News: Noon Pur Water for Life

First thing: WTF? I mean it! WTF! How did Noon’s hair magically grow back to this length. I was like: is this current? Checked the date, yes. Watched the clip, yes. So now, I’m just baffled. Some little background to the story: Thailand’s Capitol is flooding. Since July, more than 300 people have died. Extended holidays were declared so residents of two swamped northern districts can evacuate. All transportations terminals are jammed. The incoming high tide from the Gulf of Thailand isn’t helping to drain out the water either. Thailand is in crisis, and it’s a popular time for daras to do their civic duty.

“Noon” Woranuch Wongsawan had a public announcement for Pur Water who is distributing water to the flood victims. She says that water is scarce in Bangkok and filtered water is being use first and foremost for drinking because it’s essential for life. The reporter asks if she is commercialing the product, and Noon deviates to answer that the company has a program that has previously been active in relief help. The interview shifts to talk about her personal life. Noon reveals that she haven’t seen her husband “Todd” Pithi Bhirompakdee who is in Hong Kong [I think? He’s away] occupied with meetings for awhile now, but they talk everyday. Though, she did previously went to Hong Kong on business for two days.

Pertaining to Sen Tai Salai Sode, Noon enjoys her role because it is dynamic. STSS is still being filmed, and the crew and cast have to consistently change the locations due to the crisis. She suggests that in this stressful situation, people need laugher from lakorns. Therefore if any family is able to turn on a TV to watch STSS, then she hopes that the cast can be their smiles. And that the STSS crew will be making clothes to sell and donate the proceeds to the flood victims next week.

Godninja: You may think I’m humorous, but this is me being serious. I am current event conscious and a humanitarian and [though not Thai] I have a soft spot for Thailand. People are dying, stranded, dislocated, and homeless and the rest of the world is worried about the shortage of hard disk drives because Thailand produces about a quarter of global hard disk as the No. 2 maker [China being No. 1 of course!]. The rest of the world is worried that PC prices will go up for the holidays season. Geesh, people, especially you people in the west! Really? Plus, [I’m American so yeah I can diss my own country] nosy US of A is trying to ‘extend’ a hand. First, when the crisis hit, the US Navy right out sent an aircraft carrier and other ships to the area for possible assistance but the Thai government didn’t request for help so the ships departed. Why the heck are we [I identify myself with this American ‘we’] there in the first place? Do you see Britain or France sending over ships? The US isn’t the UN. Anyway, I won’t bore you with America politics. The Thai government asks for one of the US SH-60 Seahawk chopper [this is a guided-missile warship] that is inland to help conduct aerial reconnaissance. This is becoming a sensitive topic. So there, that’s me sounding smart!

Credit: Rakdara

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One Response to News: Noon Pur Water for Life

  1. Kiki says:

    To the first comment she could have clip on extensions. But for the rest of the article this is really great they are going thru such a tough time. Makes us all really appreciate what we have and pray for others.

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