?

Mai: I don’t think anything. I must accept what I did. I must accept that it’s the past. I am not blaming anyone. This matter, I not blaming anyone. I want this to end and ‘move on’. Continue on my life and work like normal.

Reporter: Did it affect your work?

Mai: No, it had no effect. It helped me realize that I have to work my best. Opportunities are not always around

Reporter: Do you plan on getting to the bottom of the leakage? Where the source came from?

Mai: No, no, no, no, no. I don’t want to. It’ll stress me.

Reporter: The elders didn’t say anything? They didn’t call you to talk? [Are they just not satisfied that Mai didn’t suffer?]

Mai: No. Nothing. No.

Reporter: You must be more careful about talking pictures .

Mai: Yes, since P’Ae taught me. Having me be careful always.


Mai putting the smile on and secretly that middle and index couple is only a middle finger for the reporters. Geeze give the girl some space and privacy.

Interview transcribed from Rakdara. Photos from Rakdara and Gossipstar.

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7 Responses to News: Mai Davika wants to ‘move on’

  1. ylmar says:

    mai,just believe in yourself….your the best girl in the world….i really idolized you….

  2. ylmar says:

    mai i love you always…im one of your fan from manila

  3. CiceeruMArkka says:

    I so agree dude, I mean everyone is normal people, it’s not like no one ever kisses their bf of gf. I mean come on Reporters, haven’t you kissed once in a while? Just cause your a dara and famous and stuff does it make it wrong to share some love. and that wasn’t even a juicy kiss, like Peung from channel five. it’s the same situation, it was just a kiss on the chhek for both actresses and they have make such a big deal out of it.

  4. godninja says:

    peung. yea that what everyone said too. i think that ch 7 really know how to feed on their daras ‘ scandals’.

  5. anonymous says:

    tsk tsk tsk. i was shock at seeing these photos too, how come she didn’t get banned like that one chick from ch 5 i forgot her name. urgh so piss, i liked that actress though but she got banned over an unnecessary picture.

  6. Kiki says:

    This is the scary truth about being famous and in the spotlight because people just become so unforgiving about past harmless mistakes. These pics aren’t even that bad. I think that people forget that before these dara became famous they were regular people and even now when the cameras stop rolling they are still regular people with feelings.

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