News: Top Ten 2011 Commercial Gurus Of Thailand

Top Ten Commercial Gurus. So who has got the all bling bling coming their way? Is it your dara on the list? Check out LakornGodsList.

Counting Down to the #1 2011 Commercial Guru:

[Warning. Some sexy pixs ahead. I’m not a perv. I’m just showing you why they are top earners.]

10. Ananda Everingham – 20 mill baht

[Probably one of the best known Thai international star. This guy ain’t shy I tell you. Got milk?]


9. Anne Thongprasom – 20 mill baht

[Of course, you can’t find anything improper of Anne.]


8. “Pae” Arak Amornsupasiri – 25 mill baht

[Said to have risen because of his dating status with Pancake. Yes, I purposefully chose this horrible pix of him because when I think of Pae, I think of this.]


7. “Chompoo” Araya Hargate – 30 mill baht

[Yes guys. Even daras have uneven boobs. Our Arunprapai of this year ka.]


6. “Dome” Pakorn Lum – 40 mill baht

[I never watched or listened to Dome, but I know he was a certain vampire this year with Ploy who’s coming up.]


5. “Pancake” Khemanit Jamikorn – 45 mill baht

[Always wanted to know how they create this classic nude look. With her boyfriend at #8, she’s not missing ex-unclaimed ‘boyfriend’ Weir one bit.]


4. “Aum” Patcharapa Chaichue – 50 mill baht

[One of Aum’s less exposed shoots. I was feeling nice for her today. Aum is known as Sexy to me. Her stardom never gets douse by newbies.]


3. “Ploy” Chermarn Boonyasak – 60mill baht

[Okay, we know how Ploy jumped popularity this past year, it had to do with Ananda at #10. I see this girl all over these days. It’s no wonder.]


2. “Yaya” Urassaya Sperbund – 65 mill baht

[Young, fresh blood not yet spoiled. Dominates the chart with commercials lining left and right.]


1. “Barry” Nadech Kugimiya –  70 mill baht

[Even armpit hair looks sexy now! Ho.Ot! Ho.Ot! This dude is taking ThaiET by its tail. How can a man endorse a female shampoo? Go ask Nadech because he is.]


0. Godninja

[Black and white and ninjas are the new money magnets. Sorry Nadech, in my lists, I’m always first.]

FYI: LakornGodsList

  1. “Barry” Nadech Kugimiya Godninja
  2. “Yaya” Urassaya Sperbund
  3. “Ploy” Chermarn Boonyasak
  4. “Aum” Patcharapa Chaichue
  5. “Panckae” Khemanit Jamikorn
  6. “Dome” Pakorn Lum
  7. “Chompoo” Araya Hargate
  8. “Pae” Arak Amornsupasiri
  9. Anne Thongprasom
  10. Ananda Everingham

Source: Show Video Segment Aired 12 Sept 2011

These numberes are commercial wise only and after taxes. Pardon me, if my attempt to entertain you as you read down the list was offensive. If you scold me, I completely understand.


LakornGods List Series.

Looking for more lists, check out the with actual numbers goodies Lyn has with her current post:

Top Ten highest paid actress for 2011. We didn’t plan this together or anything, but COOL!

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18 Responses to News: Top Ten 2011 Commercial Gurus Of Thailand

  1. generateur says:

    Hurrah, that’s what I was seeking for, what a data! present here at this website, thanks admin of this website.

  2. godninja says:

    guys ya are coming in herds to read this. i will do what i promised. will call my dad to get the actual figures tomorrow.

  3. mimi says:

    Hey, what happened to Nadech’s pic? You def. must have his photo here. Put something worth drooling, ok? hehehe

  4. sara says:

    ok, i have to admit that i’m actually one of your silent readers. but today, i just want to write something for you…hehe…i’ve came across this site when you first do recaps for Plerng Toranong, and yes, LakornGods has became my fave Thai lakorn site besides iheartlakorns.

    you really did such an awesome job with your recaps and funny comments. you always cracks me up when i read recaps and out of the blue, there’s this comment on how the lakorn should be or how the pra’nangs should make out already (like in Twan Deard)…haha!!!

    keep up your good works, na!! and good luck with your school…=)

  5. -a says:

    hahaha.Love it when you say “in my list, i’m always first.”hah.

