Plerng Torranong Episode 15 Finale

After giving many of my readers heart attacks because I though episode 14 was the finale, here comes the finale finale. I am overjoyed that we got a whole episode to focus on love only. I have not seen such a beautiful subtle ending ever! It was so cute and cheesy. I love it that Plerng keep a ‘journal’ of his feelings for her, and it was able to use as a confession tool. Then Namfon takes the love matter into her own hands, stumps Plerng, and AWWW, he finally utters the sacred I love you. AND MORE, we got a innocent kiss out of our shy pushover Plerng. JUST MY TYPE OF ENDING!!!

Busakon visits Grandma [I thought no one couldn’t. LOL?] and asks for her well being, but Grandma sends her back. Busakon cries and apologizes for her past faults. She also confesses of accusing Plerng and his mother of selling his father’s heart. Outside, Naree assures her mother that one day, Grandma will forgive her. Grandma invites everyone to come see her. Grandma tells them that ever since she has gotten this heart, everyone have been avoiding to answer whose heart it was especially Plerng and Pompaew. Plerng answers that he has reason because he believes she hated his parents and that if she knows, she’ll reject the heart. Peephom adds that Plerng made a hard decision and that Busakon made him hide the truth. Grandma responds this was what made her most angry. She also reveals that Busakon had confess. Grandma calmly says to Plerng and Pompaew that if they consider her as Grandma, then they should never do this again. [AKA, I forgive you. Don’t ever hide anything from me again!]

The whole Chasoyoting appears at Nat’s funeral. Busakon is shocked that they have forgiven her. Grandam replies that as a mother and a grandmother, one can’t abandon ones family member’s own funeral. Plerng wants to ask Nat for forgiveness because he is the cause of their greed. Nat is cremated, and everyone is in attendance. Grandma prays for Nat’s soul to go off in peace. All external problems are solved. Busakon decides to take on giving to the unfortunate children. She thanks Plerng for helping her family even when she didn’t know. Busakon says farewell. Grandma and Namfon’s mother meet up, and Grandma announces that she will hold another wedding for Plerng and Namfon again as soon as possible.

Plerng and Namfon meets to talk about their second wedding. Namfon asks for his thoughts. Plerng just replies that if the elders want it than he agrees. Namfon tells him that if she marries, then she won’t for the crazy purpose of to fix something but to marry someone she loves. She calls of their marriage. We hear the slow awesome song and Plerng and Namfon walks in opposite direction. They keep taking turn looking about at the other one, but their longing stares never meet. Namfon tells the news to Seeta and her mother that she will rather go abroad to study than to marry someone who she doesn’t love. [BS! You love him. Can’t you tell he loves you.] Seeta comes in to to change Namfon’s mind, but Namfon still stands that they don’t love each so there won’t be any happiness.

Namfon and her mother comes to tell Grandma of her decision. Namfon announces her successful admittance to the university. Grandma asks Plerng of his thought. Again, he is soft-spoken as always and says they talked already and had agree to it. Grandma nods that she understands, and Pompaew agrees that both are old enough to make their own decisions. Outside, Plerng and Namfon talks. Plerngs asks if going broad to study was her solution and wishes her fulfillment in her goals. Namfon wishes him the same. They are quiet. Namfon is tearing up, and our PUSHOVER Plerng says nothing. [Stupid! Love is slapping you in the face.]

Seeta meets up with Chanon and tells him of Plerng’s and Namofn’s marriage breakage because Namfon thinks Plerng doesn’t love her. They agree that Plerng indeed does love Namfon but he is soft-spoken. They team up to do some match-making. At night, Chanon asks if Plerng is definite about the decision. Plerng says it is already settle between both parties. Chanon tells Plerng to forget that and just focus on his feeling and asks if he loves Namfon. Plerng replies that it doesn’t matter anymore. Namfon says she doesn’t love him by saying that she will not marry someone she doesn’t love. The three months is over, and Plerng announces that Thai Diamond’s profit have risen and now reclaim the number one spot. Grandma announces that Plerng’s father, Grandma, and Busakon’s shares are given to Plerng to give him the biggest share of the Company. Plerng thanks Grandma but says that everything has happened as promised and says that he doesn’t want the shares. Grandma asks him what he wants.

Plerng tells Grandma he is going back to Rayong. Pompaew says she is worry about Grandma, so Grandma asks Pompaew to say and take care of her. And as for Plerng, if he thinks his life is in Rayong, then he can go. Chanon meets Seeta and she is shocked at the news. She says that they love each other, but just not speaking. [I couldn’t say it better!!!] Seeta refuses to let them just part to two different worlds. Pompaew and Chanon talk of how they know Plerng loves Namfon but he has a stubborn mouth and if he had told Namfon, then she wouldn’t have call of the wedding. Chanon meets with Seeta and hands her Plerng’s journey [I’ll be mature and call it that even thought I was tempted to used it other word starting with  “d”.] Pompaew is the one who thought of the idea because that is where Plerng writes down his deep thoughts and she stole it. Seeta brings the journal to find Namfon packing early. Seeta says Plerng love her and says she must reads Plerng’s journal.

Namfon is reading the journal where Plerng recounts and shares his thought off all the tines they meet with very mangaish drawing. Namfon is touched when she finds the strip of her shirt that she ripped to wrap his injury arm fold in between the pages. Namfon starts crying when Plerng writes that in his life, he have never been as happy as when grandma announce their marriage. Then she reads the entry of whec she called him to talk about their second wedding and she called it off. Plerng writes on that even so, he still loves her forever.

