Plerng Torranong Episode 13 Recap

A MAN WITH A GUN? HOT!!! Wedding bells are ringing, the rabbit is out of the hat, and Plerng finally gets recognize for his sincerity. All of those are in the burden of episode 13–the third last episode of Plerng Torranong. What’s left is the typical villain-crash-the-wedding climax and whatever fortunate time is left for a rushed love confession finale for our young couple. Finale, please don’t disappoint me.

Grandma calls in Peephom to manage the wedding details and to hold it as soon as possible. He asks her thoughts on the three months of Plerng’s deal coming to an end. Grandma replies that to her the deal is off and she will tell Plerng on his wedding day. Plerng is recounting his exchange with Namfon to make their marriage only temporary [Aw, he wants her for keeps!]. Lin knocks and yells at Plerng of lying and breaking her heart.

Lin: Can’t answer? Just say it, say that you love Namfon!

Plerng: Lin, I’m sorry that I hurt you. [better translated: I love Namfon, I’m sorry I hurt you.]


Namfon tries to comfort Seeta by unveiling that she and Plerng had made a deal to stay married in the duration of Plerng’s coming-to-an-end three-month term. Seeta tells Namfon to stop it and that she has to live with truth. Seeta can never marry Plerng after Namfon had. [*NODS* That’s right Seeta. You’re starting to know where you belong.] Seeta tells Namfon that she knows they will be a perfect couple. The Black Dealer (Pairot) tells Nat not take anymore action (like killing Plerng) because he doesn’t what to risk. Lin tries to blackmail Grandma to call off the wedding by threatening to take her own life, but Grandma reminds Lin of how her useless death will affect her father.

Lin self-actualize and Plerng watching from aside is happy of her new-found purpose to go back to her father and study. Plerng congratulate Lin for understanding, and they pinky promise to be brother and sister forever. Lin is leaving, and she tells Grandma that she considers her as her real Grandma and asks for a hug. Grandma tells her to come, and they hug. [I like how these two are a couple in the lakorn. The wise old teaching the stubborn young.]

Lin makes a stop a Namfon’s and tell her that she didn’t lose to Namfon, she is just stepping aside. Lin threatens Namfon that if she ever hurts Plerng, she come will back to get her. Namfon returns in tears to hug Seeta that she feels like she is stealing another’s love. Pairot demands Naree to ready herself for the next thief job. Naree refuses, but he blackmail her if she’ll rather risk it or be the star of a porno.

Seeta meets Chanon to rush on a design that she made as a wedding gift for Namfon. Chanon comforts her on her misfortune with Plerng.

Chanon:What is not ours, will never be ours. But what is ours, no matter how we try to outrun it, it’s still ours.

Seeta: You look at the world in a such positive way.

Chanon: I view the world like how it really is more, because it makes us content more than how we want to view it like we want it to be. [Chanons’ words are so like the Dhammapadas’.] Looking at invitations, Plerng and Namfon are not interested in their wedding.

Busakon returns to vent on Naree that they are using the wedding to boost up Thai Diamond’s image. Naree replies that it is better that a certain some lady who will never get to wear a wedding dress and that between Naree and money, who will her mother chose. [Poor girl.] Namfon and Plerng talks after the invitation picking spree.

Namfon: Do you think we should get marry.

Plerng: I know well that you don’t want to get marry.

Namfon: You too… (they argue more)

Naree goes to work, and Nat calls to confirm that they will act today at the same time. Naree learns that her mother will be out of her office and takes that opportunity to steal the safe’s key. Plerng calls Peephom and Chanon for a meeting, and on the way he sees Naree sneaking into Busakon’s office. Chanon meets him staring at the door. Inside the office, Naree is wearing white gloves, and as she takes the the keys out, Plerng and Chanon enters.

Chanon is shock that she has Busakon’s copy of the safe key. Chanon drags Naree to another room and demands to know what is she doing. Plerng tells her that he knows she is not doing it alone. They assure her that they can help, but Naree refuses to give. Plerng calls Namfon to come over. Namfon comforts Naree that she will stay by her side waiting for her to tell Namfon of the matter; Naree softens.

Namfon walks out, and we see a grave face on her as Plerng asks how it went. The truth is out, and Chanon curses Nat for selling out her sister. Plerng assures Naree that he will help her and it won’t risk her reputation if she do as he says and tells the truth to the cops. Afterward, Namfon and Plerng goes to her secret meet place. Plerng thanks Namfon, but she thanks him back, saying he helped retrieve back something she lost–which is Naree’s friendship.

Nat hacks in security and loads up his ghost picture of the safe room with no intruders to cover for Naree. He calls her to act now. Naree drives to Pairot’s house with Plerng and Chanon following behind and sets her phone voice recorder on. Pairot is pleased with the ring. Naree is quick to leave, but Nat stops her so they can celebrate. Pairot holds her back, and Naree’s phone drops up. He sees the recorder and asks her what it meant.

