Music Recap: Nalika Dtai

I don’t know why I have never thought of recapping music videos? They’re short and their [what I call] little lakorn stories are so amazing. Anyway, this idea came to me in an epiphany today. I wanted to share it so bad with ya. First because I found out that a certain hottie pra’ek starred in the MV, then as I listened and watch the MV more and more [50 times by now], I’m loving the song for what it is. I’m seriously overdosing on “Nalika Dtai” right now. You need to get on some of my good drugs.

Even though I posted the same exact MV on my Tawan Deard Review & Ost post, I finally got around to watching it. I first discovered “Nalika Dtai” (Dead Clock) as the slow melo jazzy OST song in Tawan Deard sang by “Yaya” Urassaya Sperbund. I thought it was good but nothing remarkable. At Asianfuse, I learned that it actually was first released in Bodyslam’s 2007 Album “Save My Life”. So today I was watching the original MV when…BEHOLD! My jaw dropped! “Om” Akapan Namart (Tawee Pope) is the pra’ek in the song! OMG OMG!!! Om is my current favorite of all favorites hottie! I was so shocked but hooked on the eye candy, so I continued to watch the MV, and then…sniff sniff.

Ton (“Om” Akapan Namart) tells his girlfriend Pim that he is going off to war. Pim asks him how long and offers that they run away together, but Ton tells her it’s his duty and asks her not to cry. She gives him a watch and says that it gave her father good luck.

They hug. Ton shaves his head, trains, and we see their longing across time and distance.


He calls her, and she has only asks him how is which he replies automatically that he misses her when a siren sounds.

Ton cuts her and runs out. He strokes his watch absently, and Pim is restless.

In the battlefield, a soldier is shot and Om runs to drag him. The buddies retreat, and even though Ton is being shot at, he doesn’t let go of the injured one.

Then Bodyslam comes in to play and sing in a symbolic empty smoking background. We get a flashback to more of their goodbye meeting. Ton tells Pim, “No one wants it to happen. There must be a better method than this.” She hands him the watch, “Take the this with you and return it to me too, okay.”

Then we see Pim starting to cry as she unstrings a white box.

Back to the battlefield of flying bullets, the buddies are hit. Ton crawls reaching into the earth.

Clips of their love flashes like the loss of a memory to when they last hug and she told him to return quickly and he promised he won’t be gone long. Pim breaks down.

 In the smoke, Ton’s bloody hand reaches in determination for the watch. Pim lifts out from the white box the watch.

Ton clasped the watch and kissed it before he is enveloped by flames.

I absolutely love this MV and song. Now, with a story that adds more meaning to the lyrics, “Nalika Dtai” will become my new song obsession. I love the allegorical symbolism. I won’t bore you with my political views, but this MV is so so so beautiful in its message. So damn beautiful. Just in case you fell in love with “Nalika Tai” too, here are the DL links. Just found Bodyslam’s version and DLed it! I like this version much more. Bodyslam channeled the feelings so well; it hurts good!



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11 Responses to Music Recap: Nalika Dtai

  1. aikoden says:

    I guess my first post on this blog shall be for here.. lol.
    I’m a big fan of thai artists and their music so.. I was surprised to see you capping Bodyslam here. I haven’t watched TD yet, but really the song is in there? Wow, because I’m shocked that they used on older song for a lakorn, which is a rare case-ish.. But I’m happy though 🙂 because that just means Bodyslam is awesome XD. Bodyslam’s song has been used for a few lakorn this year already.. wheeeee ❤

  2. J says:

    Thanks for this post. I enjoy Thai music but don’t know many singers/bands. Will definitely check out other songs by Bodyslam. 🙂

    • Yaya says:

      If I’m not wrong, Bodyslam is the most famous band in Thailand. 🙂

      • J says:

        Any other bands to rec? I listen mostly to Potato, Da Endorphine, Boy Peacemaker and of course lakorn OSTs.
        @godninja, apologies for hijacking your post!

      • godninja says:

        *nervous laugh* i’m not the one to be recommending songs/artists, i’ve been out of that field ever since the death of D2B. these days i just listen to lakorn ost or whatever is on 95.5 Virgin Hitz Thailand of course. Yaya mentioned the big ones who i listen to too. but i do have a soft spot for pretty boybands like BOY or K-OTIC. for a long ass time, i was addicted to Bird’s “Yoo Khun Diew”. It talks of the single life well.

    • Yaya says:

      Yes, I love POTATO the most! Clash is also awesome. And I think Singular is the most famous one at this moment!

      • J says:

        I can’t remember how I found their music but I fell in love with Potato even before getting into lakorns. Pup’s voice just melts me … *cough* please excuse the fangirling.
        Thanks to both Yaya and godninja for the recs. 🙂

  3. Yaya says:

    I love Bodyslam damn much. Toon’s voice is so sexy. By the way, do you know about another song that is actually sequel of this song, something like that. I love these 2 MV because of Om! Haha.

  4. godninja says:

    listening to it still, got to put it on my ipod…

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