Juicy Snippet: Mia Jum Pen

Okay, I’m in old-school mood right now. I jogged my memory and then started to dig for rawr scenes that are from lakorns that have never been subbed. I mean come one, these are the best scenes. You poor souls at the least deserve to know what the “juicinesss” is going on. So, here’s the second one I slapped together. Much shorter and with in-between action. I give you Mia Jum Pen starring “Bee” Swiss Petvisetsiri and “Namfon” Kullanat Preeyawat. In the Thai culture, buffaloes are deemed as stupid. Why do you need to know that? Watch the Juicy Snippet to find out!

There’s a baby in this one too!


Juicy Snippets: Lakorn $3X in Minutes!

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18 Responses to Juicy Snippet: Mia Jum Pen

  1. Brenda says:

    I loved this show when I first saw it many years ago. This lakorn has permanently been added to my list of sentimental lakorns.

  2. ihearthim says:

    Yes! Please do sub this lakorn! I do wanna watch it soooo bad!!

  3. maryasha says:

    LOL i think i’ll never be able to watch a rawr scene again without laughing.

    Pls pls sub this lakorn, I love lakorns with surprise babies/pregnancies. You get to see all the drama of trying to hide it and finally DA DUM DA DUM, SHE’S PREGNANT? WITH MY CHILD? WHEN? HOW? lol

  4. dokchompoo says:

    i remembered watching this and ploy lom petch. bee and namfon are hot together.

  5. yaso says:

    LOL @ your commentary! Too too funny!

  6. jackdiggly says:

    LMAO!!!!!!!! You had me ROFL and made me feel guilty at the same time for I’ve never enjoyed a R&R (Resistance & Rape) scene so much. It’s soooooo bad that we grew up with “love” capitalized in a what Westerners deem legally punishable. You are wayyyyyyyyyyy too good. Thank you!

  7. Butterfly says:

    Can you sub this lakorn? I read the summary, and it seems good.

    • godninja says:

      ohhhhhhhhhh, mia jum pen is good alright. it’s always been one of the old lakorns i wanted to sub due to so many ppl asking. i think that…i will try to wrap all my subbing projects, then i really really really think that i will sub mia jum pen over winter break if there is enough interest.

      • Butterfly says:


      • Lena says:

        Oh yes, please consider this lakorn as a subbing project! It’s very rarely done that somebody takes care of subbing one of the classics because of all the new lakorns that keep coming. But this one looks really interesting!
        By the way I love your new juicy snippets and especially your comments that always make me laugh… 😀

      • Craxycat says:

        Is this dead in the water now, or forgotten to late? I am still searching for something to grab me lol, and this looks ubber interesting….

  8. godninja says:

    5555555555555555 i like the “do it again” part!

  9. Kiki says:

    Ok new comment to add to vids. The girl just lays there hugging the blankets afterwards still naked and barely crying instead of running, then gets super surprised when the man won’t let her out of bed and wants to do it again! LOL you should do sawan biang, plenty of juicyness in that one!

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