News: Calendar Anybody?

It’s the ending of the year and the start of a new one, calendars shoots are coming out left and right. We got some inside look in Ch3, but I haven’t seen anything from Ch7. I getting the Harry Potter Finale featured 2012 calendar for sure, but I not sure about this particular sexy one. I wanted to share the juiciness because a bunch of perverted people [not me, I’m a straight girl] are viewing these shoots and the topic is hot. Plus, there are some minor actresses in here, and it’s my MO to flaunt 3/4 nude pics anyway.

This calendar features six models who will are the 2012 presenters of this ZIC thing. I recognize that Jaran/Daycha’s mistress girl from Tawan Deard and Arisa Will…and one other…but I’m unsure, so won’t take an embarrassing shot to name her. If they make a calendar with my guys in speedos and briefs buffing their abs, I would want more skin, but as for these gals, cover up please.

Credit: Rakdara

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4 Responses to News: Calendar Anybody?

  1. xox says:

    Wow, their bodies look all super photo-shopped..

  2. Kiki says:

    I actually thought that a lot of these photos were beautiful. I love how it really could be really x-rated but the way the cloths are worn and how the make up is done and the posing makes them really pretty. The only one I don’t like is the one with the girl in the booty shorts and white beater.

  3. Lala says:

    I got to say that those shoots were HOT. I like how they were not just wearing pieces of swimsuits or lingerie but pieces of fashionable clothing. Although it does seem to revealing and overboard, it is the art of Photoshop. I said that because I had actually seen the behind scene of Thai celebrities revealing photo shoots where they were actually covered up but gotten Photoshop to show the sexiness of the photo shoot theme. Thank you! 🙂

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