Juicy Snippet: Kol Luang Rak

When I use “juicy”, I mean S-E-X. So from now on, if you see any “juiciness”, that’s sex. If I hint any “juicilicious”, that’s sex. So “juicy” is code word for SEX. And when I say sex in lakorn terms, I imply: rapes, man-rapes, willinglys, rape-turn-willinglys, one-night-stands, drunken-mistaken-fateful-nights, and those dump-nang’eks-on-the-bed-then-zoom-to-the-lamp-secenes. Now that I got that established, check out my favorite “juicy” [no-inbetween-action] rawr scene. Allow me to introduce the first of our mini-video Juicy Snippets series with Kol Luang Rak (2005) starring “Nat” Arnus Rapanich and “Chompoo” Araya Hargate. The parameter of the rawr in Kol Luang Rak has always been the best layout in my encyclopedia of lakorns. Unfortunately, there’s no in-between-action, but the before and especially the after scenes are “juicimazing”. This is an exclusive unseen version of the rawr clip of Kol Laung Rak. Duh, because it got eng subs and godninja’s retarded comments on it. Try not to enjoy too much, okay?

Okay okay, I see the few conventions errors on the subs, but I’m tired to go reedited.

Yes, there was a baby at the end!


Juicy Snippets: Lakorn Sex In Minutes 

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5 Responses to Juicy Snippet: Kol Luang Rak

  1. Dal says:

    You know, I have never seen that lakorn. One of my friends adores Arnus. I haven’t seen any of his lakorn. Was this lakorn good?

    Thank you for making me laugh with your comments, LG. Araya did well in that scene. Arnus looks so ticked off then so calm and sweet.

    • godninja says:

      kol luang rak is good. though dont remember too much about it, i reccomend.

    • fun says:

      very vague: arnus is seeking revenge. araya’s father stole his family fortune business. may also seeks revenge. may married araya’s father. arnus and araya’s younger sister were childhood friends. he doesnt take revenge because of course here comes the drum roll… he falls in love with araya.

  2. Kiki says:

    Haha! This is great! Ground breaking series! Please keep it going!

  3. Raiya says:

    You guys rock! Keep the series going…now off to watch the whole thing again in thai!

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