My Recent Obsessions

Okay, if you care to care what I care about, then just take a few minutes to read what I’m obsessed about. I’m still listening to “Nalika Dtai” nonstop! Still crazy about a Little Crazy Thing Called Love. I’m not watching any lakorns right now. Yesterday, I finally watched kdrama Warrior Baek Dong Soo‘s and jdrama Ikeman Desu Ne‘s fianle. [I sorta-ish watched the beginning of both dramas when they started airing mid-summer.] WBDS did disappoint! I love Yoo Seung Ho’s Woon character to hell! That’s what happened when you love the villain and he gets kill off giving you major depression right now. As for IDN, the ending was played out better in the jversion, however the original beats all. Yeah, I’m still high on You’re Beautiful fever in 2011! Anyway, I still have to make time to watch Heartsting‘s finale too. But anyway of the anyway, that’s not the point of this post, just wanted to share some epic YouTube music videos I’m currently obsessed over. You have to at least like one of them. 

I’m a big fan of Wongfu Productions, and when I heard that they were contacted by Wang Leehom‘s music affiliates to fly over to Taiwan to direct his new mv, I was WTF? No freaking way! These YouTube guys [they are a big deal!] and the Wang Leehom? That just shows how much these guys are viral and growing. Proud of Phil, Ted, and Wes!

I’m currently in this “Lucky” song mood. Ever since Jung Yong Hwa sang it in Hearstrings, I’ve been listening to it like crazy. It’s only second to “Nalika Dtai”.

And the other day, I saw Barry Nadech Kugimiya singing “Lucky” and dude, never knew his English was this good. Don’t follow him much [honestly not at all] but definitely looking forward to Game Rai Game Rak. Fast forward to 1:00 to that start of song.

 You must know “Too Much So Much Very Much” by “Bird” Thongchai McIntyre. It dominated the radio for the first half of the year. Even Gluay of Kha Khong Khun’s ringtone was the song. But have you seen the animation dance version? This one is short and a must!

Of course, more Too So Very Much fever. Since so many of ya are Yaya Urassaya Sperbund fans, check out her dance cover for Lipton Green Tea at Siam Paragon.


LakornGods Juz Sharin’ Da Love

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7 Responses to My Recent Obsessions

  1. xox says:

    Nalika Dtai is a great song. Makes me think of Mark everytime. ( :

  2. suzsuz says:

    nadech looks like a nerd in the ‘lucky’ clip but his english is good plus he does have a great singing voice!!! 🙂 but still look like a nerd…why??! haha..

  3. Dal says:

    Love your enthusiasm in your post, na. Gets me all hyped too. (;

    Thank you for sharing the love…

  4. R. Tan says:

    I love “Lucky” – just got to see Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz perform it live on Friday – I died in happiness.

  5. godninja says:

    …”loving you too much, so much, very much right now”…

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