HeadsUp: Koh 7 What a waste of beautiful clothes

I know that Koh 7 isn’t a primetime lakorn, but it premiered yesterday (airdate 12/10/11). I watched the teaser, but I still have no clue whatsoever on what it’s about. But it’s crappy comedy. Regardless, if you just look at the following pics, you’ll think…Wow! Epic lakorn. That’s how I felt, so then, I thought that I should share the beautiful pics at the least.

Koh 7 stars “Grace” Karnklao and “Arnus” Rapanich. There’s a slap of modern. This is what I figured. Grace is Princess Marnfah of a kingdom, and she seeks help from the outside who is Arnus. They go through a forest of monsters and natural obstacles. It’s like a time traveling, archeologist, missing national treasure comedy.

I really like cross-dressing in sageuk, wuxia, and boran.

Gace kinda looks like Donut…?

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I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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3 Responses to HeadsUp: Koh 7 What a waste of beautiful clothes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Grace is sooo cute I heard that she had a new lakorn with aof chanapol but they are not the leading couple it Kwan and new

  2. Kiki says:

    Oh wow the costumes ate beautiful! And your right you can’t find anything on this lakorn or P’Ann’s new lakorn Qui Pao. I really wanna know what that one is about.

  3. R. Tan says:

    The clothing are gorgeous – that’s one of the reason I get excited when they do period lakorns

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