  6. lalapaloli says:

    Hahaha, you made me laugh out loud when you put yourself up there. First time I’m here, I came upon your blog through Iheartlakorns. I’m happy I found Lakorngods you cute little mighty ninja!

    • godninja says:

      welcome, we got massive incomings from iheartlakorns lately cuz of my comment. that’s cool. i try to spread my wings. i used to advertise at youtube, until they think i’m spam. but lately, school is a little pain in the ass, so no time to advertise. september was slow. please help spread the words.

      to readers: a few readers emailed me because they didn’t want to look dumb that they didn’t know the background to my side comments and liked to know because they seemed interesting. i nicely took time to explained them. if you don’t get something, comment; i bet other readers can fill you in.

      plus i’m sorry if you don’t completely understand my ‘american’ humor.

      • lalapaloli says:

        I’ll be happy to spread the word about Lakorngods ^^. This site is interesting, not just because of the news but because of how the writers present the news. I love it mak mak hehe… Oh and I completely understand your American humor though I’m not American, nor Thai actually. Anyway, wish you have fun at school, not too much stress and good grades. Good luck(in Michelle Phan voice lol).

      • godninja says:

        i like the ‘good luck (in michelle phan’s viocie)’ part. i watch her too among other famous youtubers. i think i should make a random post about it one day–Youtubers that Godninja follows!

      • lalapaloli says:

        Sorry my reply is a little late, I was a bit busy. Yes I think that’s a really good Idea(bout Youtubers)! I love Michelle Phan, Jlovesmac1 and Bubzbeauty =). While you’re at it put me up there too… I’m not famous but I’ll mention Lakorngods in my video and you post me here ok? Okie dokie… nah I’m just messin(jk) with you hahaha. But anyway, as I said it is a good idea. Wish you the best and much love ^^.

      • lalapaloli says:

        Oh I just remembered, if you are interested, there is a Thai guru that seems really good at what she’s doing. You can type “puyisme” on Youtube if you want to check her out ^___^. She has actually met Michelle Phan. Her videos are quite nice but I can’t understand Thai, I still click myself to her youtube from time to time. I’m not advertising for her or something lol, just think she seems cool. Ok bye for real now =P. Peace!

      • godninja says:

        cool, i never know there’s this puyisme makeup guru that is thai. so do you mean that you are a make tutorial youtuber too? you got to tell me! i;m freaking curious now!

      • lalapaloli says:

        Hehe, no I’m not( youtube make-up guru)… yet. I’m thinking about becoming one though. You sure make me want to be one even more. If I choose to become a guru I’ll do my best to be a great one cuz, dang… I’d sure like to be on your list of top youtube gurus. It would be an honor, I promise. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m gushing lol cuz I’m not.
        There’s actually something I’ve been pondering for some days now and I’m not sure if this is the right place to say this. I love singing, I want to become a singer and I love, love Thailand which I’ve never been to. I’m not an unrealistic dreamer, I’ve watched a lot of videos(read a lot too) of the real Thailand, Bangkok and I have to say my love for the country has only grown. Ok, I’ll cut to the chase, there’s auditions for “The Star 8” in November and I’m planning to go. The only backdraw is I’m short on money for the trip to Bangkok, but that’s not the point, I’ll hopefully fix that somehow. My question is do you think they’d give a girl like me( not so good in Thai, with another nationality) a chance? I don’t understand their internet site( I Google translated a little text from their forum and that’s how I knew about the auditions) and therefore don’t know how to contact them. I hope I’ll be able to get to the auditions. Hey it just hit me. maybe I should contact them through their Facebook^__^?

    • Vsefoton says:

      I think you need Thai ID card to register for The Star 8. But you can try.
      The register date will take place on 12,13 and 19 November at GMM Grammy place Tower.
      Any queries please contact 02-6698462 (you may need the country code).

      Hope this help.

      • lalapaloli says:

        Vsefoton, thank you so much for your help. The info you’ve given me is very useful. ^___^
        I’m gonna hopefully call them tomorrow early morning. By the way I’ve read about the floodings in bangkok and I hope everyone are safe and sound. Do you or anyone else here believe that the flooding is going to be gone by the 10th or 11th of November( I sure hope so, not only for myself but, of course, for everyone else’s safety too)? Maybe The Star has to postpone the dates?

  7. :) says:

    Ur awsome!!!!! Love all ur comments. ^•^

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