News: TV Pool Top Actors/Actresses

This is TV Pool’s Weekly Poll results for October 28 to November 3 2011. Don’t yell at me, I didn’t vote nor do I have a clue how this poll system works. I get the facts and the sources, and I present it as is.

Top Actress:

1. “Noon” Woranuch Wongsawan Sen Tai Salai Sode
2. “Kim” Kimberly Voltemas Rak Pathiharn
3. “Yaya” Urassaya Sperbund Game Rai Game Rak
4. “Pim” Marsha Wattanapanich Likit Sanaeha
5. “Aim” Siriphitchaya Wisitwaithakakun Bu Ngah Na Fon

Top Actor:

1. “Vee” Veraparb Suparbpaiboon Sen Tai Salai Sode
2. “Barry” Nadech Kugimiya Game Rai Game Rak
3. “Smart” Krissada Pornweroj Rak Pathiharn
4. “Kong” Saharat Sangkapricha Likit Sanaeha
5. “Tono” Pakin Kumvilaisak Bu Ngah Na Fon

I saw the actress results and planned on making this news post but was waiting for the actors list which came out yesterday. Our very own Anonymousblue2001 has got the clip here:

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3 Responses to News: TV Pool Top Actors/Actresses

  1. lunadara says:

    Yeah,for Kim and Yaya.I’m surprise Kim one up to Yaya,but I’m pretty sure that’ ll change.:)

  2. Eun. says:

    Personally for me Yaya > Kim. Given Yaya’s bubbly, childish-like personality, her transition from the timid, sweet, strong-willed Nucharee to a fierce, strong Jeed to a fun, laid back Fahlada is noteworthy. I enjoy her acting a lot and of course, she’s incredibly beautiful.

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