News: Kade’s Wedding Postponed

From google translator, reading in between the lines, deduction, and my ninja investigative skills, the wedding of Kade Tarntup and fiance “Nat” Premika Thanarojpasert is postponed. 

If you haven’t read DL’s post on Kade’s engagement, do so, so you don’t feel lost. Now to the news update. Sounds like Nat’s home fell victim to the flooding too and she had to relocated. Due to the flood crisis, it was just a bad time. Therefore, the couple decided to postpone their wedding on November 18 back two months to next year January 17. Both are calling up their invitees to address the change of date. Everyone will understand, don’t worry. As for babies, they are not thinking of having an heir immediately.

Godninja: At only 33, I give Kade kudos for getting married. Though he still has minor projects, his popularity died long ago. I grew up watching him, so I, like others, remember most his baby face. Many of my childhood daras have walked down the marriage road. I’m starting to feel old. Kade’s long time girlfriend “Noon” Woranuch Wongsawan did not invite Kade to her wedding last year saying that he wouldn’t come. I wonder if he sent her an invitation. Then again, there’s the question if Noon will attend Kade’s after not inviting him. Okay, let’s end the drama here.

 Pic and news source to daradaily

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2 Responses to News: Kade’s Wedding Postponed

  1. godninja says:

    don’t know. maybe some readers do. so share if you know. i think godfairy might. ill call her sometime today ask her.

  2. Do you know anything about Kade and Noon’s breakup?

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