News: Grand and Family had to Flee

“Grand” Punwarot Duasienklao shares that her family has left their water-drenched house. Right now, the water level is up to the shoulders. With their house further out, they had plenty of warning. Her family is closely watching the news, and as they see the worse flood victims, they are grateful that their family is safe.

The Duasienkalos lost their house, cars, and properties and are currently staying at condos. Beforehand, there were amble fore-warnings, and they were able to stock up on provisions. Grand worried about how she was going to get to work and about going to school. At first, her parents were afraid that there would be thieves, so they stayed back to watch over the house. But as the water rose quickly, they had to leave as the neighborhood is locked down. The family has not returned to check on their house. Grand is sad and says it’s something that will past.

Godninja: I think the interview was at a musical premiere she’s in. Anyway, Grand is gorgeous. Still smiling with the heart.

Credit: Rakdara

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One Response to News: Grand and Family had to Flee

  1. Kiki says:

    Oh wow I have been watching news on this with the flooding. Keeping all the families in prayer for safety.

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