OldNews: After Breakup, Kade-Noon Condoms Sold Out

…Say what??? Yeah, you read it right. We’re starting to be like those selfish bastard newswires, publishing sensational headlines. Kade-Noon was an item for many years, but they ended it in 2005. Speculation, we can only speculate, was high on their celebrity break-up. Fans upset, netizens got curious, and drama drama drama. Who broke up with who? Who cheated on who? We’re just ‘brother-sisters’ and we’re ‘still friends’. So what really happened? Say, what’s this with the condoms?

Let’s clear some air. I know OldNews is an oxymoron, but this post is exactly that-old news. This was what was gossiped then. Don’t get upset. Mean things will be said. In late November 2005, Kade-Noon broke up and rumors were flying. Everyone thought they were a match in heaven, that they were going to get married, and they were going to be forever…then this.

1. Who broke up with who? There’s a media consensual that “Noon” Woranuch Wongsawan was the one who broke up the relationship. She saw Kade as a brother. In the end, Kade Tarntup saw her also as a sister. They pulled the classic celebrity breakup trick of we’re bother-sister all along. In general, now [which is then], they’re friends and doing fine but not as close as before. Kade has his own business and lakorns projects while Noon’s busy with her own lineup.

2. Why? Who cheated on who? The real reason. (1) Noon broke up because Kade cheated on her. There were articles about Kade cheating on Noon while they were together with Amy Rogers and/or Oil Suritha. She caught him with another girl, so she broke it off first. (2) Or the mean version: Noon’s career was rising while Kade’s career was diminishing. Therefore, she dumped him in favor of her stardom. (3) Or the meaner version: This is where Todd [Now Noon’s hubby] comes in. This made the equation more interesting. The gold digger word was thrown in as motive.

3. Who looks innocent? Who suffered more? (1)  Kade was the good, low-keyed boyfriend. Some can’t imagine him doing the cheating. Kade worked on building this mansion for them for two years. On Wan Wan Yung Wan You, he revealed that he loved the sofa that Noon bought him. (2) Noon was the pretty, more bold girlfriend. She was always here to support him through denying Kade’s cheating  rumors and never had any news with a guy while she was with him.  Noon finally had enough of his cheating and deserved better.

4. What this with the condoms? After their break up, condom packages with their picture on them started selling out in China. Really? Kade took legal action to save Noon’s face. This stirred the rumors that he still cares about her. With Noon started to have news with Todd. Netizens criticized Noon heavily that she didn’t care enough to even wait a little bit longer.

5. Godninja: I say that there was a mix. The man cheats, she’s rising and meets Mr. Non-Baby-Face-Richie-Rich. She’s blamed for Kade’s downfall. What happened over the years? Some years after their breakup, Kade started seeing Nat and they got serious. Noon and Todd got engaged. Netizens pitied Todd for getting the plastic Barbie Noon. Their wedding ran into some difficulty last year with Thailand’s dubbed 9/11 but they didn’t cancel. They married with a just-luxurious-like-a-lakorn-wedding with no less than 4000 invitations printed [but none for Kade], then bam! Noon allegedly slapped 1,000,000 baht in Todd’s mistress’s face! Then, she’s smacked by netizens for holding off having kids to work on lakorns. She took a brief break after Kha Khong Khun and was speculated to work on making babies, but that didn’t happened. Netizens said it’s because Noon don’t want the physical strain of pregnancy to ruin her plastic body, and plus, she needs her youth to cling onto her cheater husband. Man, people are mean saying Noon got her karma fix because she picked the hi-so and got the real cheating husband. And now it’s Kade’s wedding bells. He’s much congratulated and understood for postponing their wedding. You know what’s gonna be interesting. I bet anything that there’ll be news on how Kade-Nat plans to have a baby immediately compare to Todd-Noon who is holding off. There is news on it already but not comparisons. Imagine when Nat is prego, there’ll be headlines like: Kade’s Wife Prego Before Ex-Girlfriend Noon, or they’ll bring it up on an interview with Noon, asking, ‘What do you think of P’Kade’s wife’s pregnancy?’. Stuff like that.

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7 Responses to OldNews: After Breakup, Kade-Noon Condoms Sold Out

  1. reuven says:

    hi there would anyone know details to get intouch with her agent ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    So, just came across all the celebrity that are finally married or simply already married! Obviously i just found out now! Noon and kade was together since young time… im not surprise that they grew apart. To be honest, that is pretty much life… thank you for a very great updates and a point of view in both side!

  3. Kiki says:

    Wow I think you missed your calling as a reporter lol I almost forgot this was old news! But Omg I totally see it playing out the way you said. But hey karma is a B and you get back 7x more what you give out.

  4. Thank you so much for the info on their break-up! 🙂

  5. :) says:

    These two did a lot of lakorn together. They were a cute couple, too BAD Noon husband looks weird. To make sure that people don’t mistaken him as a gay man…. He should not smil. ( sorry… I kind of had to be mean about it)

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