News: Miss Teen Thailand Postponed

Ch7’s Miss Teen Thailand 2011 competition was scheduled for this coming Wednesday the 23rd with the final round on the 24th, but it underwent an abrupt postponement.

Of course, again,  it’s due to the flooding crisis. The competition has been moved to next year February 14 on Valentine’s Day with the final round on the 15th. The Miss Thailand Universe and Miss Teen Thailand has been the stepping-stones of many Ch7 stars. Remarkable, my Miss Teen Thailand favorites: Cheer (2002), Fang (2003), and Grace (2004). Above is the group promotional wallpaper for the 2011 competition. Below is their crowning moment or near that moment; I’m baffled by…how they look…forget it.

Credit: and siamdara 

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One Response to News: Miss Teen Thailand Postponed

  1. dancy says:

    Oh, thanks for this news. I did not know they postponed this events. I was wondering why they haven’t done this yet.

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