Nat demands if she is thinking of stabbing them in the back. Naree taking too long, Plerng and Chanon comes out. Their ringing of the bell saves Naree from being questioned further. One of the evil servant goes to get it and gets knock out by Plerng.

Gone for too long, Pairot and Nat gets suspicious. The second evil mans goes to check out the delay and sees the first one out on the ground. Everyone runs out, and Pairot orders that they are leaving. Just then, Plerng appears in front with a gun, shouting that they turn themselves in. Pairot tells Plerng to lower his gun or Naree dies. Plerng does.

Chanon appears at the back and grab’s Pairot’s gun. Plerng successfully kicks the gun from the second evil man. Chanon and Pairot battle for the gun, and it flies away. Pairots beats out Chanon and goes reaching for the gun, but a gun sounds. Nat is able to sneak away in this chaos. Naree points the gun at Pairot and tells him to die. Plerng yells at Naree to stop. [Thank God, Naree didn’t.] The police comes to handle the scene.

The policeman says the recording is the big evidence and that Naree is free because she was force to participate. Naree returns, and she asks Grandma to forgive her. Grandma accepts, saying it’s her fault as a non-caring Grandma and that they will start afresh. Naree apologizes to Pompaew  and calls her Auntie. Grandma thanks Plerng for helping Naree and the Company.

Plerng gives Naree good news that the police didn’t find anything on Pairot’s computer and the only file is in the phone. He gives it to her, and Naree throws it out with her demons to the river. Namfon and Naree are hugging and rekindling her relationship.

But Busakon comes out to call Namfon a two-face. Naree holds her mother as Namfon leaves. Busakorn kick Naree out when she calls Plerng “Pee”. Naree replies that she’ll rather live with her Grandma. Next day at work, Chanon and Peephom brings news that all of the clients that pulled out their contract are back to renew and that Thai Diamond will rise to the top again, and by the end of the three months, Plerng will definitely achieve the profit margins. Naree is finally doing her job fixing Thai’s Diamond’s image by releasing counter articles. She tells Grandma that from now on, she will work hard.

Seeta catches Plerng going out to meet his clients. She congratulates him for achieving his goals and his love life. Seeta is bright that he’ll be her brother-in-law and that he will be the one to make Namfon most happy. Plerng looks back at her in frustration (not knowing how he is suppose to tell Namfon he got the hots for her). [DUDE, YOU ONLY HAVE LIKE 13 EPISODES TO TELL HER, REALLY!] Grandma calls in Plerng and Pompaew and tells them to sit. They start to kneel on the floor, but Grandma tells them to sit at the table. Grandma gets out a diamond ring and tells Pompaew that it is the ring she made intended for Pompat’s bride. Pompaew starts crying [Okay, this mom cries way too much in this lakorn, but she’s good.] and apologizing. Grandma continues to say that she called Pompaew in to ask for her permission to give the ring to Plerng to wed Namfon. Pompaew starts to get happy. Grandma asks them to move to the house.

Plerng and Pompaew are overjoyed that Grandma have accepted them. Naree comes running to tell Peephom and Chanon the news. Peephom says finally Chasoyoting (I don’t know why I previously wrote it as Yasoyoting?] will be happy. Chanon mentions Busakon and Nat. Peephom assures them that one day, Plerng’s sincerity will win over her mother and Nat, just like how he won over Grandma.

Pompaew brings medicine to Grandma, and they talk of their past bitterness. Pompaew tells them to move forward and that Grandma is the best mother of Pompat.

Grandma: Right now, I fell so at easy that I’ve done good to you and Plerng. Now there’s only one thing that I want to ask before I die . . . [YES, finally let the heart secret unveil!]


Preview is so so so so so so so (that’s 7 times) GOOOOD!!! I’m really excited for the finale. I will be up early tp recap on time because I VERY VERY VERY like Plerng Torranong and (don’t kill me for saying this) even more than Mia Taeng.

Is that my Plerng jumping in front of Namfon? OMGOMGOMG!!!

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4 Responses to Plerng Torranong Episode 13 Recap

  1. Youkai Samai says:

    kute thing that he loved her

  2. pachia says:

    i kno i love this lakorn more than Mia Taeng too… it’s so much more chemistry and cuteness other than just stupid jealousy… and i think that Plerng and Namfon are perfect together but i guess that Mario and Teaw doesn’t belong together because they both have boyfriends/girlfriends already…

    But aniwais i would really like it if you can recap on ep.14 preview please i’m so dying to understand it … and thanks for working on the Plerng Toranong viki page i keep checking everyday because i simply just can’t wait, but please hurry…i’m dying inside … but no pressure or anything…-thanks!

    • godninja says:

      i like how the love story is so realistic. how plerng is such a shy gentleman and he lets namfon pushover him. plus the family drama is good, makes me wanna be less money greedy and love my family. of course, im gonna be up to godspeed recapping the finale. ill take the 2 weeks-ish before college starts to sub plerng torranong, im just waiting for viki to reply.

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