HeadsUp: Horb Rak Ma Hom Pah

Having graduated, “Kwan” Usamanee Vatayanun was and is filled up with lakorns. Upcoming is Horb Rak Ma Hom Pah (airdate: 12/06/11) with “Guy” Navapol Lumpon to air this Sunday the 27th. What is it about? I found a brief superficial summary…but after some further digging and looking at some pics, I’m disappointed. Kidnapping the wrong bride to supernatural jungle monsters. Eh. Total kill joy.

The extended cast includes: “Aof” Chanapol Satya & Nao Tisanart, “Kade” Tharakade Petchsuksai & “Manao” Sornsin Maneewan (MTT 2008), “Green” Asadaporn Siriwattanakul (AF5), Mick Tongraya, Aun Pirawit, Mou Teerapat, and Pla Parita. This will also be Green’s first role with her contract to Ch7. Netizens said they added a new character in this lakorn just for her. Mick will be rai.

The story is about nang’eks’ mother agreeing that she will give her two daughters to married with both pra’eks, but she suddenly changes her mind on the day the pra’eks bring their parents to asking for the nang’eks. So it made them confuse. Afterward, they ask the mom about the situation and that they want to prove that they love them. Under extenuating circumstances, the situation makes it look like they kidnapped the nang’ek…but they kidnapped the bride. Translation by suk13_kran@Spicy and edited by me.

The above summary sounds interesting. The fitting pics were misleading too. Netizens bash that new-comer Guy Navapol got the pra’ek role because his big momma star Marsha screened the lakorn and personally picked Kwan to star alongside him. I sooo agree that Guy needs a haircut, but I don’t think that will save the lakorn. He’s short and a bit on the feminine side too. Browsing through some of this more manly pics, he looks good, but I don’t what happened here. Oh well, Guy will be singing the theme song.

More storyline uncovered…it’s about supernatural jungle monsters. That is the worst genre. Marsha, you should have chosen a better script if you want your son to shine. This ain’t the one. Especially now that it got pushed back so bad, it’ll be airing against GRGR at the height of its mania. Bad plan. HRMHP is the remake of its movie in 1994. I must try to find this movie to see if the lakorn will be as horrible as I presume. I can imagine the drag already, but for whatever incomprehensible and unreasonable reason, Ch7 elders previously asked for an extension from 15 episodes to 19. We’ll see.

 Kwan ka, is that some special demon-warnoff concoction? And, I wonder what Aof and Nao is doing hiding in the closet? Juicy juicy…?

Godninja: Looking at the pics, Guy will kidnap Kwan, and Aof kidnaps Nao. Don’t really know how that’s supposedly the wrong bride? Anyway, from reading that Guy will like Kwan as sister at first, that must mean that’ll they’ll go into the jungle, then crazy monster and sh*t happens…and on the run for their lives, they’ll fall in love. In between that, a bunch of BS and dragging. May God be with you if you’re watching this.

This is why I'm not watching.

As compiled from reading threads at AF and Spicy

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31 Responses to HeadsUp: Horb Rak Ma Hom Pah

  1. Anonymous says:

    however,i love KWAN

  2. Venus says:

    where can i watch this drama ….. because it got deleted from youtube… 😦

  3. Mai says:

    I totally love this movies so much and makes me watches over and over again. It’s never make me get tries of watching it…because of guy and kwan the cute couple ever. That monster pic does seem look scary but anyways it’s creeps me out the first time im saw the monster in this movie but after while i’m not afraid cause it actually walk away when he gets hurt.

    • Maira12 says:

      so where can I watch this drama since is no longer in Youtube.com anymore? Does anyone know any channel that have this drama??? please tell me… I also love Kwan so I like watch her dramas….

  4. Pahoua xiogn says:

    This movie is soooo great…..
    I watch it over and over again!
    Guy are soo handsome and Kwan is sooo Pretty!
    They both are pretty match each other…
    : )
    You should watch this movie if you haven’t yet!!!!!!
    Have a good time watching this movie!

  5. xox says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that was Marsha’s son.

  6. pajai xiong says:

    love kwan!! but eww the jungle mosnters totally killed it wahh but will watch it for HER!

  7. misslakorn says:

    i love kwan!! ima watch it for her. i think she should get a lakorn with WEIR!! since its not gonna cause any more drama in the industry anymore because pancake has someone else. 😉

    • godninja says:

      this might me a dumb question, but have weir and kwan paired up? got to go asianfuse wiki cuz im blank. hmmm. i would root for them two!

      • They did for the like the ending of Ter Keu Cheewit. but she was supposedly paired with him but there was like conflict with Pancake or something along those lines.

      • R. Tan says:

        They paired up in Dung Duang Haruetai.

      • godninja says:

        Oiiii, i didn’t asianfuse wiki after i wrote my previously comment. oh R. Tan, i’m loling very bad right now. told ya i was blank. HHD is like one of my all time fav! i was just subbing it at viki only a few months ago. so, yes i want a kwan-weir reunion!

      • R. Tan says:

        Yes, I really enjoyed DDH too – it was kind of unique how they did the Middle Ages kind of setting. Of course, it wasn’t perfect but for a lakorn it was pretty descent.

        I hope they do pair Kwan and Weir together again; I actually prefer it over Pancake and Weir. In general, I prefer Kwan over most of the other actresses at ch.7 including Pancake.

      • misslakorn says:

        same! i think kwan has a very unique way of acting, she sounds and looks different from everyone else. people might not like her but shes pretty. she goes best with weir. as for pancake her beauty doesnt get to me.. sorry …

    • Anonymous says:

      so who is pancake’s new lover? its not Weir anymore. oh… I am so glad. This mean that Weir is available again, hah!

  8. fun says:

    Haha the monster demon subplot got me LMFAO!!!

  9. R. Tan says:

    I’m surprised that Kwan is doing this kind of lakorn considering she is their top nang’ek – it doesn’t seem to have any quality to it. Is it just me or does it seem like Ch.7 actors doesn’t really have a say as to whether they want to do it or not because sometimes the top nang’ek/pra’ek gets stuck with the stupidest lakorn ever. I know Kwan probably got better scripts and with better pra’ek too.

  10. Kiki says:

    Ummmmmmmm don’t know about this one.

  11. anonymous says:

    Just wondering some of there traditional clothing looks like “HMONG” clothing.

    • godninja says:

      they are hmong clothes for sure. i have friends who would kill these thais for miswearing hmong clothes. oh, plus, aren’t those tops more like the male style. we need the hmong reader experts to chime in.

      • anonymous says:

        Well luckily i’m hmong ! Haha, yes you are right if your referring to the clothes that Kwan and the other girls are wearing, I’m pretty sure it’s the male style also but who knows maybe they make it for girls now too. 🙂

      • Maira12 says:

        maybe the Thai people should find a coordinator who is a Hmong to help how to dress appropriate like we Hmong does/do.

  12. -a says:

    Oh my gosh, I didn’t know about the monster in the jungle.Like, i know about the kidnapped bride thing but just reading that part blow me away.Why they doing that. I don’t like it.

  13. :) says:

    Ewwwwwww, that’s scary!!!!!!!!!

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