Movie Review: A Little Thing Called Love

สิ่งเล็กเล็ก ที่เรียกว่า..รัก. Sing Leklek Tee Reak Wa…Rak. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Or First Love. I don’t care what the heck you called it, but I am freaking married to it! I couldn’t help but fall unconditionally in love with it. A Little Thing Called Love was a sleeper hit. Meaning that it gained unexpected success. It held records at the Thai box office, grossed 2.6 million out of its average budget, and as words-of-mouth spread, it circulated Asia, with international fans calling it comparable to Korean movies. Mario Maurer and “Baifern” Pimchanok Luewisedpaiboon took home top awards last year. What’s the big deal? Yeah, it’s a big deal. It’s my husband we’re talking about here! And yes, you can get marry to a movie! Godninja hats off to A Little Thing Called Love with 4 stars.

Shone: Bpen fan gub chun mai? (Will you be my girlfriend)

Godninja: Thought you would never you ask! *rapes Mario before he changes his mind*

Trust me, you don’t want to be like me. I didn’t get to rape ALTCL until two weeks ago. And man! Did I found my missing other half! I have heard of this 2010 teenage romance movie before starring a baby face newbie named Mario and that it was all that, but I couldn’t care less then…until this year. After watching Plerng Torranong, Mario Maurer captured my heart. He had me addicted, so I needed more doses. Therefore I found myself scramming for anything…and I landed myself in A Little Thing Called Love.

A Little Thing Called Love Is A Movie Based On The True Story Of Everyone. They made a movie about you, and you didn’t even know it. ALTCL is about Nam’s (“Baifern” Pimchanok Luewisedpaiboon), a simple freshman girl, coming-of-age ugly duckling to a swan journey for her junior heartrob crush Shone (Mario Maurer). What will happen? Love in its truest form happens. I guarantee that you will have a “holy sneeeesh, that’s meeee!” moment at least once.

The Trailer. I’m only asking for three minutes. Watch this, of you don’t fell compelled to watch ALTCL…then too bad LakornGods can’t refund time.

Perfect Mario. You can’t go wrong will starring eye candies. Cheeky, baby face, and gorgeous, the girls are watching for Mario. Soul mates do just fall from the sky. On their first meeting, Shone jumps to land in front of Nam’s path. In one had, he holds a cat [a man saving animals in distress is so…my hero]. In the other hand he lifts up branches of mango and offers her some. This was the perfect image of Shone. He saves a cat and manages to pick some mangoes while falling off a tree. Baifern’s Metamorphosis. I don’t know how they did it. But Nam went from short, scrawny, no sense of fashion, dark-skinned, flat-chested, short-haired, and plain ugly to damn, girl, you the same person?!?

The Crazy Thing We Do For Love. To get the Shone’s attention, Nam follows advice from love recipe books, takes detours in life to ‘casually’ pass him, and changes her looks. In private, she cuddles Shone’s imaginary self to sleep, talks to a button of his she picked up, and freezes a Pepsi drink he gave her. Nam joins a drama to play Snow White in hope of Shone coming to watch. The Revelation. If you have seen ALTCL, we know we cried here. If you haven’t, then is the number one reason why you should.

Unrequited Love Does Have A Happy Ending. I thought for sure that the ending was just going to leave me at Nam crying and Shone just leaving his diary scrapbook on her foot stops…but no. Nine years later, Nam is a top designer and on her return to Thailand, she appears on a TV show. She is asked about her inspiration and she replies with her love for this one guy. The host pulls out the scrapbook, and Shone walks onto the stage. He gives her a bouquet of flowers. They stare at each other at the changes in them.

Nam: I want to ask Shone if…have you married?
Shone: Umm…I have…I have been waiting for someone to come back from the US…

I came into ALTCL without a clue. 30 minutes in, I saw where the slowness was going. Yeah, typical. Watched on, yeah typical. Revelation, yep, thought so. Then at the ending, unrealistic. Everything was superficial and predictable. But I tell you that the typicality of it is what I liked best. ALTCL took all the clichés and wove them into a perfect synchronize movie. A movie of where loves bring us. Make us do. Make us change. And make us hurt. Making us remember. A movie where we were that girl or that boy. That is what A Little Thing Called Love is.

Credits: Shone Blinkie to kewl-aid@tumblr / All photos to original owners


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14 Responses to Movie Review: A Little Thing Called Love

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  7. I love you imis you hoy chocho lang yon ha

  8. linking_park says:

    i think it’s reallu crap. Tha’s all. Thanks!

  9. I totally love this movie! It is my absolute favorite Thai movie and I’ve watched it over and over since. This is probably the first movie to ever make me outright bawl when you realize the twist in the movie. And mind you, I don’t mean like just tears streaming down my face with light sobs, I literally mean tears streaming down my face as I violently bawled. And this wasn’t even pegged as a drama, this is supposed to be a rom-com.

    I give this movie 5 stars and would totally recommend it to anyone!

  10. nqeen says:

    hi godninja! because of u i’ve fallen for CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE, MARIO n BAIFERN!! it’s all because of you…at first i came here because of sen tai salai sode..then i saw ur review on crazy little thing called love..i’ve seen it so many time when i visit ur page, but only this night err morning 29 oct around 12 am, i feel the urfe to watch the movie..n it’s good..i laugh n i cried..thanx god ninja for making me fallen deep in love

    • godninja says:

      so i do make differences in ppl’s lives. wow! i’m so happy. do you know that there is rumors for a 1.5 ‘sequel’ to a little thing called love? google it! i hope it’s true!!!

  11. Katelyn says:

    Hi Godninja!
    We’re in the same boat! I’ve heard and seen pictures of Mario before but thought he was just another cute young star. After watching “Plerng Torranong”, I became addicted to Mario. I just love his character Plerng and how he portrayed it. I love the ending of this lakorn and thought it was really cute. When the lakorn ended, I was going through Mario withdrawal. I’ve searched and read his profile, trying to learn more about him. I came across “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love” on youtube. I saw it over a month ago. I love this cute teenage romantic/comedy. It’s really a true story about everyone. Because at some point in your life, you have a crush on someone and is afraid to tell. I became his fan ever since. I still have MM fever. In fact, I follow him on Twitter and Facebook. I will have to make time to watch his other movie like “The Love of Siam”. I’m anxiously waiting to watch his new lakorn with Margie but it’s still in production.

  12. Angskeet says:

    oh my gosh! that gif picture scared the crap out of me…just because it was moving and he was coming foward saying will you be my gf

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