Plerng Torranong The Review

Plerng Torranong. My most wonderfuntastic lakorn of 2011 so far will remain in my dreams for a few more weeks. It is LakornGods first completed recap project and will always remain special to me. If you think it’s just another family drama, you are most definitely wrong. Godninja is proud to give Plerng Torranong 4.5 Stars.

First, the cast. Stellar line of actors and actresses. When Plerng’s mother cried, I felt her. And I always love  “Kik” Mayurin Pongpudpunth (Bussakon). This girl kicked ass in her rages; I love it when her nose fares! “Taew” Taemeerak Nattaporn is my favorite newbieish actress, and she have improved [if only she can improve her voice!]. “Mac” Weeradon Wangcharoenporn was a new one, and I am looking forward to his next projects. Also this was my first time watching Mario Maurer.

Let’s dissect the ‘Plerng’ of Plerng Torranong. At first, I thought Mario was way way way too young for this role. I’m not sure if they ever mentioned Plerng’s age, but Mario is 22 and I think he looks 18. This is how my nagging mom puts it:

LakornGods’s mom: This pra’ek looks like a kid. How can he be older that dude (Chanon)! [Yes my mom is right; she is always right!]

As we observed, Plerng is a reserved character that embodies the aura of a wise gentleman, and I imagine an older looking one to fit the mature profile. But eventually, Mario won over me with his cute smirk and cheeky cheekbones. PICS BELOW!!!

He played the shy, modest, and soft-spoken Plerng so well, I dub him Poor Plerng or Pushover Plerng. I will miss Plerng. He is so my type. Quite, loving, and a diary-keeping angel. MUAHHH!

You can’t forget the killer OST by A-list singers! I loved the songs, they interplayed with the scenes so well. The title song by Zeal. The ending son Piang Nai Jai (Only Within My Heart) by Boy Peacemaker. And the female one Ja Soo Na Tur Yang Rai (How Will I Face You) by Punch.

Next, let’s talk plotline. I love the give-my-dad’s-heart-to-grandma secret, the working-for-three-months-deal which gave the opportunity for Plerng to give us some genius moves in being a meek BUT INTELLIGENT pra’ek. Most of all, I love how Namfon is the bold and Plerng is the pushover. They bicker so much, and I loved it them most during our favorite stranded-on-an-island episode. But nothing beats the pra’ek-keeping-a-dairy spin that totally played in so well with the mega-awesome finale.

Now presenting the missing bloopers of Plearng Torranong. Thanks to TheIQzero. 

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8 Responses to Plerng Torranong The Review

  1. huesofscarlett says:

    Hi! Thanks for the review. Do you know where I can watch it with engsubs?

  2. mimi says:

    I’d like to know the ratings and media review of this lakorn as well. I hope they got a good rating so we can see more of Mario on Ch.3. It was my first time watching Mario too and now I am so in love with him. Just watched “a little thing called love” and it’s so good. Please post more info on Mario. Just crushing badly on him now…..

    • godninja says:

      i what to know the ratings too, but i can’t read thai to go check up on pantip or something. and from what i’ve read, i’ve not found any mention of ratings. sorry that’s for ya and me.

  3. brushpicks says:

    Why do people think Mario is “too young” for the role, when the role isn’t for someone “mature” or much older, to begin with?? LOL

    Plerng is a YOUNG BLOOD that the company needed to bring in fresh perspectives in marketing– which Plerng delivered! Lawd, it’s not as if he’s supposed to be the CEO or something! LOL

    Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed Plerng Toranong, mostly coz of Mario and his chemistry with Taew. I’m praying for a follow up lakorn for the two! 🙂

    btw.. lakorngods.. do you have the ratings figures for Plerng Toranong as well as media reviews? Please post if you have!

    Thanks so much.
    I’m anticipating for the viki subs! 🙂

  4. R. Tan says:

    Yeah, I do think Mario looks a little too young for the role, but I would like to see him play some comedy roles – it might fit him better. Glad ch.3 has a new possible upcoming star!

  5. Fia says:

    Fabulous, love your review Godninja! I haven’t thought about what I would rate PT because I’m a total sucker for this lakorn and completely bias, but 4.5 is about right… So I’ve clicked the “follow” button for your blog, not exactly sure how that works, but I’m hoping that it’s like twitter? BTW, have you thought about doing the sub on youtube? It appears to be much faster than Viki, the only problem I can see is the duration. Although, Prisna’s channel actually managed to upload full episodes.. I’ve no idea how she does it.. Keep up the good work! Xoxo Fia

  6. Luna says:

    Thanks you!Thanks You!I’ll be awaiting your next recaps of a new project and MT!!:)

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