POLL CLOSED. Tawan Deard triumphs.

Since I am only on epi 4 and I don’t have time to catch up, I will jump right in. Due to this, the recap will not be top-quality because I have don’t know characters or setting or plot development. In addition, I want to stress that I am busy with school, so update be delayed not LIVE.

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I like being a mystery, but my writing reflects me.
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5 Responses to PLEASE VOTE!!!

  1. Hangeng0000 says:

    Thank you! I remembered asking you to recap TD. And now I saw this as ur next project. I’m so happy. And thank you again for taking times out of ur busy life to do this for fans that can’t understand Thai.

  2. Jennie says:

    I vote for TD too and I’m so happy that it got chosen. Thanks for the doing recaps. we fans really appreciated

  3. -a says:

    I didnt know there. Was a voting going on.i should of have check.yay tawan deard is ur next project.happy.aww i want to see u do ken and janie lakorn too. Sad u only doing one but oh well im happy u going to cap td.

  4. pachia says:

    Yeah! So when does the recaping start…!?

  5. suthida says:

    I love ya so much ninja, I want to vote twice! (:
    I’m kinda sad KRLJ is in second place now. When I checked last night, they were first.

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