Plerng writes up a business plan for Thai Diamond for the next year and gives it to Peephom. Chanon tries to talk him out of leaving, but Plerng insists that he need to go back to care for his home. Plerng is about to go, and everyone calls him up to tell him that Namfon is flying off today. Naree asks him if he loves Namfon. Plerng says Namfon is his best friend. Chanon tells him to confess his love and stops Namfon. Plerng runs over to Namfon’s place with a bouquet and asks for his bride back, but Seeta tells him that Namfon is already gone. Plerng tries to call, but Namfon’s phone is off. Poor and heartbroken Plerng is in his car, absorbing his pain of letting her slip off.

Plerng returns with his flowers, looking like a hurt puppy, saying he doesn’t know where else to find Namfom. Next day, Plerng comes asking for his journal if his mother had seen it. Pompaew does an awesome job lying that she haven’t seen it since Rayong and tells him if she finds it, she’ll send it. Grandma asks for a hug. Plerng says his farewells. We see Plerng driving with some cool ass shades, and then he stop sat a gas station and thinks of when he and Namfon stopped there.

Plerng drives on to find his house all painted in sky blue. He walks around and find Namfon’s painting the outside walls.

Plerng: Khun Namfon?

Namfon: Oww! You finally returned!

Plerng: What is this?

Namfon: I came to do what you dreamed of, the sky blue house you wanted.

Plerng: I thought you said you were going abroad?

Namfon: How I can just go?

Namfon goes in to fetch Plerng’s journal and hands it to him.

Plerng: Hey, this is my journal. (pause) How did you get it. (pause) What is going on? I’m all confused. Your mom, Seeta do they know you are here?

Namfon: Hey, you naive. I’ll tell you, everyone is this world knows already except you.

Plerng: Everyone? Meaning Grandma, Uncle, Chanon, Naree, Seeta…

Namfon: And your mother too.

Plerng: What do you mean?

Namfon recounts how after reading Plerng’s journal, she planned to get him back for loving her and keeping it a secret. She tells Seeta to help her and calls Grandma to say she changed her mind to want to marry Plerng now but she wants Grandma and everyone to help her.

Namfon smiles at her little sweet revenge.

Plerng: You tricked me?

Namfon: Well, you tricked me first!

(Namfon runs out, and Plerng follows. He grabbed her back, and she collides into him. He holds her waist to still her before him.)

Plerng: What did I trick you of?

Namfon: Well this now. How can you hold me like this? It’s not proper. I’m so beautiful like this!

Plerng: But to what I have heard, they said you were angry at me because I didn’t say I love you, right?

Namfon: Let me go. I’m uncomfortable.

Plerng: I’ll let you go, but after I tell you that I love you. (pause) I love you. (Plerng releases her) I let you go now.

Namfon: But I won’t let go.

Plerng: Why not?

Namfon: Because I love you too.

Plerng:You love me? (Namfon nods) I’m happy that I heard these words from you. I thought that I would have to keep that I love you to myself forever.

Namfon: I love you

Plerng: I love you too. (They stare into each other. Our Plerng makes the move for the kiss. Namfon meets halfway, and they peck, but WHO CARES AT LEAST IT’S ON THE LIPS.)

Plerng: I’m sorry that I drew you not so pretty.

Namfon: No need too. I drew a new one already.

(Namfon turns the journal to a cute wedding cartoon picture of them. They smile at the drawing and hug. )

Plerng’s voice comes on to say it’s not the end yet. After Grandma is strong, she, Plerng’s mother, and Plerng’s father [his heart] goes traveling all over the world. Chanon and Seeta started a business together and are going well together. And Plerng and Namfon wedded again just like in Namfon’s drawing.



I’m gonna miss Plerng Torranong like a whiny baby.

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6 Responses to Plerng Torranong Episode 15 Finale

  1. Andi says:

    He He! I agree that Mario is cute and Kaew is one of my faves, but the drama was sooo cheezy. the two had terrible chemistry. anyways, it was a good watch.

  2. yui15 says:

    Do you know who sings the female song in the OST? I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

    • godninja says:

      you bet i know it. it’s by my stellar Punch called “Ja Soo Na Tur Yang Rai” translated How Will I Face You. i found the ost with eng sub at YT. thanks to the awesome Lovefia1210. Lovefia got video clips of Namfon and Plerng sweet moments in 9 parts with eng sub! check them out.

  3. Luna says:

    Aww,thanks guys!It was wonderful reading your recaps!:)
    I hope you guys take on Tawan Deud too.
    Anyways thanks again for recapping so we non-thai speakers can understand!;)

  4. yeah says:

    OmG!!! this was a good LAKORN!!!
    ohh…. waht am i saying?!?
    this IS a good LAKORN!!!
    i loved this movie… alots..! 😀
    im going to miss this lakorn too….really…. BYE PLERNG TORANONG! ❤ U…. 😀

  5. pachia says:

    i kno i’m gonna miss it too….my beautiful couple … i just can’t believe that it’s the ending already …i’m sooo going to miss them bickering all the time and mario’s cute smirk… ALTHOUGH I’M SAD THAT IT ENDED THAT WAS A FANTASTIC ENDING ..! TEARS OF JOY!

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