News: Peek-a-Boo Remember Me?

If you’re kinda old-school, can you guess who this is? Here are some hints. Think music. Think kid singer. Think girl duo. Think real hard…it’s okay if you fail to conjure anything. Curious now huh? But I warn you, these “juicy” pics [this is one of the tamer ones] may ruin your memory of her.

This is “Jazky” Jariya Ashworth the  duo of “Na” Nathalie Davis in Nathalie-Jazky back in the days. Nathalie has had her own share of sexy shoots, but maaaaaann…this is another level.

Nathalie is the one in the left, and Jazky is on the right. They both grew up. Shall I jog your memory? I never knew that Natalie had a duo. I meet Nathalie for the first time in Wai Rai Freshy with “Dan” Worrawech Danuwong and “Big” Apichet Kittikorncharoen. I’m sorry if I picked a nonrepresentative mv their talent or fame. Credit to maysaayon.

More juiciness of course.

And I like the media, we save the less sensational pic for last.

Credit: Rakdara


Didn’t tag this post so it wouldn’t spoil the identity. Will come back to it though.

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6 Responses to News: Peek-a-Boo Remember Me?

  1. Cindy says:

    Hmmm… Where did you get these pic from? I didn’t know jazky is back in the entertainment!!!

  2. :) says:

    Omg, is she the young girl in that one lakorn “Jai Rao” with Ken & Aff ??? Oh my…. I believe she is. She looks a little too seXual in some of these photo. But other than that…. She’s pretty. 🙂

  3. Joy says:

    wow, she looks like araya! or is it just me?

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