Plerng Torranong Episode 14 Recap

Here comes the second last episode, here comes the bride, here comes the bad guy…[Dude, bride actually rhymes with guy. lol!]

As I predicted, Grandma asks to know who is the donor of her heart. Pompaew is crying because she doesn’t know what to do. Plerng drives Namfon somewhere, and  she keeps saying he doesn’t need to accompany her. Plerng replies that he wants time alone with her like a couple. BUT Namfon keeps labeling it as duty. Poor Plerng lets her pushover him. Plerng gets out to open her door, but Namfon comes out first.

The door hits his balls. [Okay, this is the second time. Later on, if you have trouble conceiving, then you know why.] Busakon tells Nat of Plerng and his mother moving in. Nat is angry, and he wants to do something. Busakon begs him to lay low and go away for the time being so his case will die down.

Seeta gets the final product of the piece she designed for Namfon. Chanon is glad that she is happy, and Seeta tells him to keep the necklace and earrings a secret. Seeta and Namfon talk about marriage reasons, and Namfon says she used to think that marrying a nice guy is enough, but now she’s thinking of marrying because of love.

At the company, Busakon walks off the meeting and says she is withdrawing from her duties. Naree tries to call her mother, but no luck. Busakon buys an airline ticket for Nat to fly out of country next month. Nat is not happy at the rush of time.

Peephom comes to talk with his sister. Busakon says as long at Plerng is working at the Company, she refuses to work. Plerng, Peephom, and Chanon discuss about the situation because it will harm the company. Grandma overhears, and she takes the matter into her hand. She goes to the office and signs the documents in turn for Busakon. Busakon comes in and is angry at her mother for stepping on her. Busakon reminds her mother that she has forgotten who Plerng is. Grandma responds that she used to blame Plerng’s father, but now she has look within to find herself at fault. Busakon announces that she is going to rage war.

The engagement! Yippee! Everyone is all dressed up. Busakon refuses to go, but Grandma says it’s okay. Busakon overhears, and she is boiling in hatred. The procession is on, Plerng and Namfon are in their traditional wear.

Plerng gets out the ring, it twinkles and puts in to Namfon. The reporters tell them to gather and smile. They both failed so bad at smiling. Nat is hiding in the shadow thinking of evil.

Wedding day comes, Namfon is in her wedding dress. [I love it!] Seeta and the mother comes in. Seeta presents Namfon her jewelery gift. Both bride and groom are escorted out.

Nat appears, and he got the killer look. Plerng and Namfon faces each other.

Namfon: Don’t worry, tonight I’m going to blast your head.

They start fighting and the parents comment at their compatibility. Everyone smiles. Bride and Broom link arms.

Busakon is all ninjaing in black with shades to Nat’s hiding place, but knocks to no answer. She freaks not, guessing that Nat must be at the wedding. She runs off. At the wedding, Nat is watching from the side. The bride and groom walks down the aisle. Plerng asks if she is nervous. Namfon responds that she is not because its only a lakorn, but Plerng admits that he is. [SO CHEESY!]

Naree is the MC, and she invites up Grandma to present the flower garland to the bride and groom. Grandma takes the mic and announces that she will give all of her shares in the company as a wedding gift to the couple.

Everyone gets ready for a toast, when Nat appears. Nat asks how can Grandma give everything to Plerng. BLAM. He pulls out a gun. Nat says Plerng stole everything form him, and today, he’ll take everything. Naree cuts in to tell Nat to stop doing a crazy thing. Grandma tells him that he is hurting himself. Nat says today he needs to kill Plerng. Chanon dives in to hold off Nat and gets shot.

Plerng jumps in front of all the ladies. Then he climbs down and wrestle Ant for the gun. THE GUN GOES OFF. Nat is hit!

Busakon comes running to cuddle her son, calling Nat to wake up. In anger, Busakon unveils that it is Plerng and his mother that set it up to give Peepat’s heart to Grandma. Grandma is shocked, and she faints. Everyone scatters to hold Grandma and everyone is crying.

At the hospital, Nat is dead, and Grandma is still in the emergency room. Plerng blames himself, but Pompaew shifts the fault to her. Plerng still insists on being the culprit and that he should have told Grandma the truth. Peephom says they are all at fault for keeping the secret. Seeta expresses her empathy for Plerng and her mother being accuse. Namfon chases after Plerng. Plerng says what he feared the most occurred–that Grandma is unable to accept the truth. Namfon takes his hand and says she understands him.

The doctors are working big time to resurrect Grandma. Pompaew and Plerng prays to Peepat to take care of Grandma. YES! Grandma’s heart beats again! Everyone leaves to return the next day to visit. Plerng thanks Namfon for giving him strength.

Busakon cries and cuddle Nat. Naree comes in to tell her mother to remain clam. Busakon tells Naree off and that she only have one child. Next morning, Namfon reflects over how she is the root of the problem. Stroking her ring and looking at her dress, she nods in tears to herself. Busakon is at the morgue and signs the paper to send Nat to the temple.

Naree asks go go along. Naree tells her mom to listen to her and recounts all the pass events of Nat selling her to Pairot that that Plerng is the one to save her. Busakon finally gets that she brought hell to her children and hugs Naree. The doctor announces that Grandma’s recovery is a miracle, and that she rejects anyone from visiting her.

Grandma is reflecting over the past events that hinted at Peepat being the secret donor. At Nat’s funeral Busakon and Naree discusses of giving alms to repent for Nat’s sins. Namfon is looking at the page of Boston’s University. [She’s gonna go study abroad. Oh, I got a white friend who goes there!]

Grandma gets the doctor to agree keeping it a secret about her getting release tomorrow. Chanon tells Plerng to be patient and Grandma will soon forgive them. Plerng and Pompaew come looking into Grandma room.

The ring is back in the box. The mess is out of the way.

Now it is time to open up the heart.

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3 Responses to Plerng Torranong Episode 14 Recap

  1. yeah says:

    i actually thought PLERNG TORANONG ended….
    so happy it didnt…. godninja…you scared me….
    yeahh!!!! didnt end…..YET….! STILL HAPPY! 😀

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